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Restaurant Pest Control: Requirements, Procedure and Checklist

Restaurant pest control may be costly, but it’s certainly not as costly as having pests running around your restaurant freely. The damage that can cost your business will probably take a very long time to repair. Pests are usually attracted to food debris, warmth and several other things around the restaurant. They enjoy enjoy staying […]

Hospital Pest Control: Importance, Methods, Policy and Procedure

In this guide, we have outlined the various hospital pest control methods and their cost. We have also shared some common policies and procedure used in combating pests in healthcare facilities. One of the ways bacteria and diseases get into hospitals and spread is through pest infestations. Rodents, bed bugs, cockroaches, flies etc, are very problematic […]

Hotel Pest Control: Checklist and Procedure

What is pest control in hotel? How do hotels prevent roaches, bugs and other insects? In this guide, we’ll try to look at various hotel pest control methods and their attendant cost. You don’t have to wait until pests start keeping customers away from your hotel to develop a good pest control strategy for it. […]

50 Best Pest Control Services in the World + Top 10 Rated Companies

We hereby present the top pest control companies in the world. There are several species of ants, ranging from the least dangerous to the most dangerous. Danger is used in this sense to mean likely attack on humans and animals (pets). In both cases, we do not need them around our dwellings which make us […]

Are Landlords or Tenants Responsible for Pest Control?

Is the landlord or tenant responsible for mice, bed bug, termite or roach extermination in an apartment? Oftentimes, disagreements ensue regarding the pest control responsibilities of landlord or tenants. A lot of people want to know who takes responsibility for pest problems or infestation in a rented property; the tenant or the landlord? Who is […]

Starting a Pest Control Company: Sample Business Plan Template

Are you interested in writing a pest control business plan? If YES, here is how to open a pest removal company. Starting a pest control business comes with a lot of challenges. Especially in the area of logistics. There are also certification and licensing issues as well. Dedication and commitment are key ingredients for success. […]

How Long After Fumigation is it Safe?

Is fumigation toxic? How long after fumigation is it safe for pets, babies as well as adults? Find out more in this guide. Whenever there is a pest invasion, different pest control methods are deployed with fumigation being one of them. While fumigation is effective in ridding your home of such pests, its effect can pose […]

List of Pest Control and Fumigation Companies in Nigeria

Do you need quotation for pest control services in Nigeria? Do you need addresses of fumigation services in Ikeja, Lekki Lagos as well as in other parts of the country? Read on. If you are a Nigerian, you may have asked yourself if there are reliable pest control companies in Nigeria. This is especially true […]