Wood Rot Vs Termite Damage – 3 Differentiating Signs

In this guide, we will be comparing termite damage to wood rot. Wood is an essential resource with many uses ranging from fencing, furniture, art, insulation, fuel, kitchen utensils, musical instruments, construction, and many other services. Now, pests like termites or wood rot can attack any of these. When wood deteriorates due to these two conditions, … Read more

7 Common House Bugs In Californian Apartments

What are the most prevalent house bugs in Californian apartments? Homeowners are often faced with all sorts of pest issues ranging from ants, bed bugs, wasps, spiders, flies, rats, mice, termites, mosquitoes, bees, roaches, and many more. While some of these aren’t so difficult to get rid of, others tend to be more challenging. However, … Read more

Office Pest Control Management For Small & Large Businesses

Pest issues aren’t only restricted to residential areas, which is why today, we’ll be discussing office building pest control tips. These pests can also invade commercial spaces such as offices. Getting rid of these can be an uphill task when the right or effective treatment approach isn’t applied. Office Pest Control Management Pest control then … Read more

Where Does Pest Control Spray In Apartments?

Where does pest control spray in apartments? Pest issues for tenants are constant threats that always require taking both preventive and active treatments. When discovered early on, most people adopt DIY removal or extermination techniques. However, the truth is; that these techniques don’t often work. Under such circumstances, it becomes necessary to seek professional help. … Read more

Vole Damage – Guide To Identification & Prevention

We’ll be discussing vole damage as well as how best to manage the situation. You’ll want to stick around to find out more. Homeowners are more likely than not to grow plants around their homes. Such plants include trees, shrubs, flowers as well as lawns. These always enhance or beautify home surroundings. However, vole damage … Read more

4 Major Pest Control Methods in Agriculture

What are the methods of pest control in agriculture? Let’s find out the most effective management options. Pests are organisms that interfere with the yield of agricultural ventures in crop production or rearing of animals. They affect a farm’s productivity, which is why farmers over the years have come up with different methods of combating … Read more

How Long After Fumigation Is It Safe?

Is fumigation toxic? How long after fumigation is it safe for pets, babies as well as adults? Find out more about this. Whenever there is a pest invasion, different pest control methods are deployed with fumigation being one of them. While fumigation is effective in ridding your home of such pests, its effect can pose … Read more