Toothpaste on Bed Bug Bites

For a long time, toothpaste has been a home cure for bed bug bites. There is, however, insufficient scientific data to support its efficacy in treating bed bug bites. Despite this, many feel that using toothpaste relieves the itching and inflammation produced by bed bug bites is a good idea. Does Toothpaste Help Bed Bug … Read more

What to Pour Down a Snake Hole

This post will look at the many compounds regularly poured down snake holes, the possible hazards and downsides of doing so, and safer and more effective options for dealing with snake populations. Understanding the possible effects of pouring items into snake tunnels can help people make more educated decisions about snakes. Snake Holes in Yard … Read more

Getting Rid of Ants in the Bathroom in Winter

There are also periods when ant infestations become more common. Winter is one such period. During this time, ants may be seen around different areas of your home, including your bathroom. So, what attracts them to this area, and how can they be controlled? This article will look at answers to these questions and more. … Read more

Does Lavender Repel And Kill Fleas?

Will lavender repel these bugs? Fleas become a nuisance not only to pets but to humans too. These parasitic insects are mostly introduced into homes through pets. In other words, your pets are primary targets for fleas. As such, you shouldn’t be surprised about the origin of the problem when you notice fleas around your … Read more

Spring Pest Control – Rodents, Bugs, And Treatment Tips

Here, we will be looking at common springtime pests and how to control them. As the spring season sets in, it comes with potential problems in the form of pest infestations. At this time, most pests are emerging from hibernation and overwintering. A lot of the pest issues faced by homeowners begin in spring. Pest … Read more

How Does Fumigation Works?

Fumigation is a process whereby fumigants (consisting of a variety of chemicals) are used for pest control or extermination. Pest presence is known to be responsible for all sorts of issues. With fumigation, you get to eliminate them from homes, processed goods, buildings as well as surroundings. How Fumigation Works So, how does fumigation work? … Read more

How to Prepare an Apartment for Pest Control

How does one prepare an apartment for pest control? That is all we’ll be focusing on. If you have a problematic pest situation you’ll like to deal with, you’ll find this article highly informative. We’ve looked at a detailed process that increases the chance of getting it right the first time. How to Prepare for … Read more

Fogging Pest Control – Thermal and Cold Options

Fogging is a pest control technique that involves the use of a pesticide spray known as aerosol or the very active pyrethroid, which is a quick action pesticide used to exterminate all kinds of insect infestation. Hot vapor can also be used instead of those pesticides, especially for those who hate to use chemicals. Fogging … Read more

How to Clean Hair Brushes and Combs After Lice

Here is all about cleaning combs and brushes after lice treatment. Head lice infestations tend to be challenging to treat due to the ease of spread and sharing hair accessories like combs and brushes, among others. Head lice parasites need the warmth and blood provided by hosts to thrive. Improper use of hair accessories will … Read more

Is Quarterly Pest Control Worth It?

Is quarterly pest control necessary? Does buying a scheduled treatment plan worth it? A growing number of homeowners are realizing that maintaining a pest control schedule best serves their needs. This is due to the recurring problems of pest infestations. Whatever the pest issue is, it’s resolved comprehensively once the time comes for carrying out … Read more

Hotel Pest Control – Checklist and Procedure

What is pest control in a hotel? How do hotels prevent roaches, bugs, and other insects? In this guide, we’ll try to look at various hotel pest control methods and their attendant cost. You don’t have to wait until pests start keeping customers away from your hotel to develop a good pest control strategy for … Read more

Wood Rot Vs Termite Damage – 3 Differentiating Signs

In this guide, we will be comparing termite damage to wood rot. Wood is an essential resource with many uses ranging from fencing, furniture, art, insulation, fuel, kitchen utensils, musical instruments, construction, and many other services. Now, pests like termites or wood rot can attack any of these. When wood deteriorates due to these two conditions, … Read more

7 Common House Bugs In Californian Apartments

What are the most prevalent house bugs in Californian apartments? Homeowners are often faced with all sorts of pest issues ranging from ants, bed bugs, wasps, spiders, flies, rats, mice, termites, mosquitoes, bees, roaches, and many more. While some of these aren’t so difficult to get rid of, others tend to be more challenging. However, … Read more

Office Pest Control Management For Small & Large Businesses

Pest issues aren’t only restricted to residential areas, which is why today, we’ll be discussing office building pest control tips. These pests can also invade commercial spaces such as offices. Getting rid of these can be an uphill task when the right or effective treatment approach isn’t applied. Office Pest Control Management Pest control then … Read more

Where Does Pest Control Spray In Apartments?

Where does pest control spray in apartments? Pest issues for tenants are constant threats that always require taking both preventive and active treatments. When discovered early on, most people adopt DIY removal or extermination techniques. However, the truth is; that these techniques don’t often work. Under such circumstances, it becomes necessary to seek professional help. … Read more

How To Keep Rabbits From Eating Plants [Flowers & Crops]

Are rabbits becoming a nuisance around your home? Here is how to stop them from eating flowers and plants such as roses, hostas, and others. These are herbivores that will readily munch on any plant they find edible. Such edible plants could include your beloved flowers growing in your garden or surroundings. The natural response … Read more

Vole Damage – Guide To Identification & Prevention

We’ll be discussing vole damage as well as how best to manage the situation. You’ll want to stick around to find out more. Homeowners are more likely than not to grow plants around their homes. Such plants include trees, shrubs, flowers as well as lawns. These always enhance or beautify home surroundings. However, vole damage … Read more