Insect Pest Control Methods

Here is a list of guides on insect pest control methods. These are efficient and affordable measures to exterminate and repel insect species, shielding your property from damage and your loved ones from bites. We have also reviewed popular insect killer products and sprays, include homemade preparations that are used to treat insect infestation.

Does Steam Kill Fleas?

Can steam kill fleas? Here is what you should know about this control option. Are you seeking an alternative to the use of pesticides for flea control? There are several options to consider. We’re not here to dwell on the other alternatives for flea control.  Rather our goal is to find out if steam can …

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Are Drain Flies Harmful?

Drain flies go by several names including moth flies, filter flies, or sewer flies. Just as their name suggests, these flies are always known to congregate around drains. Septic tanks are also an attraction for drain flies. All these drain fly attractions are found in homes. This raises a question; are drain flies harmful? We …

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How To Deal With Lice On Blonde Hair

Here, we’ll be discussing lice on blonde hair. Lice issues aren’t restricted to certain hair types or persons. This problem which is commonly associated with school-age children has become a menace that’s difficult to treat. However, finding lice on certain hair types is easier than others due to the color. Against the backdrop of blonde …

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