How to Get Rid of Fleas in the House

We are in an era where information on a wide range of problems are readily available. This includes pest problems.

Getting rid of fleas is the focus of discussion in this article.

Crawling and flying insect problems are common among pet lovers and there are hundreds of millions of pet lovers across the world. In view of this, flea extermination is an important subject and resonates with many.

Fleas and Pets

As long as you keep pets, you are likely to have experienced a flea problem or several flea problems. This requires urgent treatment as well as preventive measures being taken. Among preventive measures taken are medications that include oral.

Flea Life Cycle

To get rid of fleas from your home and pets, you need to understand its lifecycle. The lifecycle of fleas is divided into four main stages that include the egg, larva, pupa and the adult stages of development. Fleas are known to be resilient and will delay development when ideal conditions aren’t ideal. By “ideal” conditions, we mean a warm and moist environment.

DIY Treatment May Not be enough

When fleas infest your home through your pets, getting rid of them completely may pose a challenge. This is because most DIY flea extermination methods will only eliminate adult fleas while the eggs and pupae remain unaffected. Under such circumstances, repeat infestation may occur when these fully hatch/mature. Sometimes the eggs of these pests may be hatched in hard to reach areas even in clean environments.

This poses a serious problem and requires professional help. Thankfully there is no short supply of professionals. Pest control services offer a wide range of extermination services that fit the needs of clients. Because they have a deeper knowledge of flea behavior, they are able to provide highly efficient flea extermination services.

Broad-Based Flea Elimination

Whenever a flea is spotted on your pet or on your skin, chances are that your entire home is overrun by them. This is especially true if your pets are allowed indoors. In such circumstances, you should be concerned because not only are your pets infested but you have to also contend with the discomfort caused by bites on your body. This is in addition to having them spread around your home.

For many, this feeling can be overwhelming. It becomes necessary to adopt the best flea control method to get rid of them.

How to Get Rid of Fleas Fast

For your peace and comfort, you need to gain total control over your home. This calls for definite action to be taken. There are several ways to achieve this.

This section will cover the different ways to get rid of fleas. Some of these include DIY methods, natural as well as hiring the services of competent professionals.

  • Hiring the Services of Flea Exterminators

Pest control services offer a wide range of professional pest elimination services. This includes flea control. This is one of the best options for persons with limited knowledge on flea extermination strategies. These are professionals who conduct an on-the-spot assessment of the situation. Flea control technicians will ascertain the extent of infestation as well as recommend the best treatment to apply.

To get rid of fleas completely from your home, your pets will need to be quarantined and treated. Your clothes will need to be washed thoroughly and your home and yard treated.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Fleas

Aside calling a professional, there are natural or environmentally friendly ways to get rid of fleas on humans and animals. These can be used either as a DIY strategy as well as by a pest control service. Such methods are normally harmless to humans but effective against fleas. Some natural or non toxic ways to get rid of fleas include the following;

  • Giving your Dog a Bath

Dogs are not only pets to humans but are also feeding hosts to fleas. To rid your home of dog fleas, you will need to first take care of your pets. Fleas hop onto your pets whenever they play outside. Hence apart from medications (both oral and external), giving your dog a bath is a natural way to get rid of fleas. It is important to wash your dog’s beddings as well. This is because fleas will most certainly be found nesting in such areas.

For best results, we recommend you use organic shampoos for such bath. The shampoo should be applied on your dog while wet and worked across the entire body. You should allow a few minutes before rinsing its body. This will help to kill any fleas on its body.

  • Your Home Interior Should be Next

This involves a whole lot of process and can be continued as a preventive measure after fleas must have been eliminated. Recall that we mentioned that fleas lay eggs which can be difficult to destroy when handling the job yourself. Ensure all your clothes are washed thoroughly. Fleas hardly survive this action. Apart from your clothing, your carpet provides a safe haven for fleas to thrive.

To exterminate these pests, you will have to adopt a variety of treatments. Some of these include thorough vacuuming. Its suction power will suck in fleas and their eggs. However to make this strategy more effective in eliminating fleas, consider spraying human grade diatomaceous earth all over your carpet. This should be left for two days before vacuuming your carpet.

It dehydrates fleas thereby eliminating them completely. When vacuuming, you will have no fears whatsoever when disposing the contents outside. For best results, we recommend that you vacuum your carpet and floors daily. Also, your pet should be temporarily (for the duration of treatment) relocated before applying diatomaceous earth.

  • Your Home Surroundings

Taking care of your surroundings is as crucial as your home interior. In all situations, fleas will find their way indoors from your surroundings. If you only focus on the interior and ignore your surroundings, you will only be treating an effect without focusing on the cause. By doing this, it will only be a matter of time before the problem returns.

There are several natural and effective ways to get rid of fleas from your home. One of such is through planting shrubs or plants that repel fleas. Popular ones include peppermint, lemongrass among others. Another ways to repel fleas from your yard is to mow overgrown lawn. Fleas thrive in lawns left untended. By mowing such lawns, you are making your yard unattractive to fleas.

To gain total control of your home, you should be on the lookout for damp and dark places around. Such areas of your yard are likely to harbor fleas. Whenever your pet steps out in the open, they immediately hop onto their body. The same happens to you as well. By clearing such areas, you will have succeeded in denying fleas a good location to thrive.

Other DIY Methods to Rid your Home of Fleas

There are several other natural ways to rid your home of fleas. Such include the use of salt, lemon spray as well as liquid soap (for dishwashing). These remedies have proven time and again to be quite effective against fleas. These cost little to nothing, hence are some of the cost effective ways to tackle flea problems. To discuss these briefly, we begin with;

  • Salt

Salt is common in most households as it is used in cooking. However, it has several other beneficial uses. Part of such includes using it as a dehydrating agent for fleas and similar pests. Much like diatomaceous earth, salt will dehydrate fleas. This should be applied onto your carpets and vacuumed after it must have been allowed to remain for a while. Fleas will not survive this.

An advantage with using salt over diatomaceous earth is that it isn’t toxic to your pets. Under such circumstances, you have no cause for alarm.

  • Lemon Spray

Sometimes fleas will find their way to your furniture. This is includes your chair and bed etc. In most cases, exterminating them using some of the above-mentioned strategies may prove difficult. Natural treatment using lemon spray is ideal for such situations. You are able to get rid of fleas effectively by making a lemon spray.

This is made by slicing some lemon and adding it into some water. This is boiled and left overnight. The next day, the contents should be emptied into a spray bottle and applied on affected areas. This natural flea extermination technique will eliminate fleas from affected areas in no time.

  • Liquid Dishwashing Soap

We had earlier mentioned that fleas, like all insects will not survive in soapy water/solutions. Therefore this can be used as a trap. Although fleas will feed on your blood or those of your pets at any time of day, they are most active at night. To find a solution to this problem, get a bowl of water and add dish washing soap to it. Its viscosity enhances its effect on fleas by trapping them.

By reading through the several steps above, we are sure you have learnt a lot on how to get rid of fleas. Worth of note is the flexibility of use of any of the above strategies.

In other words, you can use a combination of any of the above. These, coupled with preventive treatment will enable you to keep fleas at bay.