Do you know how to use Borax and Boric acid for insect pest control? Is it effective against common pests like bed bugs, fleas, ants, termites, and roaches?

Well, Borax is known to be highly effective against a wide range of pests.

Nonetheless, you’ll need to know the exact pest(s) it’s effective against, won’t you? Bed bugs are among some of the pests we will discuss on.

What is Borax – Will Boric Acid Get Rid of Pests?

Before we go further, we’ll need to clear the air on what borax is. This is for the reader has little knowledge of what it is or what it looks like.

Borax is a salt of boric acid; and while boric acid is called hydrogen borate, Borax is referred to as sodium borate.

Also, Borax is a naturally occurring mineral in the form of white dust. Though it has several uses, we will restrict our discussion to how it kills bed bugs and other pests.

Why Use Borax for Pest Control?

Borax is among the most used recipe for controlling bed bugs. This is due to its ease of use.

It’s as easy as just spreading the dust or powder around infested areas. Borax is also easy to get. You only need a few days after application to see results. But of course, the existence of a bed bug problem will have to be established.

Does Borax Kill Bed Bugs?

To answer the question if it does kill bed bugs; Yes, it does! However, killing bed bugs with borax requires having the know-how. Thankfully, this isn’t rocket science as we’ll show you shortly.

How effective is Boric acid on bed bugs? I’ll say very effective. Having established the fact that borax kills bed bugs, explaining the “how” is next.

Have you ever heard of diatomaceous earth? This also looks similar to borax. It has an off-white color and degrades its bodies in contact. This leads to dehydration and eventual death. Borax acts in much the same way.

Does Borax Kill Ants?

Borax is also effective on ants. It exterminates ants but does so gradually.

What more? Because it is slow-acting, ants can feed on it and return to their colony. This, in turn, helps to poison the entire colony.

What makes it even better is the feeding behavior of ants. They go out to source for food and bring back baits laced with borax.

Borax is also effective against several species such as carpenter ants.

How Does Borax Kill Ants?

Using Borax for ants works by messing with their digestive systems. This interference is slow acting. Hence the need to exercise some patience. It will only take a few days to start seeing results. But ants aren’t attracted to pure borax. This will need to be mixed with something else to attract them.

Sweet syrup or powdered sugar is mostly used. Any of these is mixed with borax in water. This is a common borax recipe for controlling ants. Cotton balls are then soaked in this Borax ant killer mixture and placed at strategic points.

Does Borax Kill Fleas?

Does borax repel fleas? A resounding yes!! Borax has been shown to exterminate fleas effectively. With borax, you won’t have to wait endlessly to start seeing results. This is visible within a few days of application.

Borax dust is sprayed around infested surroundings and left for some time (at least a day).

Borax may seem like fine dust to you but such dust is made up of razor-sharp crystalline structures. These not only shred flea bodies but also dehydrates them.

Killing this pest with a borax flea killer spray starts with applying it effectively. The aim is to make their bodies come in contact with the dust.

Borax will even kill flea larvae as well.

Does Borax Kill Roaches?

Roaches are among the most detested pests. Having them around can be very discomforting. Thankfully, there are recipes of powdered Boric acid roach killer that can be effectively applied to solve the problem.

So, yes, borax kills cockroaches. But roaches won’t die instantly upon ingesting borax. It is likely to take its toll on them in their nests or hideouts.

Killing roaches with borax is quite easy. You are at liberty to either apply the dust directly or make a recipe.

Roaches love dark and moist environments. They are mostly active at night. Using these patterns of behavior, you can spread the dust around your home.

How to Use Boric Acid for Roaches

You can make a mixture of hydrochloric acid with borax. Another option is to make a borax ball from adding a 50-50 mixture of borax and flour to sugar (a quarter of the amount of flour used)  and making it into a dough and rolling into small balls.

These balls are then placed in strategic areas like dark corners, back of cupboards and heavy appliances; around garbage and along floorboards.

After the borax treatment, you should start noticing the absence of roaches within a short time. But there’s a downside. Roaches won’t die in the open. As such a foul odor may result due to decomposition. This may require a thorough cleaning.

How long does it take to kill cockroaches with boric acid? I’ll say anytime from 3-4 days, as this allows their body to absorb enough of the poison.

Does Borax Kill Termites?

Termites are among the dreaded pests to have. This is due to their highly destructive nature. Not only that, termites aren’t easily noticed.

As a result, they may end up causing significant damage to structures before their presence is spotted. The borax mixture is known to kill termites. It is one of the cheapest, yet effective methods to exterminate termites.

Borax is used in a lot of ways as baits to kill termites. Borax recipes for controlling termites include borax foam, borax spray, borax solutions, borax soaps as well as baiting systems. Before any of these methods are used, there needs to be clear evidence of termite presence. Affected areas are then targeted.

Borax foams can be injected into nest openings, voids or drilled holes. When termites chew on them, they take part in these into their colonies. This has a steady poisoning effect which eventually wipes them off completely.

Using Boric acid for termites has been proven to be effective.

Is Borax Safe for Use Around the Home?

The question of safety should be the utmost before using any pest control product. In the case of borax, it is one of the safest to use. Although it won’t cause harm to humans, certain things must be noted;

Borax should be kept out of the reach of kids. They shouldn’t be allowed to ingest it. Pets too aren’t left out of the restriction list. You should try as much as possible to avoid them eating it. What more? Airflow should be controlled.

In other words, there shouldn’t be strong airflow. This helps lower the chances of inhalation.

These are basically what you need to know about borax as well as its effects on the above pests. While using it, try observing if there are adverse health reactions. This enables you to get urgent medical attention.