Does Ammonia Kill Bed Bugs, Ants, Rats, Fleas and Repel Snakes?

Does ammonia kill bed bugs, fleas, ants, fleas, and rats? Does it also repel reptiles like snakes? Find out.

Handling a pest problem using Ammonia as a control product can be overwhelming.

This is even worse when you have little knowledge of what methods to use. We would not only discuss this, but also include specific strategies for pests like ants, rats, fleas, and even snakes.

Read on as we provide precise answers to your pest problem regarding ammonia.

Ammonia as a Pest Control Agent

For better understanding, it will be necessary to explain what ammonia is. Ammonia comes in liquid or gaseous form.

For this article, we will recommend the use of liquid ammonia. Ammonia has the consistency of water. It is also a clear liquid that has several uses.

Apart from pest control, it is also used for lots of other things. These include its use as a cleaning agent, used to repel moths as well as for eliminating odors.

But enough of that already! Can it be used to rid your home of bed bugs and other insect pests? Let’s find out.

Does Ammonia Kill Bed Bugs?

Ammonia can be used to kill bed bugs. Killing bed bugs with ammonia depend on several factors. Including how it is used or applied.

Ammonia bed bug killers can be easily purchased. Its several uses place it among the most common chemicals found in homes. But you can’t use it once and expect to see results. It needs to be used severally for marked results.

We earlier talked about how the process is important. There’s a procedure to follow. It starts with diluting an equal part of ammonia with water. You can also add some alcohol too. This should be poured into a spray bottle. Ensure you close and tighten the lid. Ammonia can cause skin irritation. Therefore we recommend the use of gloves.

The contents should be sprayed around all affected areas. Such areas will include cracks, underneath carpets, furniture, and mattress seams. All hiding spots must be targeted for real impact.

Does Ammonia Kill Ants?

Ammonia does kill ants. When ants get too close for comfort, it’s time to take back control of your space. You can save costs by using ammonia to fight back. Ammonia is readily available and cheap. All you need to know is how to use it which you’ll learn shortly.

But it’s no secret that ammonia can cause irritations. This can be avoided by wearing a glove.

Ants are easy to spot within and around your home. So, identifying the problem isn’t difficult at all. To kill ants with this chemical, it will need to be diluted. You can either dilute with water, alcohol, or both.

A mixture of the three is even better and more effective. You should pour equal parts of these into a spray bottle. This should be properly sealed. Its contents must be sprayed directly on ants.

Before long, you won’t have to deal with such a problem for a long time. This recipe for controlling ants should be kept close in the event of a repeat infestation.

Does Ammonia Kill Rats and Mice?

Ammonia won’t kill rats. However, it will scare them away temporarily. Nevertheless, its repelling properties are still useful for protecting your home from rodent activity.

The downside is they might return as soon as its effect wears off.

So, why does ammonia scare rats? Because of its smell. Ammonia has a similar scent to urine. This makes rats think a predator (rat or fox) is nearby.

Although ammonia doesn’t kill rats, it can still be used as a preventive measure. This can be applied around your home during times of rising rat activity.

We recommend using other reliable extermination methods to kill rats. A few will include the use of traps, poisons, ultrasonic electronic devices among others.

Does Ammonia Kill Fleas?

Ammonia will kill fleas when used properly. Fleas are insects that feed on blood. If you have pets, there’s a likelihood you’d have to deal with frequent flea problems.

Ammonia is a chemical that requires adequate knowledge when using it. This is because it can be toxic if it comes in contact with skin and eyes.

Ammonia can be mixed with alcohol and water or any of the two. A spray bottle is must-have equipment for application. An equal part of water and alcohol is used to dilute. This is emptied into the spray bottle and sprayed on affected areas.

Primary areas usually include carpets and couches. This also includes pet bedding.

You must wear a glove to avoid skin contact with it. Kids, pets, and yourself must stay out for at least 5 hours. This is sufficient time for ammonia to act on fleas.

The process can be repeated every 24 hours until the pest issue is fully resolved.

Does Ammonia Repel Snakes?

Not really. Snakes cannot be repelled using ammonia. This is because there’s little evidence about that.

Most claims about that haven’t been proven. Sorry to disappoint you. Snakes are scary reptiles to have around and rightly so.

So, if you have a snake problem, take your mind off using ammonia because there’s little it can do.

One of the best ways to handle this problem is by calling the experts. Wildlife removal services are available almost everywhere. Such services are provided by pest control companies.

Snake repelling plants will also do the trick. Such plants include The Mother In-law’s Tongue, Marigolds, and Pink Agapanthus.

Others are Sarpaghanda and West Indian Lemon Grass plants. This will help repel snakes and keep them at bay. They are also beautiful plants to have around.

Safety Considerations When Using Ammonia to Exterminate Pest

You must be wary of mixing ammonia with other substances. Ammonia in itself, when used according to instructions won’t do much harm.

However, mixing it with things like bleach will produce a harmful chemical mono-chloramine, di-chloramine, and tri-chloramine. These are in the form of fumes that are toxic to the respiratory system when inhaled.

If you must use ammonia for pest removal, you must carefully follow all instructions given by the manufacturer. Otherwise, you should seek alternative and safer ways of dealing with your pest problems.

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