Does ammonia repel snakes? Will it kill them? The only way to know is to find out how it works.

The relationship between humans and snakes has hardly been cordial over many centuries.

Ammonia For Snakes

The dislike for snakes still stands to this day.

While these reptiles may in fact be beneficial in some ways, they’re mostly perceived as being dangerous, hence the need to repel or kill them.

A lot of remedies have been developed to help prevent snake incursion into human spaces. While some of these have been effective, others simply aren’t.

One possible snake remedy we’ll be discussing here is ammonia.

About Ammonia

Ammonia is a pungent, colorless, and water-soluble gas.

This compound of nitrogen and hydrogen is highly poisonous when the liquid is inhaled or swallowed by humans. This is a possible reason why ammonia is considered a snake repellent and killer but is that true?

We’ll find out shortly.

Over the years, ammonia has been used mostly through DIY means for a lot of pest issues. While this product has been effective in repelling or killing some pests, it hasn’t been helpful with others.

We’ll be finding out whether this chemical compound has any of such repellent and exterminating effects on snakes.

Repelling and Killing Snakes With Ammonia: How True?

You might have come across articles online that discuss the repellent and exterminating effects of ammonia on snakes. While most of these articles may sound convincing, the truth is; they’re just myths.

There is simply no real proof about the efficacy of ammonia as a snake repellent and killer.

You’ll hardly find (if ever at all) snake wildlife removal specialists or professionals using ammonia for snake control. Purely natural strategies are deployed by these experts for excluding these pests from your home.

With professionals, the goal is to capture the snake and release them into the wild which is a more favorable habitat.

Why Ammonia Use is a Bad Idea

With the efficacy of ammonia on snakes debunked, you’ll need to know why it’s such a bad idea to use ammonia as a repellent and snake killer. First off, you won’t get any of those effects using ammonia.

Secondly, you’re likely to expose yourself and members of your household to poisoning.

Does this sound surprising? Remember we said ammonia is poisonous when dissolved in water. At this point, it’s called liquid ammonia. Breathing in ammonia alone could be poisonous.

In the same vein, making contact with substances containing a high volume of ammonia may cause fatality.

Possible Reasons why Ammonia is Seen as a Snake Repellent and Killer

What are the possible explanations for ammonia used as a snake repellent and killer?

It’s possibly due to its poisoning effect. Asides from the poisoning effect, the pungent odor released is also one other likely explanation why people think it does repel snakes.

Ammonia doesn’t do any of such. As a matter of fact, it exposes the user to potential poisoning. You want to avoid any treatment that isn’t reliable and exposes you to risks.

Your Safety is Paramount

Any pest treatment that exposes you to significant levels of risk isn’t worth the try.

Ammonia falls under such a category. While getting rid of snakes, you don’t want to expose yourself to harm in any way or form. Plus, this chemical compound doesn’t even have any repellent effect.

So, it will be counterproductive to apply ammonia treatments that are deemed ineffective on snakes and at the same time exposing yourself to significant harm through poisoning.

It’s much better to seek other alternatives that work.

The Help of a Wildlife Specialist is a Better Alternative

Instead of using snake repellent treatments that don’t work, it’s best to have a wildlife specialist handle your snake removal job.

Since the objective is to have snakes repelled from your surroundings, such specialists will help remove and exclude these reptiles from your home.

If you’re still trying to figure out why this option is best, consider the fact that wildlife removal specialists understand snake behavior.

They know where to look for and how to exclude these wildlife creatures safely without causing harm to anyone.

More so, you could benefit from sound advice from these pros on how best to prevent future snake incursions into your space. Overall, you won’t have to lift a finger to help out in the process.

You only need to make your needs known and allow them to do what they do best.

Safer Snake Repellent Alternatives to Ammonia Use

As a do-it-yourself, you might be intrigued with DIY strategies as they enable you to handle things yourself, thus giving you that inner satisfaction of doing something worthwhile.

While that is good, you’ll need to only apply strategies that work for snake control.

There are lots of effective ways to repel snakes. You don’t need to have them killed as long as you can make your home less inviting to them.

One such method involves growing snake-repellent plants around your yard. There are lots of snake-repellent plants you can choose to grow around your yard.

These include the West Indian lemongrass, marigold, snake plant, mugwort, garlic & onion, and society garlic. Others include Indian snakeroot, king of bitters, clove basil, tobacco, kaffir-limes, jimsonweed, and cactus.

You can also grow wormwood and skunk cabbage plants to keep snakes at bay.

  • Replace the Use of Ammonia with the Removal of Snake Attractions

Rather than using ineffective and dangerous treatments like ammonia, consider removing snake attractions from your yard. Snakes are attracted to your home when food is abundant.

High populations of Rodents, possums, and birds among others make your yard highly welcoming to snakes.

By getting rid of these snake preys you’re making your home less attractive. Find out what attracts them and have those eliminated. You may have to improve your hygiene as well.

Also important to snake prevention is the need to maintain your grasses and plants by having them trimmed.

Ensure pet and bird foods aren’t left in the open to avoid a situation where rodents come around for a feast, thus attracting snakes.

Ammonia won’t repel or kill snakes. In fact, it exposes you and members of your household to poisoning. There are safer alternatives to go consider.

These have been provided above.

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