Does peppermint oil repel bed bugs? Does this spray kill bugs? Find out.

A wide range of treatments has been used for pest problems. Among the most popular are home remedies that involve the use of a wide range of readily available products like essential oils.

Natural home bed bug treatments have been promoted as having repellent and exterminating effects.

Peppermint Oil For Bed Bugs

Now, the efficacy of such remedies in providing desired relief from pest problems seems to be doubted in many quarters.

Here, we’re interested in finding out if one of such essential oils for bed bugs; peppermint oil has any repellent or exterminating effect on them

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re interested in finding answers.

Bed Bug Problems Are Difficult to Deal With

If you’ve had to deal with bed bug infestations in the past, then you should know that it’s not a pest issue to be taken lightly. Bed bug infestations in homes are among the most difficult to deal with.

This is especially true when the methods used aren’t as reliable. These bugs will reproduce quite fast when conditions are favorable.

So, is peppermint oil among effective treatments for getting rid of the problem? This is an interesting question we’ll be providing answers to.

All you have to do is relax and read on for all details.

Can I Repel and Kill Bed Bugs Using Peppermint Oil?

Do bed bugs hate peppermint?

The question being considered by this article focuses on two things; finding out if peppermint oil repels bed bugs, and also finding out if it kills bed bugs.

In other words, we’re interested in finding out if peppermint has both repellent and extermination effects on these blood-sucking bugs.

  • Is peppermint oil good for killing bed bugs?

Peppermint oil will repel bed bugs when properly applied. However, what you won’t get is the ability to kill them. Technically, this essential oil will kill these bugs when they’re dropped in, or drenched in it.

However, you won’t enjoy comprehensive extermination of bed bugs using peppermint oil.

How Peppermint Oil Repels Bed Bugs

In trying to understand its efficacy, it’s necessary to take a look at how peppermint oil repels these bloodsucking pests. Peppermint oil is rich in menthol.

This gives it a strong and pungent smell which is disliked by bed bugs. Due to the reaction of these bugs to peppermint oil, all you have to do is spray around infested areas.

It doesn’t take long before such treatment overwhelms bed bugs leading to their movement away from treated areas. As bed bugs flee from treated areas, they search for safer places to hide.

So, you’ll need to cover as many areas within your room as to make your home uncomfortable for these bugs.

There’s a Clear Downside to its Use

Using peppermint essential oil-only treatments has a clear disadvantage. Because it only repels but doesn’t kill these bugs, it only provides a temporary solution.

Bed bugs will be back when treated areas are safe enough. To have any real chance of resolving your bed bug issue, it’s best to have them killed.

Both bed bugs and their eggs will have to be destroyed to have any lasting effect.

Repelling bed bugs does little to provide a permanent fix. Plus, applied treatments have a short residual effect with the need to reapply or spray this essential oil frequently.

A more comprehensive approach to treatment will require not only repelling these bugs but also eliminating or killing them.

You might have to rely on additional treatments for better results.

How to Use Peppermint Oil For Bed Bug Treatments

To repel bed bugs using peppermint oil, several procedures can be followed. You can either make a spray insecticide or infuse it into an insecticide.

Other options you have include having the oil placed in a bowl and kept underneath your bed, or applying all three methods.

  • Making Peppermint Oil Repellent for Bed Bugs

When it comes to mixing peppermint oil for spray treatments, you’ll need a spray bottle. You need about a cup of water added to 20 drops or more of peppermint oil.

When this is done, the spray bottle is covered and the contents shaken. You can either spray directly on bed bugs or around infested areas.

It’s important when applying to shake the contents of the bottle to ensure the oil is well distributed.

For more strength, you can add some liquid soap or add some carrier oil if you want to apply it on your skin as a deterrent to bed bugs.

  • Add to an Insecticide

Remember we said peppermint oil when used alone only has repellent effects on bed bugs.

However, to make a more potent treatment that kills bed bugs, you can add your preferred insecticides. Such mixture can be sprayed on all types of surfaces like furniture and walls.

It’s important to first use on a small patch of furniture to determine whether it will stain or not. Having confirmed its safety, treatment can spread to other parts of the furniture.

  • Apply Beneath your Bed

Another way to get the desired repellent effect of peppermint oil on bed bugs is by applying it beneath your bed.

The easiest way to do this is by applying some drops of peppermint essential oil to a flat bowl or container and placing the same underneath your bed.

  • Apply All three Methods

All three types of treatment mentioned above can be combined for the most comprehensive result. The aim is to repel and eliminate these parasites.

As such, whatever it takes to get desired results can be taken.

DIY Treatments Aren’t Recommended for Bed Bug Control

Treatments using peppermint oil are mostly DIY approaches with lots of limitations.

First off, you might have a limited understanding of bed bug behavior. This is crucial to understanding how treatments should be administered.

Professional pest management companies have a systematic approach to treatment that follows certain guidelines for bed bug extermination. Skilled and experienced technicians know where to look, what works to kill these bugs, and how to prevent future infestations.

Also, repeat treatments are administered when initial treatments are considered partial in their efficacy. You want to go for an approach that’s considered more reliable and effective.

This gives you the much-desired relief from bed bug problems.

Peppermint oil will repel bed bugs but will do little when it comes to killing the same. We’ve also discussed how it works as well as the downsides involved.

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