Knowing how to get rid of barn swallows is a major problem for many homeowners and farmers.

Having a few of these species within your surroundings may not seem like a bid deal.  However, these migratory birds can become a nightmare when in considerable numbers.

Getting rid of barn swallows can be challenging but not insurmountable. As you read on, you’d find ample information on what it takes to rid your environment of these birds.

First, you need to know what you want. By this, we mean having a preference for specific barn swallow removal methods. We are confident that you’d find one that works best for your situation.

Problems Caused by Barn Swallows

These birds aren’t called barn swallows for anything. Their targets are barns, trees, and rooftop of houses. The resulting problem can be quite serious.

Some of the most common include hazardous droppings and mud nests that damage barn walls especially wooden walls. Barn swallows will also feed on animal feed which can lead to extra expenses on your part.

These are only a few of several reasons why you need to get rid of swallow problems fast.

How to Identify Swallows

There are properly several bird species within your surroundings. However, not all of them are considered pests. More so, our focus is on swallows. Not everyone will be able to identify this bird species. Due to this, we want to help you distinguish barn swallows from other bird species.

Most barn swallow species will either have glossy blue or green colors while their bellies are mostly white. These birds have short beaks and legs. Their bodies are usually long and slender with tails being forked or square-ended.

There are likely to be swallow birds in whichever area of the world you live. In any case, the solutions included here are pretty much universal and can be applied with positive results.

How to Get Rid of Barn Swallows

Handling bird swallow infestation problems can be a challenge. Nevertheless, by applying the right strategies, you can eventually surmount such challenges without much stress.

From hereon, you’d find barn swallow control methods that have been used successfully in the past. The same can be applied with impressive results expected at the end.

  • Pest Control Technician

When it comes to the barn swallow control, technicians have seen it all. By this, we mean having all the expertise and on-the-job experience necessary. You only need to point at the problem and allow them to get the job done.

A technician starts with an assessment of the problem. They want to find out if you’ve identified the bird species correctly.

Other things technicians want to know to find out where barn swallow nests are located and what attracts them among other things. This helps in determining the most appropriate approach to adopt.

A major benefit of using a pest control technician is the guarantee that comes with their service. You can either expect a refund or repeat treatment.

  • Swallow Repellents

Bird repellents are of many types. This statement is quite a vague right? Well, the best way to choose the best repellents is by working with or using a checklist. This contains important qualities that mustn’t be overlooked.

They include long-lasting action, non-toxic, effective, legal, and cost-friendly. Let’s expand on these a bit.

i. Long-Lasting Action

One of the qualities of a good barn swallow repellent is its long-lasting action. It isn’t enough to drive these swallows away. You also need to keep them off. This is what long-lasting repellents do.

The residual properties of such repellents make treated surfaces uninviting. This is an important quality to look out for.

ii. Non-Toxic

When it comes to the barn swallow control, you want to use repellents that won’t end up harming you, your kids, or pets.

Non-toxic repellents are safe to use and won’t cause any such harm. These products are environmentally friendly too. As such, you can use them without fear.

iii. Effective

Above anything else, a good repellent should be effective. If not, the problem will remain unchanged. Get only those with a higher number of positive user reviews.

These are likely to be more effective as shown by the positive reviews they attract.

iv. Legal

Not every bird repellent is authorized for general use. For this reason, you’d need to find out if a repellent meets regulatory requirements.

Doing this will help you avoid attendant risks associated with its use.

v. Cost Friendly

Cost plays an important role when purchasing barn swallow repellents. People seek to find a balance by comparing cost and the other four factors above. The point is to get good repellent at an affordable cost. Being affordable can be relative.

Whatever the case is, there’s an acceptable cost bracket a repellent must fall within to be considered as being affordable.

Examples of Barn Swallow Repellents

Some popular barn swallows repellent products have been identified. These have proven to be very effective in addition to being quite affordable.

Such barn swallow repellents include;

i. Visual Scare Horned Owl

Horned owls prey on smaller birds, including barn swallows. It’s based on this knowledge that this repellent has been developed. This works on the visual senses of birds. Once installed, swallows are tricked into thinking that a real owl is present. Barn swallows flee as a result of this scare device.

ii. Bird-X Bird Blazer

The purpose of this repellent is to irritate and scare. It shines multi-colored beams that make it hard for barn swallows to adapt to.

In addition to that, light beams are released at different angles which makes it even more difficult for the birds to escape from.

iii. Electronic Bird Repeller

This is the generic name but represents a product that proves to be effective. Electronic bird repeller comes preloaded with programmable bird sounds. These are mostly made up of predator sounds.

When installed, barn swallows take flight and keep their distance.

iv. Ultrasonic Repellents

These are a bit similar to electronic bird repellents. However, you won’t hear any sounds here.

This is because sounds emitted are at a much higher frequency which cannot be picked up by human ears. While this is the with humans, it isn’t so for barn swallows.

Swallows are irritated by the high-pitched sounds and have to leave.

  • Fog Treatment

Barn swallows are most active during the summer. This means that you’d have to deal with greater challenges, especially when you have a lawn. Their droppings mess up the entire area. However, this can be addressed through the application of fog treatments.

Methyl anthranilate will keep swallows away from your surroundings. You can have the choice of purchasing and applying it yourself or seeking expert help.

Home Remedies For Barn Swallows

  • Bird Slope Deterrents

Eaves and ledges of buildings provide a nesting and resting spot for barn swallows. While this is true, there’s a remedy for it. You can begin by introducing a physical deterrent.

How? By simply installing bird slopes along sections of your walls with a ninety-degree angle. Bird slopes are slippery and can’t help onto. Barn swallows will find them quite frustrating.

  • Remove Empty Nests

Why are we particular about empty nests? Because barn swallows are protected by federal law. Hence, the need to wait out until such nests are vacant. When you don’t, newcomer barn swallows won’t hesitate to occupy them.

By removing empty nests, swallows will need more time to build one. This is time enough to frustrate such efforts.

  • Bird Netting

Bird netting works for all types of birds, including barn swallows. You won’t have to wait long after installation to find out how it works.

Nets are best for cordoning off sections of a property. This is most effective for areas with considerable swallow activity.

Bird netting is of various brands. You only need to find what will serve your needs.

  • Finding Alternative Habitats

Is this even possible? Yes, it is. When barn swallows come around, they do so due to attractive nesting sites, but this can be disrupted. How so? By making alternative arrangements.

One of the ways to do this is to find a place where their presence won’t be a thing of concern.

To make it even more attractive, provide overhangs, rafters, eaves, or ledges in such an area. Before long, swallows should discover this location and eventually relocate from your immediate surroundings.

  • Consider the Use of Spikes

A spike is a great barn swallow deterrent to have in place. Before its use, you must seek out the most frequented areas visited by barn swallows. These spikes should be installed in such locations. It always serves its purpose without fail.

Swallows should find such areas unwelcoming. They will have to seek out alternatives. Just make sure it isn’t another part of your home.

Spike is one of the most effective control options for barn swallows.

Barn swallows control involves a whole lot of procedures. Any or more of the above-listed methods can be used. You should begin to notice a drop in bird swallow activity within a short time.

If you fall under the category of those who won’t want to soil their hands, then a pest control technician should have you completely covered.