How to Get Rid of Fleas in Bed – Here is What to Do

Do you know how to get rid of fleas in beds naturally? Are there effective flea powders for bedding? Find out more in this flea treatment guide.

Everyone loves to keep pets around.

However this comes at a price. Our pets can easily pick up fleas outside and in no time these pests find their way into our homes. Having fleas in your room and bed can be very frustrating and annoying.

So what do you do? This is a question we seek to answer as we show you how to get rid of fleas on your bed.

By the time you notice fleas on your bed or clothes, you should know that you have a bigger problem on your hands. By then, these would have infested the entire room.

In such a situation, you will not only concentrate treatment on your bed alone, but everywhere within your home, starting with your dog or cat beddings.

Flea in Bed Treatment is a Step by Step Process

There is no quick fix for flea problems. It will involve a series of procedures which will be covered. These are carried out systematically to tackle the problem from the ground up.

Whenever you see a flea on your bed, that is only an effect. You need to trace this problem to its roots in order to achieve lasting solutions.

  • Identifying the Problem – Flea Infestation in Bed

An immediate question you are likely to ask is how these got to your bed in the first place. Well, in most cases, the answers are not far-fetched especially when you keep pets. Your cats and dogs may love to relax on your bed.

These pets play a lot outside and may bring in these pests which may fall off their bodies onto your bed, cushions or floors/carpets.

In some cases, fleas will not be seen on your bed. If you do see them, you shouldn’t conclude, but try finding out more.

Make sure these are not bed bugs (a much bigger problem). Fleas mostly cling onto the bodies of our pets. Investigate by spreading their furs apart. You are likely to see them moving between hairs.

You also need to carry out a further examination of your mattress. Bed bugs will be easily spotted on mattresses and hidden corners of your bed than fleas.

If you cannot see any, then you have a flea problem which is easier to deal with.

  • Flea Bites

Fleas, like bed bugs will bite when feeding. But how do you distinguish the two? Normally both flea and bedbug bites leave tiny red welts. To easily identify the problem you are faced with, check your pet. If your pet continuously scratches its body, then you are likely to have a flea problem.

Not every flea problem you notice is caused by pets. Sometimes you could have visited an infested area like a hotel or on a commute.

Fleas migrate by hopping onto their new hosts. These pests feed on blood and will immediately commence feeding once a nice location that provides covering is found.

Targets are in the most hairy areas of your body. This is a possible way fleas find their way to your bed.

How to Get Rid of Fleas in Bed Fast

Immediately fleas are spotted on your bed or body, you should waste no time in swinging to action. This section will provide effective ways you can get rid of fleas on your bed and surroundings.

  • Treating your Pets

Pets are mostly the source of fleas in your home and your bed. These should be immediately isolated and treated. This first line of defense is effective as it kills off fleas on your pets. There are several treatments you can apply.

The most common include giving pets a bath. A flea shampoo is used for this. The shampoo is worked into a lather and left for a few minutes.

A flea comb is used on the fur to comb out dead fleas. After doing this on its entire body, it should be rinsed and dried. Several other types of treatments exist including medication. Now you have treated the likely source.

  • Washing your Bedding

You want to kill off any fleas that have found its way to your bird.

Your bedspreads and sheets, pillow cases, blankets and any other bedding should be removed for washing. You also need to wash flea infested clothing too. These would include your pajamas and any other clothes you have. Your machine should be set to wash these at the highest setting.

No flea will survive these conditions.

  • Also Wash Pet Bedding

Most pet owners are likely to keep pet bedding indoors.

These are in form of rugs or blankets. For these, hot soapy water should be used in soaking them for later washing. This will kill off the fleas, their eggs and larvae.

If you do not want to follow this process, you can discard these bedding altogether for new ones.

  • Treating your Floors, Carpets Cushions and Mattress

Before you took notice of the presence of fleas, they had been spreading all along by falling off pets and laying eggs on your carpets, cushions and mattress.

This requires radical measures to be taken in eliminating adult fleas, eggs, and larvae. The use of food grade diatomaceous earth is a great way to eliminate these pests. This should be applied to all surfaces they may be hiding.

Food grade diatomaceous earth is safe to use around pets and will pose no harm to your kids. For best results, you can leave this to stay for a day or more. A vacuum cleaner will get the work done in sucking up dead fleas, eggs and larvae.

A thorough clean will ensure that the problem is comprehensively treated.

  • Using Flea Powder

This is an alternative you can use in place of diatomaceous earth.

When treating fleas on your bed, only non-toxic substances should be used. This is because doing the contrary may affect your health. Flea powder is harmless and non-toxic to humans.

This can be used in the very same way food grade diatomaceous earth is used.

  • Vacuuming

This is the best method of cleaning up your floors and cushions after a through treatment process. Fleas, their eggs and larvae are sucked into the vacuum machine.

When disposing vacuum bags and filters, this should be done with care in order to avoid a re-infestation.

  • Get Rid of Fleas on your Body

Your body may harbor fleas who may be hidden in hairy parts of your body.

The good news is that these are easy to eliminate with just a bath. The more often you take your bath, the less likely you will have fleas on your body. With a flea comb or brush, you should brush wash your hair thoroughly.

It is safe to use flea shampoo for dogs occasionally. This is best for people with long hair.

  • Flea Bombs

This is as ominous as it sounds. The use of flea bombs is an extreme measure. This is mostly used when the flea problem is overwhelming.

Although it is highly effective, the problem lies in its toxicity. You should only use this option when you will not be around. You and your pets shouldn’t be around when this is applied.

You can move out for a few days and return after the pests must have been bombed!

  • Call a Flea Pest Control Service

There are people with little time on their hands to rid their beds and homes of fleas. If you fall under this category, your best alternative is to call in a pest control service. This is also the best method for people with an overwhelming flea problem.

Most pest control services charge affordable fees for their services.

These can be called for a one-time treatment or can be retained on a contract basis. One time treatments are usually costlier than agreeing to a contract.

For contracts, pest control services schedule visits which may be fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly.

These pest control services have trained and experienced technicians that examine the problem and apply the safest and best strategies for your home.

You never need to worry as you are given a comprehensive pest removal service that gets rid of fleas on your bed once and for all.

Getting Rid of Fleas Using Preventive Measures

It is not enough to apply flea treatments. These may give you relief for a short time before the problem returns. Preventive measures are always better because they cost you little or nothing. Keeping your surroundings clean is an effective strategy.

This includes vacuuming your floors regularly in addition to cleaning your yard.

Without cleaning the yard regularly, flea populations fester and easily migrate by hopping onto your pets or your legs.

Knowing how to get rid of fleas in bed includes a wide range of strategies. We have highlighted several of these for your consideration.

With these, you have the option of getting the job done yourself if you have the time, or calling the professionals. Flea infestations are problems that can be effectively dealt with.

By taking quick action, you will be saving yourself from embarrassment and your pets from restlessness caused by flea bites.

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