In this guide, we will be discussing Formosan termites, including the damage they cause and their treatment options.

How To Get Rid Of Formosan Termites

Termite infestations are considered serious and must be urgently treated to limit property damage.

These destructive pests invade homes and mostly remain unnoticed until considerable damage is done. To have a chance of keeping these pests in check, you’ll need to know how they operate.

Knowing how they operate includes identifying their presence, their modes of attack, and how they end up on your property. Of interest to us is a termite species considered the most destructive!

Formosan termites have such a reputation due to the level of damage caused.

To begin with, let’s take a look at how they arrive or get to your property. This is an interesting area that helps give you an idea of what goes on.

About Formosan Termite Swarms

You might have heard about termite swarms.

This is an important activity or event that takes place yearly. The reason is simple; when a termite colony reaches its full capacity, an expansion will be necessary.

Such an expansion does not involve expanding within the same area or spot.

Rather it requires some members to leave the colony.

Now, like most termite species, thousands of Formosan termites are reproduced to fulfill one purpose; expansion! These swarmers consist of male and female Formosan termites called alates.

This flight is timed and happens around the same time every year.

An interesting fact is that termite swarms happen at the same time and involving all termite colonies within the area. During an active swarm, these alates do pair off to a new location.

Of course, such a location must be favorable enough. When the destination is reached, their wings are shed with both males and females heading off to start a new colony.

Formosan Termite Preventive Treatment

If you’re lucky enough to notice swarms and find scattered or shed wings around your property, it’s high time you take action. Taking early action helps contain the problem, thus preventing a full-blown infestation.

Your property is also saved by early action.

Sometimes, you may not be lucky enough to notice the presence of Formosan termites on your property. This could lead to significant damage with symptoms of their presence only visible after the damage is done.

Whatever the case is, it’s important to take necessary action to contain the problem.

Professional treatment is the way to go with Formosan termites. You must avoid the DIY approach to treatment as they mostly are unreliable.

  • Check for Moisture Damage

Formosan termites thrive in moisture.

A moisture problem around your home is a great incentive for their presence. You’ll have to check for leaks, pooling water, and any other forms of excess moisture presence.

As part of preventive treatment, consider having your crawlspace encapsulated.

Distinguishing Between Formosan Swarms and other Termite Swarms

For a lot of homeowners, the ability to distinguish between Formosan termite swarms and other termite species can be difficult. One way to easily identify these is by taking a look at their color, length, as well as the time of year such swarming occurs.

Formosan termites have a light brown coloration. This extends beyond their bodies to their wings. In terms of length, the Formosan termite measures about half an inch long. Their swarm season is usually between April (late April) to mid-May.

These subterranean termite swarms are often attracted to light.

This means swarming begins shortly after dark. During swarming season, these termites do not hide their presence as they can be seen wherever there’s a shining light.

Ordinarily, their presence shouldn’t raise an alarm until you find them on your property.

If you can see these termites in large numbers, your home may have an active infestation, hence the need to take immediate action.

More Formosan Termite Damage in Less Time

As the most destructive termite species, Formosan termites will cause faster damage to property than you think. They’re prolific breeders and can multiply within a short time.

This should be seen for the problem it poses.

A single Formosan termite colony could hold millions. This is a clear indication of why their presence on your property should be given the seriousness it deserves.

In other words, an appropriate drastic step needs to be taken.

  • How Destructive are they?

To have an idea of how destructive Formosan termites can be, a fully developed colony can eat up or consume about 400g of wood a day! This is why they’ve been called super termites.

Not only do they feast on wood, but they also consume whatever contains cellulose.

Cellulose-containing items include crops, dead trees, fabrics, and fiber among others. You’ll need to be extra careful with items lying around your yard.

Formosan termites go a step further by chewing through plastics, as well as copper sheets asphalt.

You don’t want to have them stay a day longer on your property after noticing their presence.

These items could serve as an attraction to subterranean termites, as such, you should have them properly disposed of as soon as possible.

What to do After Formosan Termite Swarm

Having identified these termites around your home, what remains is the need to call the pros.

Termite control isn’t a DIY project.

DIY attempts at termite extermination have always failed as a greater number of these pests survive. It’s best to have a licensed professional pest control company handle the job.

Is Formosan Termite Swarm Reason Enough to Call for Pest Control?

It absolutely is! This is the clearest sign of their activity on your property or closest to it. It’s only a matter of time before you being to see damage signs.

Acting fast by calling for termite extermination is something you don’t want to carry out without delay.

Remember we said DIY extermination is out of the question as you don’t stand a chance. Their destructive activity can be overwhelming and each day wasted with DIY techniques will only worsen the damage.

Treatment begins with a termite inspection of your property to ascertain the species as well as determine the extent of the infestation. Treatment is administered based on results from the inspection process.

If you suspect Formosan termite swarmers around your home, you must take urgent action. Such action among others has been mentioned above.

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