How Much Does Flea Heat Treatment Cost?

How much does flea heat treatment cost? How does it compare with other methods of flea control?

No matter how difficult a flea problem is, there’s always a solution for it. In other words, there are several strategies to tackle such infestation.

However, we aren’t discussing flea extermination methods today but our interest is focused on the cost angle when it comes to flea heat treatment. This is due to the interest pricing always attracts among homeowners when it comes to the choice of extermination strategy.

Heat treatment has come to stay and is growing in popularity due to its efficiency in flea extermination.

Nevertheless, the cost of treatment is what isn’t clear. This could be due to several reasons; the obvious being the competitiveness within the industry. This allows pest management companies to offer attractive pricing to clients.

Despite this fact, there’s a national average that companies are required to work with. These pest services can go south or north of this average based on their capacity.

Enough of this already. Let’s get into our main discussion:  cost to treat fleas with heat. Shall we?

Average Heat Treatment Cost for Fleas

These pesky bugs will hop onto pets and spread fast within your home.

By the way, fleas reproduce at an alarming rate. This makes it necessary to contain a problem as fast as you can.

Calling for flea extermination will translate to incurring treatment costs. The heat treatment follows a pattern that begins with an inspection, preparation, and the treatment itself.

  • Flea Inspection Cost

Before heat treatment is selected as the strategy of choice, there needs to be proof of flea presence. This isn’t hard to figure out.

You called a pest service because you noticed fleas around your home, as well as on your pets. Now the cost of finding out (flea inspection) will depend on your geographic location, as well as the size of your home or structure.

Generally, flea inspection fees range between $70 to $200 based on the above factors. The farther your home is from a pest control company, the higher the costs you are likely to incur. The same applies to the size of your home.

Larger properties will cost more to inspect than smaller ones. This cost is different from that of heat treatment.

Some flea pest control services incorporate flea inspection into their heat treatment plans. As a result, the cost for both inspection and heat treatment will range from $100 to $400.

While this is a bundled service, inspection won’t always cost you. This, of course, depends on the pest control company you use.

There are lots of pest control companies that offer flea inspection services at no cost at all.

  • The Preparation Phase

Fleas will always be attracted to pets. This creates a problem as pets become increasingly restless due to the activity of this insect. Humans aren’t spared either.

While heat treatment will exterminate fleas, it isn’t suitable for use on pets and animals. The extra cost will, therefore, be incurred in treating your pets.

Several things within a home are heat sensitive. You’ll need to find these items and exclude them for the duration of treatment. These fragile items could get easily damaged if left indoors during thermal treatment.

Discuss with your pest exterminator to find out exactly what you need to exclude before treatment begins.

You and your family will need to move out for the duration of treatment. Thankfully, you won’t need to stay out long during heat extermination as it takes a shorter time when compared to chemical fumigation.

Nevertheless, you will have to make lodging preparations for the night at a hotel.

Renting accommodation for each member of your family incurs more cost. More importantly, it is the extra charge that might be added when pets are involved.

This temporary relocation will add to the overall cost of heat treatment for fleas.

Treating your Immediate Surroundings

During heat treatment, your entire home is covered with tarps. However, this leaves out your surroundings.

When there are fleas within your home, they are likely to have hopped in from your surroundings. This set of fleas will have to be treated using other methods.

Again, this additional charge adds to the overall costs for flea heat treatment, irrespective of which strategy is used.

Effective Heat Treatment May Require More than One Visit

To find a long term solution to flea problems, multiple visits may be recommended by pest companies. This translates to more cost. The entire process (flea heat treatment) can be quite expensive for some persons, but it’s entirely worth it.

People will want to know what value they’ll get for the money spent. As such, consider the fact that with heat treatment, fleas won’t be the only pests exterminated. Other existing pest problems will also be tackled. These include roaches, rodents, bed bugs, drywood termites and so many of them.

The cost for multiple visits doesn’t add up substantially though.

Contract Costs

One-time heat treatment may help get rid of immediate risks, but entering into a contract with pest control services is better. This lowers heat treatment costs substantially.

Pest control experts will place your home on scheduled inspection and treatments. This keeps fleas at bay and makes it more difficult for an infestation to breakout.

  • The Heat Treatment Phase

Having explained the inspection and preparation phases, the heat treatment phase follows.

This is the last step in the extermination process. The cost of heat treatment as we mentioned will depend on the size of your home. Cost is either calculated on a per-square-foot basis or a general billing is done for a medium-sized home.

Heat treatment cost per square foot ranges between $1 to $2.5. While thermal flea treatment for a medium-sized home will start from $1,500 to $3,500.

Thermal treatment for fleas has seen a steady climb in demand over the years. This is due to improving technology and its capacity to exterminate these bugs. Other unnoticed pest problems are also brought to a halt by this process. This completely justifies the cost of heat treatment.

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