Will rubbing alcohol kill ticks? Yes, with proper application.

Ticks’ problems will naturally result in significant discomfort for hosts. These include humans and pets. When your pets roll in the grass or around your yard, they’re likely to pick up ticks that readily wait for such opportunities.

This problem is transferred to your home and requires using effective tick treatment strategies.

Rubbing alcohol has found a lot of domestic uses. These include serving as a deodorizer, caring for pierced ears, reducing body odor, creating homemade ice packs, and also for disinfecting surfaces.

For this article, the most important use of rubbing alcohol lies in its pest exterminating properties.

Can Rubbing Alcohol Kill Ticks?

Without a doubt it does! Rubbing alcohol is very effective in killing ticks. Despite possessing this characteristic, rubbing alcohol will need to be properly used for any real results to show.

In other words, you must understand how to use it.

Exercise Caution

Rubbing alcohol has several uses as briefly mentioned above.

However, this household chemical can be risky if used incorrectly. Improper use may result in skin irritation as well as poisoning. These are avoidable situations as long as you exercise caution.

Caution includes not taking or drinking it and also avoiding using it for lice treatment. You may be puzzled about why rubbing alcohol shouldn’t be used for lice treatment.

Doesn’t it kill lice? As long as this household chemical can kill ticks, it can kill lice too.

However, the problem lies in its likelihood to cause scalp irritation. Severe scalp irritation may ensure during and after treatment.

Instead of causing further problems while trying to solve another, it’s best to use rubbing alcohol for other acceptable treatments and uses.

An Organic Tick Control Method

If you’re tired of using tick treatments like sprays, which mostly contain toxic chemical compounds, then rubbing alcohol could be your best bet. This product is readily available in stores and is found in most households due to its many benefits.

What makes rubbing alcohol a great option for tick extermination is that ticks are killed using an environmentally-friendly product.

Ways To Use Rubbing Alcohol for Tick Extermination

There are multiple ways you can use rubbing alcohol to combat a tick problem. This section focuses on providing you with great ways to proceed with treatment. The reason for mentioning these strategies is simply to give you options.

The more treatment options the better.

  • Drop Ticks In A Pool of Rubbing Alcohol

When dealing with a tick issue, there are ways to handle the problem on your own using rubbing alcohol. However, this is just one requirement. You’ll also need tools such as tick remover tweezers, a Ziploc bag, gloves, and antiseptic.

Every item mentioned is very important.

For the gloves, you’ll need to put them on to prevent the transfer of diseases from ticks to you. Now, to begin this process, you’ll need to get your dog and begin to carefully go through itchy spots as well as all parts of their body.

Your tweezers enable you to firmly grasp the ticks. However, you must be careful not to inflict pain on your pet by pinching them with it. Next, pull out the tick slowly until its bite is released.

When completely off, open your Ziploc bag and drop the tick inside.

Some rubbing alcohol should be poured into the bag to submerge these ticks. These ticks have no chance of surviving such an ordeal. Repeat the process until you get as many ticks as you can.

The antiseptic should be used to clean up the treated area or skin.

Also use rubbing alcohol to clean up your tweezers, put off your gloves, and wash your hands. With these actions, you should have total control over your tick issues.

Consider speaking to a vet to find out if treating tick problems with rubbing alcohol is sufficient. In other words, find out if rubbing alcohol alone will do.

  • Never Pour Rubbing Alcohol on Pets

When using rubbing alcohol to kill ticks, ensure you don’t pour this household chemical on your pets.

Doing so will affect both your dog and the ticks. Ticks get irritated when rubbing alcohol is poured on them. As a result, tick toxins are spit out or injected into your dog which worsens the problem.

Rubbing Alcohol For Ticks: Limitations

When using rubbing alcohol for tick extermination, you should fully understand that it isn’t sustainable in a full-blown infestation situation.

Having to part through your pet’s fur to locate ticks can be very challenging and stressful.

Rather than undergoing this painstaking process, it’s best to find alternative means of tick control. There are several other environmentally safe strategies to contain a tick problem.

Some of these include the use of diatomaceous earth, creating a homemade mixture of essential oils among several others.

  • Alternative Treatments (Essential Oils)

If you feel using rubbing alcohol for tick extermination isn’t sustainable, you might want to consider other alternatives like the use of essential oils. Get any of the following essential oils; lemongrass, rosemary, and peppermint oils.

These are either mixed in pet shampoos or included in mixtures that are sprayed on ticks.

  • Alternative Treatments (Diatomaceous Earth)

For readers who may not know, diatomaceous earth is made of fossilized remains of marine plankton. This powder is applied to ticks. It doesn’t matter if these are found on pet bodies or around your floors, this treatment helps dry ticks to death.

Call On Experts

Dealing with a full-blown tick infestation can be quite overwhelming when handling things yourself.

We recommend seeking professional help. This is readily offered by pest management services that have a variety of treatment strategies to adopt.

If you’re particular about using environmentally safe extermination options, these are readily available and are carried out professionally. With pest control technicians involved, the weight of self-treatment is taken off your shoulders.


Ticks are mainly found on pets. But it doesn’t end there, as they occasionally target humans. Even though it kills ticks, it should be seen as a temporary measure. There are other efficient methods to achieve this, including oral medication.

Rubbing alcohol shouldn’t be poured directly on your pet. This is because it might lead to ticks releasing their toxins. So what do you do? You first need your gloves on. This should be followed by the use of tweezers to pull them out. Before doing this, there should be a jar or glass filled with alcohol. These ticks should be dropped into the alcohol.

This is a cost-effective way to get rid of the problem. But also consider getting some expert advice from a vet doctor. This is because the oral medication is also effective.

We’ve successfully answered the question by confirming the impact of rubbing alcohol on ticks. Ticks will not stand a chance where rubbing alcohol is involved.

If the process involved seems too stressful, consider using other alternatives as provided above.

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