Does Lavender Repel And Kill Fleas?

Will lavender repel these bugs? Fleas become a nuisance not only to pets but to humans too. These parasitic insects are mostly introduced into homes through pets. In other words, your pets are primary targets for fleas. As such, you shouldn’t be surprised about the origin of the problem when you notice fleas around your … Read more

Tubes In-Wall Pest Control Systems – Built-In Channels, Injection & Cost

Due to the challenge associated with reaching these wall cavities, it becomes necessary to adopt more suitable built-in tubing and wall injection pest control methods. In-wall pest control kills and repels these pests from within your walls. You’ll have to read on to learn about how this is done. Pest Control In Wall Tubes Over … Read more

How Does Fumigation Works?

Fumigation is a process whereby fumigants (consisting of a variety of chemicals) are used for pest control or extermination. Pest presence is known to be responsible for all sorts of issues. With fumigation, you get to eliminate them from homes, processed goods, buildings as well as surroundings. How Fumigation Works So, how does fumigation work? … Read more

Fogging Pest Control – Thermal and Cold Options

Fogging is a pest control technique that involves the use of a pesticide spray known as aerosol or the very active pyrethroid, which is a quick action pesticide used to exterminate all kinds of insect infestation. Hot vapor can also be used instead of those pesticides, especially for those who hate to use chemicals. Fogging … Read more

Is Quarterly Pest Control Worth It?

Is quarterly pest control necessary? Does buying a scheduled treatment plan worth it? A growing number of homeowners are realizing that maintaining a pest control schedule best serves their needs. This is due to the recurring problems of pest infestations. Whatever the pest issue is, it’s resolved comprehensively once the time comes for carrying out … Read more