Will borax kill roaches? Here is how to use the product for roach control.

The use of borax and boric acid for pest control isn’t new. This naturally occurring white mineral compound also has a wide range of uses.

While this is true, we’re most interested in knowing whether borax kills pests such as roaches. If you have a roach problem and wish to apply borax for its treatment, we’ll help you find answers.

Does Borax Kill Roaches?

People have used borax for treatment (extermination & repelling) of a variety of pests such as termites, mites, spiders, bed bugs, ants, fleas, algae, fungi, and molds.

So, have such treatments been successful?

The success of borax for treating pest issues will be assessed as you read on.

  • Borax Balls as A Roach Killer

Similar to the effect borax has on other pests, it also kills roaches. This is either used in its powder form for a dusting of targeted surfaces or as bait for roaches to ingest.

The latter seems to be more popular with users. Roaches either have to ingest borax or their exoskeletons need to be in contact with it.

Once any of those conditions is established, you can rest assured that these pests will stand no chance of surviving the ordeal. Roaches die within a short time of coming into contact with or ingesting borax.

So, having confirmed the efficacy of borax as a roach killer, how does this happen?

How To Use Borax To Kill Roaches

We said white borax compound is either dusted around areas or surfaces where roaches have been seen or is used for preparing roach bait. The goal is for roaches to either come in contact (bodily) with borax or to ingest it.

Any of these methods will serve to eliminate roaches.

  • how long does it take for borax to kill roaches?

When roaches step into borax dust, they aren’t killed instantly. Instead, they can move back into their colony and when they begin to clean up, they ingest the mineral compound.

Even when they don’t ingest borax, it penetrates through their exoskeletons causing dehydration.

With dehydration comes the death of these pests. Also, when borax is used at the bait, it has to be prepared in such a way that it’s attractive to these pests. They must consider it as food first before they ingest it.

When they do, it effectively poisons them by attacking the digestive system.

Most roach species end up dying within 1-2 weeks.

How To Get Rid Of Roaches With Borax

There are different ways to use borax balls and powder for roach extermination.

These are in the form of bait recipes. When you’re not preparing bait, you’ll need to know just how to go about its application.

While certain methods will work, others simply won’t.

These and more will be discussed shortly.

Borax Bait Roach Killer Recipe

When it comes to making roach bait with borax, there are different ways you can put this mineral compound to good use. These include baking soda & borax bait, sugar & borax, as well as peanut butter & borax.

Other mixtures or combinations include cocoa powder & borax, and egg yolk with borax.

You can also have liquid bait placed in a container while sprinkling borax around the container. Any of these methods will give you the exterminating effect you need.

For more understanding of what they’re about, let’s take a look at each of them.

  • Baking Soda & Borax Bait

Baking soda by itself is promoted as having roach extermination properties. According to such claims, it works by causing a gas buildup in the digestive systems of roaches.

With such reactions or results, it only gets better adding it to your borax bait.

This gives it the extra punch to kill roaches within a short period. However, roaches won’t simply begin to ingest baking soda. You only need to add this to already prepared roach bait for best results.

Roaches will feed on just about any food they find including sweetened foods.

  • Sugar & Borax For Roaches

Because roaches are attracted to sugary substances, you can take advantage of that to mix some sugar with borax powder. Equal parts of these should be mixed and poured into a squeezable bottle.

Such a bottle must be able to dispense the mixture.

Here, the goal is to spread or sprinkle a thin layer of your sugar and borax mixture onto areas or surfaces you’ve seen roaches.

With this done, it won’t be long before roaches are drawn out to partake in a feast of your bait. Of course, this leads to their death as they make contact with borax and even ingest it.

  • Peanut Butter & Borax

Peanut butter is another suitable food product to add or mix with borax. This will make for perfect roach bait.

Preparing this bait is easy! All you have to do is scoop a spoonful of peanut butter and place it in a bowl or other open space. Now, sprinkle some borax onto it.

Roaches can resist the bait and pounce on it within a short time. You can make this bait even more potent by sprinkling borax around the area where the bait is.

The goal is to have them walk through borax to reach the bait. This works to kill them by dehydration.

  • Cocoa Powder & Borax

Similar to sugar, cocoa powder is also perceived as food by roaches.

All you have to do is mix some cocoa powder with borax and leave it in the open. About equal parts of both will be perfect. When ingested, roaches are likely to get killed by the borax in the bait.

  • Egg Yolk with Borax

Another borax recipe you can try out on roaches is egg yolk.

Here, raw egg yolk is placed in a small cup or other container and borax lightly sprinkled on it. When roaches come to feed, they ingest the sprinkled borax which leads to their death.

  • Sprinkling Borax Around Liquid Bait

Here, borax doesn’t necessarily have to be mixed with liquid bait.

You only need to place suitable bait in a container. Such bait could be any sweetened stuff including those mentioned above. Now, sprinkle borax around the plate.

To get to the bait, roaches will have to walk through borax powder which sets off several reactions that deteriorate their exoskeletons.

These will die of dehydration.

Borax is a roach killer. We’ve explained how this happens and also provided information on the different recipes to prepare for this purpose.

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