How much does Terminix pest control cost? Arguably the largest pest extermination company in the world, The Terminix brand has become a trusted name in pest control services, covering a vast collection of pests ranging from common, as well as the not too common pests.

Terminix pest control prices are our focus as we seek to provide readers with the most competitive pricing within the pest control industry.

Some of these pests include termites, bed bugs, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, and all types of rodents. Others include spiders, fleas, and ticks among several other pests included in its collection of pests which it has successfully eliminated and still continues to do for clients.

Does Terminix do payment plans? Is there a Terminix quarterly plan? Is Terminix worth it? Let’s dig into the facts.

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One of the most important considerations for clients around the world has been and continues to be the cost of pest control services, while also considering the quality of such service. Terminix provides one of the best options for clients as it is a known name in the provision of quality pest control services at cost-friendly rates.

This it does through its highly professional technicians who inspect the level of infestation and come up with the best control measure to use.

Terminix offers its range of quality pest control services to both individual and businesses including corporate clients. It all begins with a bed bug and termite inspection of the property after the client must have established contact.

Inspection of the property then follows and is done at no cost to the client.

So how much is Terminix?

Terminix Pest Control Pricing for Bed Bugs, Fleas and Termites

Terminix Payment Plans

As earlier stated, it begins with an inspection of the property which is thorough and absolutely free. The information obtained from the inspection is used in choosing the most effective pest elimination/extermination measure to use.

After selecting the best treatment option to use, initial treatment commences. The cost of initial treatment costs starts from $95.00. This is an estimate which may differ considerably depending on factors such as location, size of the property as well as with franchise, as Terminix is a franchise.

After the initial treatment or extermination, it is important that Terminix carries out a follow-up treatment to ensure that the pests are totally and effectively exterminated. This follow-up treatment may be scheduled according to need. In some cases, this may be monthly or quarterly as the case may be.

Follow-up treatment comes at a price, and Terminix charges its clients $89.00. For more about Terminix, go to

This may be done for a month or on a monthly basis, resulting in not only ensuring the total extermination of pests from your property but also as a  preventive measure to ensure the activities of pests around your property are effectively inhibited.

There is also a long-term treatment plan such as its 1 year treatment plan. This option has a one-time payment arrangement of $338.00, and lasts for an entire year, with Terminix conducting a thorough treatment as well as providing effective surveillance of your property, effectively eliminating your pest worries.

This also comes with a guarantee.

Other Terminix Prices

There are also other pest control measures with competitive pricing. Such include its termite treatment plan. The cost of termite treatment falls within a range as it largely depends on the level of infestation as well as the size of the property of the client. These are taken into consideration in its pricing model and ranges from $640.00 to $1,500.00.

Due to how difficult it can be to detect termites, Terminix does a meticulous job in detecting the activities of termites especially on wooden properties and around wooden structures, basements and on furniture.

This saves you from the heavy damage which is likely to be inflicted by them, and also saving you from the cost of replacement, as these are not usually covered in most insurance arrangements.

Bed bug treatment is yet another area where Terminix has expertise in. Without the expert services of pest control services like Terminix, it would be difficult to contain the activities of bed bugs as they are very prolific in reproduction.

These can be easily brought into your home or property by you or visitors who may have picked them up from public places. Terminix does a good work by providing comprehensive bed bug treatment for your home/property. The cost of this service ranges from $500.00 to $1,350.

Its mosquito control is a one-time treatment, requiring no re-visits and is done for $84.00. It does not end here, as its professional pest technicians also give recommendations on the best preventive measures to adopt.

The Terminix Advantage

An advantage of using Terminix as your most preferred pest control service is that it has one of the best rates within the industry, in addition to the provision of the best pest control services carried out by its highly professional technicians who identify the causes as well as the best treatment measures to apply.

In addition to the above, Terminix allows for convenience through the provision of an online form where the client is to fill and submit. The client is then contacted for further discussions.

We have considered Terminix pest control prices with the aim of providing all the information you need regarding its pricing and how you can take advantage of its pricing models. It also offers the opportunity of comparing pest control prices with other pest control companies/services for the most competitive.