Do you know how to attract mosquitoes to a bug zapper? Are mosquitoes easily lured with deodorant? Find out.

Mosquitoes are pests no one wants to have around. This is because they cause a host of life-threatening diseases. So, why would anyone want to attract mosquitoes? You attract them for the sole purpose of killing them!

Mosquitoes feed on blood. This causes tremendous discomfort as well as health risks for many which are why elimination seems the best solution. Attracting mosquitoes is the main focus of this article.

If you are looking for natural and chemical repellents, here is a guide.

While anyone is a potential mosquito target, certain people seem to attract mosquitoes the most.

We will discuss some of the reasons why mosquitoes are attracted to humans as well as why certain people seem to attract them more.

This will eventually shift to our main focus on how to attract them.

Find out more, in this mosquito extermination guide.

Diseases Caused by Mosquitoes

Is this worthy of mention in this article? Absolutely! This is because a lot of people think mosquitoes are only responsible for causing malaria.

While malaria is a deadly parasitic infection in its own right, there are several more health risks posed by mosquitoes. These include dengue, West Nile virus, filariasis, Zika fever, and ross river fever among several others.

Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Humans?

Mosquitoes do not just drop on people out of thin air.

They are attracted to food (human blood) due to several factors. The most common include the emission of CO2, lactic acid, secretions, blood type, dark clothing, and body odor.

Let’s expand on some of these below;

  • Carbon Dioxide or CO2

Humans and animals breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. You may ask how mosquitoes differentiate human CO2 emissions from those of animals.

Well, in addition to exhaling carbon dioxide, there are other accompanying chemicals. These are unique to humans.

These chemicals include fatty acids, uric acids, lactic acid, and octanol. All these combine to give a distinct identity from other living things.

People exhale a varying degree of carbon dioxide. Those with bigger bodies tend to exhale more while the reverse is the case for smaller people. Also, pregnant women produce more CO2.

This requires greater caution, especially for pregnant women and children.

  • Lactic Acid

The amount of lactic acid produced greatly depends on the type of food consumed. Another factor that influences the emission of lactic acid through the skin is when you engage in any vigorous activity.

Mosquitoes find people with higher lactic acid buildup more attractive.

An effective way to prevent being a target is to immediately take a bath to wash off your skin after a workout or any other rigorous activity.

  • Your Blood Type

This is also a factor for attracting mosquitoes.

People with different types of blood types emit different scents. Mosquitoes are attracted to certain scents over others. People with blood type O tend to attract more mosquitoes than other blood types.

On the flip side, people with type A blood attract the least.

  • Body Odor

Sweat combined with bacteria produces an odor. Mosquitoes are attracted by these odors. This is a problem for many as most people sweat. A better way to avoid this is by taking a shower as often as necessary.

Also, using perfumes can be helpful but mosquitoes can be attracted by certain scents, including perfumes too.

How to Attract Mosquitoes to a Trap in the House

Now we come to the main focus of our discussion. To exterminate mosquitoes, we need to be able to attract them to their death.

In most cases, this involves the use of baits or UV lights. These are quite effective in ridding your surroundings of not only mosquitoes but similar blood-sucking pests.

This section will discuss some of the many ways to attract mosquitoes with the following;

  • Octenol Lure

This is a highly efficient mosquito attractant. It works with different types of mosquito traps by attracting them into the traps and then killing them.

A good example of such a trap is the BG-Sentinel trap. This trap has a funnel-like opening. While Octenol attracts these mosquitoes, they get trapped by being sucked into a collection net by a fan.

This is best used outdoors as it is very effective in attracting mosquitoes over a wide area to their death.

  • Stagnant Water Bait

The stagnant water bait is also very effective in attracting mosquitoes. It contains a solution of organic material such as hay or grass. In making this natural mosquito attractant, the hay or grass is left to sit in this water for several days.

This creates a natural breeding condition for mosquitoes. Gravid traps are best used with the stagnant water bait. Gravid traps have a battery-powered fan. This blows mosquitoes into a collecting compartment.

