In this article, we’re interested in knowing where bed bug eggs are hatched. We’re all about finding out whether such eggs can be laid in your hair.

Bed Bug Eggs In Hair

Every pest issue you deal with creates a unique problem that needs to be properly addressed. Bed bug infestations are among the most dreaded pest issues most homeowners will rather avoid.

These bugs are mostly known to invade living spaces especially bed areas where they’re guaranteed a blood meal.

Now, one thing bed bugs are known for is that they lay eggs around infested areas. These eggs will hatch into nymphs at full term to continue the infestation cycle.

Bed Bugs Don’t Live on Hosts

Although bed bugs need blood to survive, they aren’t so desperate to start feeding immediately. This is because they feed best when a human host is still.

This only happens when you’re resting or sleeping on your bed. At best, these bugs will hitch a ride on getting into your luggage or your clothing.

When you get home, they climb out and search for suitable areas to commence their breeding activity.

Since these bugs only need to hop a ride on human hosts, it’s unlikely that they would stay long enough to lay eggs in your hair.

What Bed Bugs Have in Common with other Parasitic Pests

In a bid to find out whether bed bugs lay eggs in human hair, it’s necessary to make a key comparison. Such a comparison takes a look at other parasitic pests that also target human hosts.

They include mites and lice. While mites feed on dead skin tissue, lice feed on blood.

Despite the similarity of having a preferred or common host, their choices of reproductive behavior (for lice) are quite different.

Lice will lay and attach their eggs (nits) on hair shafts around the area closest to the scalp. Such eggs will hatch as long as they remain undisturbed.

Bed Bugs Won’t Lay Eggs in your Hair

While it’s possible to have bed bugs in your hair, they only stay there temporarily. Bed bugs mostly choose to lay eggs at suitable spots found at their final destination.

As indicated earlier, these bugs are opportunists and infest homes by getting into your personal property or clinging onto clothing and other personal stuff.

For most of the day, humans are more active. This is an unsuitable situation for these nocturnal pests. Bed bugs will like to stay out of sight for as long as they remain active.

Years of evolution have enabled them to become more adapted to the best feeding times which are nights.

Bed bugs can’t lay eggs in your hair or your skin. Instead, they love to lay such closest to areas where you rest. Your bed area is a hot spot for bed bug activity including reproduction.

These bugs lay their eggs along bed mattress seams, in cracks, along crevices in furniture, as well as baseboards.

Other suitable spots used to lay eggs include floorboards and any other area closest to your bed that offers the least disturbance. Plus, dark areas are purposely chosen to provide the needed cover required.

Why Bed Bugs Won’t Lay Eggs in Hair

Some readers might wonder why it isn’t common to find bed bug eggs in the hair. One major reason can be given for their inability to lay eggs in their hair.

Unlike head lice which are well adapted to human scalp areas, bed bugs do not have the essential body parts required to thrive around the scalp area.

Essential body parts such as those possessed by head lice allow them to attach to your scalp. Bed bugs have none of such. These pests can only live temporarily if at all they get into your hair.

They only need to get to a new destination to disembark and start breeding.

Bed Bugs Laying Eggs in Hair should be the Least of your Problems

Based on the reasons given above, concerns about bed bugs laying eggs in hair should be the least of your worries. This is because they mostly do not.

Instead, you should be more concerned that your home is infested by these pests.

Bed bugs are prolific breeders and will multiply and spread quickly when there’s a delay in carrying out treatments. When they do spread, they lay their eggs in several places considered safe enough.

These hatch within a short time to worsen your infestation.

Bed Bugs Not Laying Eggs in Hair Doesn’t Make an Infestation Less Difficult

You might be relieved to discover that bed bugs don’t live and lay their eggs on humans. However, the reality is that your situation isn’t any better as long as these bugs are within your home.

Although bed bugs won’t live or lay eggs on human hosts, they cause significant problems through their bites.

As long as you’re alive, warm, and breathing, you’re a potential target to these bugs.

They crawl out of their hiding spots to have their fill of blood. Bed bugs are drawn to you through the CO2 released when you breathe.

They home-in on your location and begin to draw blood.

Body Areas with the Most Bed Bug Bites

When dealing with a bed bug infestation problem, you’ll notice that bites mostly appear around the arms, neck, or trunk of the body. It’s important to mention these parts because we’re discussing bed bug reproduction around the scalp area.

Cases of bed bug bites on the scalp aren’t so common.

In other words, these bugs hardly bite your scalp area. This points to one situation; that your hair and scalp area isn’t a suitable breeding ground for these bugs.

On rare occasions, bed bug bites may be noticed on your scalp but still doesn’t mean they live or lay eggs in your hair.

Effective Treatment Requires Killing Bed Bugs and their Eggs

It’s never enough to have bed bugs exterminated while leaving their eggs untouched. It’s only a matter of time before such eggs hatch and the problem continues.

Comprehensive treatment will require that both these pests and their eggs are destroyed.

The question asked from the beginning of this article has been adequately covered. Asides from providing answers, we’ve seen reasons why bed bugs can’t lay eggs in human hair.

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