How Much Does Bed Bug Fumigation Cost?

How much does a bed bug fumigation exercise cost for different types of structures? We’ll be reviewing the average quotes from professional exterminators.

Bed bug fumigation is one of the practical ways to get rid of these pests.

Nonetheless, our focus here is not how these bugs are exterminated, but on what it will cost to get the job done through fumigation. This is our major concern.

If you’ve questions relating to the cost of fumigating for bed bugs, we are sure you’d find answers here.

There are no one-cost-fits-all circumstances here either. You’ll learn why this is so, and also find tips on what to look out for when comparing cost quotes.

There are cheaper alternatives to fumigation. Although such strategies will cost you less, they are not so reliable and can be devoid of the thoroughness that comes with fumigation.

The gas fumes released into a structure permeates everywhere, including tight spaces and crevices. Also, there’s no bed bug resistance to fumigants such as Vikane.

Fumigation, as a bed bug control strategy, might be a bit more expensive, but it is well worth the cost.

Average Cost of Bed Bug Fumigation

Fumigation cost is determined by the size of your home or structure among others. However, the national average ranges from $1,000 to $3,000.

Furthermore, severe infestation, in addition to other factors like the size of your property can increase the cost significantly. Because of this, the price of fumigating for bed bugs can be over $10,000 in certain cases.

Follow-ups could also add up to cost as well

Fumigation follows 3 phases, which include the inspection phase, preparation and treatment phases. Each of these phases attracts a fee that makes up the general cost for treatment.

You will also notice some variations in price quotes when searching for a suitable pest management service to get the job done.

  • Cost of Fumigating Between Moves

There are times when an infestation occurs close to when you need to move to a new location. This can significantly ramp up costs if not properly handled. You are moving to a new location, and need to pay for packing and moving. This can be a nightmare for someone on a tight budget.

However, you can turn this situation into a win-win by calling for fumigation between moves. You don’t want to infest your new surroundings with bed bugs. At the same time, you want to get rid of them completely.

The cost of fumigating the contents of a truck containing your belongings will depend on size. What quantity of your belonging can go into a ten-foot truck?

If your entire stuff goes into one, fumigation should cost you around $500. A fourteen-foot truck should cost a bit more at $600. An average of $700 is what it will cost to fumigate a seventeen-foot truck. This climbs up to a $1,500 approximately when fumigating the contents of a 26-foot truck.

  • What To do When Cost is High

Not everyone will be able to foot the expenses for bed bug fumigation. If you belong to this category, you can choose to try it yourself. One thing is very important here; the knowledge required to do so.

Thankfully, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides an online resource on effective DIY strategies to combat bed bug infestation.

Do you live in an apartment building? If you do, then cooperation with other occupants could significantly drop fumigation costs. This is the case in many circumstances. The entire building is fumigated at lesser cost while also reducing the chance of re-infestation from close apartments.

Another way to drop the cost of fumigation is to conduct your inspection. Inspection isn’t rocket science. If there are bed bugs, you would know because they announce their presence through bites and itchy skin. As such, inspect your bedding, crevices and tight spots on your bed frame with a torchlight.

Having established bed bug presence, you only need to call for fumigation without inspection. This helps lower costs.

Other Alternatives

Certain situations arise where apartment buildings can’t be tented. Under such circumstances, a truck can be rented and your bed bug-infested stuff packed into it for fumigation.

But this adds up to cost, doesn’t it? Well, not when more than one person is renting such a truck. A great idea is to join forces with neighbors having similar problems to rent a truck together. This helps split costs.

After fumigating the contents of the truck, all the apartments of those involved are also treated for bed bugs. This way, you get to pay less than you should have.

Most people do not think to give this kind of partnership a thought. In other words, you will need to discuss with your neighbors first. Your pest management company will also need to agree to this arrangement.

This way, you should have a cost-effective bed bug fumigation service.

Another strategy to reduce cost is by entering into a contract with your pest management service. This way, scheduled inspections are arranged and fumigation is carried out when necessary.

This routine service reduces costs significantly.

  • The Fume Cube

Using a fume cube is similar in many respects to the truck situation. It is a sort of checkpoint where personal effects are fed into the fume cube for fumigation before moving them into the building. This is a more cost-friendly way to fumigate for bed bugs.

Vikane gas is released through a vent into the fume cube. Hiring a fume cube should cost you anywhere from $600 to $1,000.

  • Repeat Treatment

After a successful bed bug fumigation, there’s a need for repeat treatment. This takes care of hatched eggs or those coming in from neighboring apartments. A lot of pest management services will add the cost of repeat fumigation to overall costing. The cost of this service is at the discretion of the company.

Bed bug fumigation cost, as we’ve seen is determined by a lot of factors. In any case, you will need to be financially prepared for this undertaking.

We advise against carrying out this fumigation yourself as there are health risks attached, which should be avoided. Only those licensed and skilled in handling the job should fumigate for bed bugs.