Dead Rat Removal: Disposing Of Dead Rodents Safely & Hygienically

One of the grossest things to deal with is the removal of a dead decomposing rat.

For a lot of people, this is something they’ll need help with. There are health concerns and the awful smell coming from the carcass. Equally important is figuring out how to dispose of such rats.

Here is what to do with dead mice or rats;

How to Dispose of Dead Rat

This article is all about informing you about proper rat disposal. Dead rats must be disposed of in a certain way to ensure your health and those of others aren’t affected.

If you’ve just come across a dead rat and need quick and practical tips on how to dispose of the same, this article gives the much-needed information you seek.

Are there Guiding Regulations?

Inasmuch as you want to immediately dispose of a dead rat, it’s important to figure out what regulations apply to your situation.

It may not be enough to simply double-bag or triple-bag the carcass and have it dumped in a trash can. While such may not be a problem in certain locations, a different approach may be necessary for other areas.

There may be safety regulations that prohibit the adoption of the above method of dead rat disposal. For further clarifications, you may have to visit your local public animal service.

Such regulations may be at the county, state, or national level. Whatever it is, it can be quickly searched online for guidance.

You can also call your local animal control service to perform the removal or seek professional advice. Whatever it is, such information should be obtained within a short time to ensure the dead rat is removed as soon as possible.

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What’s Needed for Dead Rat Removal?

One of the first things you’ll need to do is find basic tools and supplies that will help with effective disposal. These also help prevent any form of direct contact with the carcass.

They include a trash bag, protective gloves, clothing, a plastic bag, as well as a filter mask or respirator.

Commercial disinfectants are also required to disinfect the area. You’ll need paper towels and a good mop too. With these, you’re ready to get started.

Removal of Dead Rats

When it comes to dead rat removal, safety is paramount. First, put on your mask or respirator as instructed by the manufacturer. This should be followed by your gloves.

Pick the rat up and place it in one of the bags provided. Now, follow apply your commercial disinfectant as instructed on the product.

When using an anti-bacterial spray, you’ll need to spray around the area where the carcass was picked. Now, place the bag containing the rat into another bag.

To make your removal procedures more environmentally friendly, consider using an eco-friendly bag that is designed to decompose with time.

Now, place it in the trash bag provided and dump it in your trash can.

Take off your gloves and dispose of same in the trash can. When sealing the bag, avoid the temptation of squeezing the air out of the bag as such may spread germs from the carcass.

You should have someone help you spray a disinfectant on your gloved hands before removal and disposal. After disposing of the glove, still have your hands washed with soap and water.

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Cleaning Up the Area

Having disposed of the dead rat, ensure you clean up the area effectively.

Put on another pair of gloves to begin. With the disinfectant applied, get some paper towels and wipe the area. You may have to do this twice or thrice to ensure the area is wiped clean.

Place the used paper towels in a bag and dispose of them properly. Using your mop, mop the entire area as usual. Now, the removal process is complete. The rat carcass dumped in your trashcan will be emptied with the rest of the trash as usual.

Call a Cleaning Service For Dead Rodent Removal

If the procedure above isn’t something you want to try out, then calling a professional cleaning service to handle the disposal will be an easier option.

There are lots of these companies that offer residential and commercial cleaning. These are only a call away. There are also provisions for emergency cleaning.

Where Did the Dead Rat Come From?

This is a question you’ll need to ask when removing dead rats.

Here, the answer is quite obvious. Rats infiltrate homes from the outdoors. This situation points to the presence of entryways. You’ll have to find and eliminate all such entry points.

Now, you might not be trained enough to do a good job of locating entry points. If this is your situation, consider seeking help by calling a pest management service for infestation.

If there’s an existing rat infestation, they help get rid of such while fixing all entry points.

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Other preventive measures you may have to take include pruning or trimming tree branches away from your building. Rats gain easy access when branches touch or get too close to roofs of buildings. They simply follow the branches to gain entry through the rooftop.

Other ways rats could end up in your building include tunneling. A further incursion of these rodents into your home can be discouraged by spreading gravel around your yard.

If this isn’t an option, you may want to try keeping your yard neatly mowed. This removes possible hiding spots that might be used by these rodents.

Your gutters might be an entry point. This is why you need to have them wire-meshed to prevent rats from accessing your roof. Your trashcan may also be inviting to these rodents.

One way to prevent their presence is by getting a sturdier trashcan with a good lid that prevents rats from entering.

Proper food storage is essential. This is because rats are drawn to food.

Finding a dead rat signal the likely presence of others that will still frequent your home as long as adequate preventive measures aren’t implemented.

Have your food properly stored and out of the reach of these rodents.

Also, proper hygiene is essential for great results. Clean up after every meal. Areas such as your countertops sink, and dining area needs to be wiped clean.

There you have it! Disposing of a dead rat isn’t a complicated process.

However, not everyone will endure the cleanup process. You can call a cleaning service to handle your rat removal process for you.

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