Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs, Roaches, Fleas, and Rats?

Will using bleach kill bed bugs, fleas, rats, and roaches? Yes.

Bleach, also known as sodium hypochlorite is a cleaning agent. It has other uses apart from cleaning.

Some of these will be briefly touched on shortly. However, we are more interested in its pest extermination properties.

Join us as we find out if bleach kills bed bugs. We will also discuss its effect on other pests such as roaches, fleas, and rats.

Using Bleach for Pest Control

We’ve earlier mentioned that this is mainly used as a cleaning agent. But there are several other uses as well.

Such include lightening hair color, stain removal, sanitizing purposes, sterilizing plant cuttings among so many others. But can it be used for pest control?

We will find out shortly with a focus on the pests mentioned above.

Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs can be difficult pests to contain. They are most active at night and will hide in crevices during the day. But how does such activity relate to bleach?

First, we need to answer the question. And the answer is yes! However, the risk of using bleach on bed bugs seems to be significant. Bleach will need to be sprayed directly onto bed bugs.

But such bed bugs won’t come out from hiding during the day. So, to do that, you’d have to spray this into their hiding spots or crevices. This chemical, in turn, damages most types of furniture. You also have to deal with its toxic properties.

Bleach fumes, when inhaled can cause health problems. This means you’d have to choose whether to continue using it or find less destructive alternatives.

Active ingredients in bleach like sodium hypochlorite react by damaging the outer shell of bed bugs. This kills them in no time. But for this to be effective, it must be sprayed directly on their bodies. We advise the use of the spray. This is because its contents can reach tight spots and angles.

But how do you deal with the fumes? By using a nose mask.

Does Bleach Kill Roaches?

Bleach indeed kills roaches. These critters can be overwhelming when there’s a full-blown infestation. But such a situation can be brought under control by using readily available alternatives like bleach. The downside to its use is the challenge posed by the fast movement of adult roaches.

Another is the fact that these pests are largely nocturnal. So, it’s unlikely that you’d find them during the day.

We’ve established the fact that bleach kills roaches. But the “how” is a bit challenging. You may think of making bleach recipe to control roaches but this too has its limitations. This is because roaches will hardly feed on any bait that has bleach odor. They won’t also drink cups of bleach kept in the open. Plus, this poses a health risk to pets and kids.

The logical way to use bleach effectively on roach is by the use of the spray. This too has its health risks as you’d have to deal with chemical fumes given off during the process. Roaches are found around pipes and sinks due to water availability. They may nest in drains or pipes.

To get rid of roaches, pour in a cup of bleach down the pipe or drainage. This should be followed immediately by several cups of water. It kills them within a short time.

Does Bleach Kill Fleas?

Bleach kills fleas. Though it requires an understanding of how it should be used. If you keep pets, chances are that you’ve encountered a flea problem in the past or currently do.

Bleach can be used to combat this problem. You also have to know that killing adult fleas doesn’t solve the problem. There are also flea eggs to contend with.

Thankfully, this too can be destroyed using bleach. But how?

The process starts with identifying the most infested areas. These include your couches, carpets and everywhere your pets spend time.

For non-porous surfaces, an equal amount of water and bleach solution should be used. This can be used in a spray bottle, cotton wool or paper towel to clean such surfaces.

All affected fabrics should be loaded into the washing machine. The right amount should then be applied and the clothes washed. But before any of the above measures are taken, ensure that your pets are treated. This will help avoid prolonging your flea problem.

Does Bleach Kill Rats?

Rats are very destructive rodents. They cause tons of damage when not checked immediately. Getting rid of rats using bleach isn’t as effective. Plus, bleach doesn’t kill rats.

The exception here is when they ingest it. But we all know they won’t. The odor given off by bleach is disliked by rats. As such, you’d expect them to stay away from areas where bleach is applied.

Rats detest the smell of bleach. Therefore, this can be taken advantage of. You can spray your home surroundings with a bleach solution. This includes likely entrances that they may follow.

But be careful when applying it to their hideouts. This is because the stench may cause them to dig up new passageways. Thereby causing more damage to your home.

Safety Concerns Regarding Bleach Use for Pest Control

Using bleach for pest control isn’t advisable. We aren’t disputing the fact that it will kill certain pests, but the health risk are higher. There’s also its corrosive properties to deal with.

So, we recommend you use alternative measures for pest control, especially for insects. This helps safeguard your family, pets as well as your health.

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