Are you interested in wildlife, amphibian and reptile pest control methods? On many occasions, animals are likely to get too close for comfort. Under such circumstances, it becomes necessary to remove them ourselves or call the animal and pest control specialists to do so.

Animal pest control methods vary from one animal pest to the next.

We will now discuss some of these pests as well as provide information on where to seek help to keep them at bay or in check.



  • Frogs


Wildlife Pest Control Methods and Specialist Extermination Options

  • Sparrow Control

Wherever there’s a human settlement, sparrows are never far away. Apart from causing damage to food, and grain crops through their droppings, they nest in buildings, with their nests likely to block roof drainage. This is damaging to your property and requires a lot of renovation to be made.

Whether you live in the city, a suburb or rural area, sparrows are likely to be close by. For effective control of this animal pest, the services of a pest control company are required. These assess the situation and proffer the best remedy.

  • Fox Extermination

Foxes cause serious damage to livestock. If you are into livestock farming, you need to be on the lookout for this predator. Your domestic pets are likely to be exposed to danger as well. Under such circumstances, effective pest control measures need to be implemented. For areas with high rabbit population, some farmers regulate their numbers by poisoning.

This strategy in turn controls the fox population who prey on rabbits by poisoning them as well. There are multiple control treatments to use. A pest exterminator service does this best by selecting the best control strategy to implement.

  • Rat Control

Rats are some of the most common animal pests found within and around the home. Rats are not only damaging to residential properties but also to commercial properties. These pests harbor diseases which can easily spread to humans when their droppings come in contact with food. Rats also chew wire insulation which can result in fires when exposed wires come in contact.

Many methods of rat control are available. Such include traps, poisons and the use of predators like cats among others. However, a pest control company will offer the most comprehensive control. They consider the entry points as well as the major entry points as well as try to identify what attracts them into your home. This is mostly caused by exposed food.

  • Canada Goose Removal

This animal pest has spread to several countries. Its population can easily flourish unless checked or controlled on time. To find a lasting solution to this problem, you need to also request the help of reliable pest control services. These have standard treatment programs designed to offer far-reaching solutions to all types of animal pest infestation problems.

  • Feral Pigs Control

These omnivores can cause heavy damage to crops as well as livestock if immediate control measures are not implemented. Apart from causing damage to livestock and crops, they also cause damage to property such as fencing and pollute clean water sources. Farmers suffer the most as crops are trampled and uprooted.

Humans are not left out as well. Feral pigs serve as hosts to dangerous diseases which are easily spread. Some of the most efficient control measures include shooting, trapping and poisoning. These help to check their destructive activities.

  • Feral Goats Removal

Goats are found across most regions of the world. The damage caused by goats is largely environmental in nature. The damage caused to the environment has led to erosion by wind and rains. Due to their harmful feeding/grazing habits, it has become necessary to adopt effective control measures. These animal pests are kept in check mainly by trapping or shooting.

In areas where the terrain is difficult, helicopter shooting is preferred. Otherwise, ground shooting is used in most cases.

  • Wild Dogs Pest Control

Wild dogs are a nightmare for most farmers. This is due to their constant attack on livestock herds. Wild dogs will either attack and kill livestock or may cause injuries to them. This may result in death. Common control measures include the provision of fencing to keep them away, shooting, poisoning and baiting.

While these control methods are effective, it’s best to seek expert advice from pest control services. These will proffer the best approach to eliminating these pest problems.

  • Feral Donkeys Control

Feral donkeys are animal pests which have proven to be quite problematic especially to farmers. This is most evident during times when the there is shortage of available grazing ground for livestock. They compete with livestock for food and water. This creates a problem as they are classified as pests and require necessary control strategies to be adopted.

The primary control measures used include shooting. This can either be from the ground, or from a helicopter when the terrain is bad. To make this method effective, a technique known as the ‘Judas technique is deployed.

Under this animal pest control method, radio transmitters collars are placed on select donkeys. These are allowed to roam freely and meet up with the rest of the herd. This is regularly checked and immediate action taken once spotted in company of other donkeys.

  • Feral Camels Control

These are mostly common in arid or desert regions of the world. These feed on grass and their height enables them to also feed on tree leaves. So what damage is caused by feral camels? They are aggressive towards other livestock, thus restricting their access to water in some cases. These also push down fences as well. In order to control them, they can either be relocated or shot at.

  • Pigeons Removal Options

These are common birds that nest around homes. They are considered animal pests because they cause lots of damage to property. Their droppings contain acidic content which reacts to erode roofs of buildings. Also diseases are easily transmitted through their droppings especially when dry.

Controlling these pests requires using several measures such as nets for trapping them, and sharp spikes to discourage nesting. Pest control services will offer the best remedy for this pest problems after carrying out an assessment.

  • Black Bird Control Methods

These types of birds are the farmer’s nightmare. They cause damage to a variety of soft fruits, leading to losses. They are most active in orchards, and gardens. To keep them at bay, a bird pest control technician should be consulted. They are experts in providing a variety of solutions that address these issues.

  • Get Rid of Rabbits 

Rabbits are well known for causing damage and for spreading communicable diseases to humans. Left unchecked, these can wreak havoc to crops. A treatment method common to farmers is poisoning. This reduces their population significantly. Pest control experts are always available to provide professional advice on the best approach to take.

  • Snake Repellent and Removal Methods

Snakes are unwelcome visitors intruders which can be very frightening to have around. It is normal to be uncomfortable and afraid because venom from their bites can be fatal. Pest control services companies offer wildlife removal services. If you have no expertise with handling these animal pests, contact the nearest pest control service nearest to you.

  • Bat Control

Bats can be repulsive to humans. These can get into your attic or other parts of your property like its surroundings. You can seek urgent intervention by calling in the experts to help you handle the situation. Their experience in such situations makes them the perfect option available.

  • Raccoon Control Methods

These animals from the wild invade your privacy and create an unpleasant experience. Their prolonged stay can make it worse. To remove and keep them at bay, the experts deploy a variety of effective measures depending on how much they are.

  • Mice Extermination

This pest like rats are very destructive. They burrow through building walls, feed on food left in the open and contaminate same with their droppings. This is an easy way diseases are transferred to humans. These animal pests also damage electrical cable insulation. With this, contact between any two exposed wires is likely to lead to sparks which can lead to fires.

To control these animal pests, you can choose any method(s) most effective for you. There are DIY (Do-it-yourself) methods such as the use of mouse traps, poisoning, and a host of others.

Preventive measures will include keeping your house clean with food stored properly and away from the reach of these mice. All possible entry points should be closed as well. Pest exterminators will do a more thorough job checking for the source (s) and fixing same to ensure a lasting solution.

Many people prefer using ongoing pest removal services. Under this arrangement, the rodent pest control technician prepares a treatment a schedule.


Pest control as discussed involves a whole lot of measures designed to restore normalcy by removing unwanted animals that may be harmful or dangerous to you. Although there are many more animal pests, the basic focus is to have them removed.

The different animal pests require different removal techniques. While some simple animal pest control methods have been listed here, getting professional advice and service is the best approach.

Animal pest control services send their technicians to carry out an assessment of infestation. Their conclusions are used to design the most impactful pest treatment to adopt.