Does apple cider vinegar kill roaches?

Although roaches are detestable pests to have around, their uninvited presence gives homeowners a lot of things to worry about.

An instinctive action taken by most people includes using all the tricks they’ve ever learned irrespective of whether it works or not.

Using Vinegar For Roaches

Vinegar is one versatile product found in homes that are applied for a variety of uses. This includes using it for pest control. This isn’t to confirm its efficacy on roaches or other pests.

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The background information we’ll be providing will better reveal whether it’s good for roach extermination or not.

Things To Know About Vinegar

Whenever vinegar is being discussed, people mistake such for a single product.

The fermentation of foods is what gives birth to vinegar. It’s used as a cleaning agent, food product, pest control, pet care, car care, to extend the life of cut flowers, for laundry and so many other uses.

Its versatile nature makes it one of the common ingredients in most households.

There are different types of vinegar that include white vinegar, rice vinegar, balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar, coconut vinegar, and wine vinegar. So, which of these is used for pests (roach control)?

Of the different vinegar types available, apple cider vinegar seems to be mostly touted as a remedy for past issues.

So, does vinegar actually kill or repel roaches? It doesn’t! Sorry to burst your bubble if you’ve leaned heavily on the claims that vinegar gives relief from pests.

The good thing is, you’re better informed and saved from applying non-reliable “roach exterminators.” We must also say that if vinegar is poured into a bowl and a roach dropped into such bowl, it will definitely get killed.

However, that isn’t the way to handle roach problems. Spraying will do very little if any at all to rid your home of roaches. So, you might want to look at better treatment alternatives to your roach problems.

Why Vinegar Is Erroneously Believed To Kill Roaches

Does vinegar get rid of roaches? No.

The false belief in some quarters about the efficacy of vinegar as an exterminator is lively driven by its reaction on pests like fruit flies. Vinegar is used as bait when dealing with fruit fly issues.

When mixed with dish soap, fruit flies are attracted to its (vinegar) unique scent. Once they touch the mixture, they’re unable to escape.

Another possible reason why vinegar is thought to exterminate roaches could be its cleaning properties. Vinegar is used to wipe down kitchen countertops among other areas, thus eliminating both dirt and scent trails.

This makes it appear as if roaches are no longer around. While this could be true, roaches aren’t killed by vinegar.

In a nutshell, you’ll derive as many benefits from vinegar when it comes to its many uses but can’t and shouldn’t be used for roach control.

Alternatives To Vinegar Roach Control Options

Now that you know about the unreliable nature of vinegar for roach extermination, it’s necessary to look at more effective roach treatment options. Luckily, there are several.

Here, we’ll be looking at DIY techniques for roach control as well as the use of a pest management service.

i. DIY Roach Control Techniques

Here, there are lots of ways that can be applied to contain a roach situation. This method identifies the basic attraction for roaches which is food and water.

It also includes being more proactive by applying a variety of methods aimed at arresting roach problems.

  • Eliminating Food and Water Sources

This action involves improved hygiene as well as tightening leaky pipes.

Roaches are always attracted by food and water. Food consists of everything from crumbs lying on the floor to plates left unwashed and other scattered food on tabletops and countertops.

Whenever you eat, it’s important to focus on cleaning up immediately. This includes the dining and kitchen areas.

So, your dishes should be washed immediately and the floor vacuumed or cleaned. Also, mop floors before going to bed. This discourages roach presence as there’s no incentive in the form of food.

In the absence of food, water can be enough motivation for roaches to hang around homes. Here, we’re simply referring to leaky pipes that create a damp environment. This is ideal for roaches and will always attract them.

Your job is to ensure that all leaky water plumbing is fixed.

Also frequently clean your drain pipes using baking soda solution and hot water. You may want to have a plumber take a look at your water plumbing to ensure it’s in good condition.

All leaky spots should be fixed and tightened.

  • Apply Roach Bait

There are baits designed for roach extermination.

Combat Roach Killing Bait is one of such products you can easily purchase. When applied along with areas or points with the most roach presence (you should have noticed earlier), it poisons and kills them slowly when ingested.

You can also make your own roach bait by using boric acid. A solution consisting of three teaspoons of boric acid with an equal amount of water and sugar is made. This is placed at the base of a jar without a lid.

When roaches come into contact with this concoction or mixture, it dehydrates them leading to their death.

  • Using Roach Spray

Roach sprays include a variety of over-the-counter insecticides. These are readily available in stores as a DIY roach treatment measure.

For these to be effective, it’s important to use and follow every instruction contained on the product label. You should experience a drop in roach presence within a short time.

However, when used in isolation, this isn’t a sustainable method of roach control. You must eliminate food and water sources alongside other preventive measures.

  • Remove all Possible Hiding Spots

If you have paper and cardboard boxes lying around, you might want to dispose of them fast. This is because roaches use this clutter as nesting areas.

The more the clutter, the more likely it is for roach infestations to be severe.

ii. Calling the Pros

The other option you have will be to call the pros.

This is the most popular and reliable way to ensure roaches’ issues are completely resolved. However, you’ll need to find a reputable service for a complete resolution of your pest problems.

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