Whenever mosquitoes are attracted to such traps, they are killed in the process.

However, though effective, the stagnant water bait has its disadvantages. Whenever the trap batteries are not replaced when low, the stagnant water can easily become a base from which mosquitoes infest nearby homes.

This should be emptied when not in use.

  • New Jersey Light Trap

Mosquitoes are attracted to light. However, when used in addition to an attractant such as dry ice, this can have a major impact on mosquito populations.

The New Jersey light trap needs to be permanently mounted onto a platform up to 6 feet above the ground. An electrical outlet should be nearby to constantly supply light.

This helps significantly in reducing mosquito populations as they eventually die off after getting trapped.

  • Lurex³™ Mosquito Attractant

Another way to attract mosquitoes is by using the Lurex³™ Mosquito Attractant with traps such as the Mosquito Magnet® trap.

This is a very effective way to decimate mosquito populations around and within your house. The Lurex³™ Mosquito Attractant is made to emit human scents and odors in addition to carbon dioxide. This creates a perfect condition for mosquitoes that get trapped and die in the process.

The Lurex³™ Mosquito Attractant comes with a cartridge that significantly reduces its efficacy after 21 days.

For best results, the cartridge will need to be replaced as anything short of that will significantly diminish its efficacy.

  • R-Octenol

This mosquito attractant is most effective when used with the Mosquito Magnet® trap. R-Octenol mimics human breath by releasing carbon dioxide, warmth, and moisture.

This attracts mosquitoes in droves to the trap which sucks them in using its patented counter-flow technology. Once sucked into the built-in net, these mosquitoes die by dehydration.

The trap is very effective as it disrupts the breeding cycles of mosquitoes around your property.

  • Beer Traps

If you think beer is only effective as an intoxicant, think again! Mosquitoes love being around beer. The problem for mosquitoes (a great solution for your mosquito problems) is that these pests get trapped in the liquid.

This is an effective and harmless way to attract mosquitoes.

However, if you drink beer too, you may need to protect yourself. This can be achieved through the application of essential oils onto the skin.

  • The Plastic Bottle Mosquito Trap

The plastic bottle mosquito trap is one very cheap way of attracting mosquitoes around your yard to exterminate them. This trap works with a bait made of a solution of yeast, water, and sugar.

In making your trap, a plastic bottle is cut around its neck or funnel area. The cap is discarded and the funnel area is inverted and carefully pushed into the open half of the bottle.

To hold the funnel firmly in place, you will need to use tape to fasten the two parts together. The lower end of the bottle should be painted black. This enhances its attraction to mosquitoes. Hot water is used in making the bait.

Brown sugar is poured and stirred slowly. This is done until the temperature drops sufficiently enough to activate the yeast. This is allowed to cool off and poured into the bottle through the funnel.

The plastic bottle mosquito trap is highly effective in attracting mosquitoes. The bait releases CO2 which enhances its efficacy. You can make as many as you want. These are placed at different points of your home.

It is necessary to change the bait as it reduces in strength after some time.

  • Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer

With half-acre coverage, Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer is among the most effective ways of attracting and killing mosquitoes. This electronic device attracts mosquitoes through its powerful UV light with an electrified grid.

Attracted mosquitoes are killed instantly on making contact with the grid. It requires no need for maintenance and can be used with octanol attractants for maximum efficacy.

  • Aspectek

Mosquitoes can hardly avoid its 365 nm wavelength light. Aspectek has a powerful 2800 insect zapper grid. This kills mosquitoes instantly after attracting them. With this option, you do not need to worry about the safety of using chemical attractants.

It can also be used in a variety of locations such as homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, etc.

In discussing the most effective ways of attracting mosquitoes, we have considered what attracts them to humans.

We also discussed some of the most common diseases associated with mosquitoes. This has been rounded off by covering several ways to lure mosquitoes to kill them.

You have multiple options to choose from. Also, each of these has been used extensively and proven to be very effective.

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