Does Clorox beach kill termites? This is an interesting question a lot of people will want to find answers to. If you’re reading this to find definite answers, we’ll be glad to make your read worth the effort.

Bleach is a common household laundry and cleaning product. Apart from its many cleaning benefits, it has been successfully used against several pests.

However, we all know that not all insect pest species react the same way when remedies such as bleach are used.

Will Bleach Kill Termites?

Yes. Bleach has been tested and seen to be effective in exterminating termites.

While this is true, you must take note of the fact that termites aren’t readily seen. These insects shelter down in colonies and may be difficult to reach. Plus, you’ll have to know exactly how to use bleach for this task.

Bleach Use Should be Out of the Question During a Full-Blown Termite Infestation

Not all pest situations will require the use of home remedies. Certain pest infestations are difficult to control through such methods.

What more? Termites are known to be very destructive. Not getting rid of them fast enough may end up worsening the damage.

So, despite the efficacy of bleach in killing termites, it shouldn’t be considered. You’ll need a more professional and targeted approach. This is where reputable pest management services come into play.

What we’re trying to say here is that for every termite you see, there are lots of others you can see. So, killing the visible ones won’t solve the issue.

Professional pest management services know where to look and understand termite behavior. These professionals will provide better results than any home remedies.

How To Kill Termites With Bleach

Laundry bleach is a harsh chemical that can be used against termites.

Here, its toxicity is what serves to eliminate these destructive pests. All you need to do is pour laundry bleach onto surfaces and areas you’ve seen termites.

Termites are exterminated once they come in contact with this harsh laundry chemical.

As stated earlier, this is only similar to focusing on the effect and ignoring the cause. Termites will stay out of sight for as long as they can.

So, the few you just killed are insignificant compared to the entire population.

Is there a Special Bleach Brand to Use Against Termites?

Clorox is a bleach brand that readily comes to mind when bleach use is mentioned.

However, there are lots of other brands. People are likely to ask what bleach brands are perfect for the job. Although Clorox will get the job done, it holds no advantage over other bleach brands.

In other words, any bleach would serve the purpose irrespective of branding.

Timing is Important

Timing is of the essence when it comes to killing termites. These pests destroy at an alarming rate. Therefore, experimenting with bleach would only give you partial results.

With every delay comes steady and more damage.

So, your bleach treatment only achieves partial results while termites aren’t stopped. Under such situations, your property will be in danger. It’s best to adopt a more thorough approach to treatment.

Pest management services are always a call away to provide comprehensive treatment.


Inspection is the first step taken to examine or determine termite presence. When termite presence is confirmed, the degree of infestation is also assessed.

Having completed this process, the pest technician recommends the appropriate treatment to adopt. Treatment begins immediately you enter into a contract with them.

Not Every Pest Management Service is Reliable

There are lots of people that have fallen prey to incompetent pest management services. Such companies usually have scanty reviews (if any at all) and lure clients with ridiculously cheaper prices below the usual fee range.

Before you settle for one, consider conducting brief research on the company. This can be done by reading through reviews left by former clients. With such responses, you’re able to gauge the level of satisfaction derived.

Getting the wrong pest service only ends up worsening your termite problem. You’re likely to lose your property to the destructive actions of termites.

Baits Are More Effective

When faced with termite issues, a whole lot of options fly into your head or are suggested by friends.

One of the safe methods that are more reliable than bleach is the use of baits. Baits are efficient termite killers. These are slow-acting and won’t immediately kill termites when they come in contact.

However, these termites pick up the deadly poison that works its way slowly and steadily when termites get back to their colonies. This results in mass poisoning, of the entire colony, thus saving you the stress of dealing with these destructive pests.

For termite baits to achieve maximum effect, they must be used properly placed. These products come with clear instructions on how to use them.

Other Ways To Kill Termites Besides Bleach

Apart from bleach, baits, or calling a professional, there are other ways to kill termites.

These include the use of permethrin dust, arsenic dust, low temperature, and flooding. Other strategies include sunlight, boric acid, beneficial nematodes, bug bombs, and salt.

In the case of sunlight, termites prefer dark areas with lots of humidity. As such, open areas with sufficient sunlight easily dehydrate them when they can’t find suitable hiding spots.

You only need to take out termite-infested items and leave them under the sun for 2 to 3 days. All the termites get killed eventually.


Bleach will readily kill termites when applied directly to them. However, its effect is limited. Termites have to come in contact with bleach before they’re killed. Therefore, those who aren’t still live and cause a lot of damage.

Having seen the limitations of bleach in getting the job done, it’s best to use alternative ways to combat a termite infestation. These alternatives have been given to include calling a reputable pest management service and the use of baits among other methods.

To effectively prevent termite damage, they’ll need to be killed completely. Anything less than that is unacceptable and only delays the process.

We hope with the information provide here, you’re able to conduct a thorough extermination job while obtaining long-lasting results.

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