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How to Get Rid of Rats Permanently at Home

What smell will keep rats away? How do I get rid of rats in my roof naturally? Will mothballs keep rats away? Find out more in this rat extermination guide. Rats are considered among the most detestable pests to have around. To compound the problem, they are known to be resilient and highly adaptable to […]

How to Get Rid of Mice in Apartment Attic and Garages

Are you interested in proven methods to get rid of mice from your home completely. Here is a practical guide. Mice are unwanted guests in most homes. This is because of the damage caused as well as their disease carrying potential. These are big issues for many who want their homes free of these rodents. […]

How to Get Rid of Chipmunks in Walls, Garages, Under Deck and Porch

Here are some steps to get rid of chipmunks from home and backyard gardens permanently. Chipmunks are considered to be agricultural pests. Compared to other pests, their feeding activities are considered to be minor. Whatever the case is, lots of people would prefer to rid their surroundings of chipmunks especially when there are large numbers. […]

Best Humane Mouse Traps to Get Rid of Mice

What homemade humane mouse traps are the best? What is the best bait to use for such traps? Find out more in this article. There are lots of effective methods to get rid of mice. While people have these options, they only choose those that best fit their needs. We will focus on one of […]

How to Keep Mice Away from Your House, Bed, Camper and Car

What scent will keeps mice away? How do you stop these pests from entering your home? Find out more. Mice invasion can be a difficult situation to deal with. This is more so when effective control strategies are not deployed. If you have a mice situation in your home, business or both, you will find […]

Best Mouse Trap Bait to Get Rid of Mice

What makes the best mousetrap bait? Are mice and other rodents smart enough to avoid traps? Find out more in this guide. Mice are known to be very resilient. A lot of damage and diseases are caused by their feeding habits. This makes rodents some of the most despised pests. There are lots of control […]