How to Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs at Home Quickly

What kills fleas on dogs instantly? Are there safe home remedies that will kill dog fleas?

Discover more in this dog flea treatment guide.

Apart from the itchy discomfort caused by fleas, they are also disease causing pests which can, in extreme cases be life threatening to pets. The dog is man’s most loyal and closest friends.

Flea infestation in dogs usually creates uneasiness shown by continuous scratching, biting and licking. This is easily noticeable and you can learn how to get rid of fleas by reading on.

  • You are Vulnerable too!

Dogs are pets we allow to stay indoors. Therefore, a flea infested dog is equal to a flea infested home! Before long, you too will start experiencing itchy feelings caused by fleas feeding on our blood.

So what do you do? It is important that you come to the rescue of your pet immediately. Acting fast is not only beneficial to your dog(s) but also to you.

  • Understand A Flea Life Cycle

Understand the life cycle of a flea. This is of utmost importance if you want to your effort to be effective. A flea has 4 stages in its life cycle. These include the egg, the larva, pupa and the adult. The adults probably hopped onto your dog from outside.

While feeding, they lay eggs on their host. The discomfort caused by the itchy feelings makes the dog to scratch and shake its body.

This disperses the eggs around your home. The rest of the developmental process happens fast and in no time. Knowing this gives you an edge as you apply necessary treatment to your surroundings to kill off fleas and their eggs.

  • Checking for Fleas

Not every sign of discomfort in dogs is caused by fleas. In certain situations, it may be due to some form of skin irritation which needs to be treated.

So how do you know? You need to carry out some examinations. All you need to do is open your dog’s furs or hairs and examine. If there are fleas, you will see them running through the skin.

This is one of the easiest ways to find out.

How to Get Rid of Fleas off Your Dog

Upon noticing that that your dog has fleas, you need to immediately quarantine your dog. If you have multiple pets, all of them need to be quarantined. This is because pets mingle and fleas are most likely to hop onto the next pet(s).

This step contains the spread of fleas and helps proper treatment of the host.

Fleas on your dog means fleas are already present in your home. Therefore you need to immediately take care of dog bedding, your bedspreads or sheets, pillow cases, cushions, curtains and even your clothing.

Washing these under high temperature kills off adult flea and eggs latched onto any clothing.

  • Give Your Dog a Flea Bath

A flea bath is an easy way to depopulate flea concentrations on your dog. You need to lather your dog by using a flea shampoo. This is specifically formulated to remove flea from dogs. Apart from getting rid of fleas, it provides a soothing relief for these pets.

A flea comb is necessary to get out dead flea from the hair of your dog. This is done before rinsing the hair/fur.

When giving your dog a bath, you need to trap fleas from moving to the dog’s face. This is done by applying the shampoo to the neck region first. When this is done, fleas from the body will be unable to move to safer regions.

This effectively traps fleas in the lather and kills them easily.

  • Flea Medication

Flea mediation for dogs is orally administered. It is one of the best and fastest ways to get rid of fleas. This method should be considered for fast action.

Although it is very effective, you still need to kill off all fleas that may be hanging around your room, on beds, carpets and everywhere else.

While orally administered flea medication is only effective for a few hours, dead fleas will be replaced by those within the environment.

This requires a broad-based approach that seeks to adopt all methods in getting rid of fleas within the environment. In other words, this measure is not enough, but should be used in combination with others.

  • Using a Flea Comb

After giving your dog a thorough bath, the flea comb is used again to expel dead fleas. Using this requires patience as you need to run the comb across your dog’s body.

It not only removes dead fleas but also those which survived. This leaves your dog feeling better. This should be used as only part of the several steps of ridding your dog of these pests.

  • Boric Acid Powder

This is best used for infested areas. Boric acid power or borax is applied onto such areas consisting of carpets and floors including cracks on walls. This is left for a few days to have maximum effect on these pests. It not only kills fleas but also destroys their eggs.

This strategy contains the spread of fleas. You can restrict your dog’s movement during this time to ensure that infested areas are first cleared.

  • Vacuuming the Floor

Vacuuming your floor cleans up dead fleas and their eggs. This is a way of cleaning up after applying boric acid. This sucks up any remaining fleas. It is important that you do this more frequently during the period of treatment.

Doing so will disrupt their growth and development.

  • Make a Flea Collar for your Dog

This is another way to get rid of fleas easily. Treatment is applied to flea collars to significantly reduce the discomfort caused by fleas. So what does this treatment consist of?

Essential oils work well on fleas. Those commonly used include tea tree or lavender oils. Only a few drops of any is required. This is mixed with a teaspoon of water and the solution is applied onto the collar.

This causes tremendous discomfort for fleas and eliminates them as fast as possible.

  • Using Apple Cider Vinegar

This method is used mainly to primarily make the dog’s body unsuitable to fleas. This is not only effective on fleas but also on ticks too. A teaspoonful of fermented apple cider vinegar is added into a quarter liter of water. This is mixed and given to the dog to drink.

The effect of this measure is that it causes a change by making the dog’s skin slightly acidic.

This is not a healthy environment for fleas to thrive and will be gone before long. While this works best when applied to the drinking water of drugs, we recommend not using this externally on dog’s skin. This is because it will have an adverse effect on it.

  • Administer Preventive Medication

This step is vital after successfully getting rid of fleas from your home. Preventive medication discourages a repeat infestation.

Dogs will always need to play around. Giving them preventive treatment makes their body unsuitable for fleas to feed on. As a result, they are free from all types of parasitic feeding on their body.

In order to get the best medication for your pet, consult your veterinarian. They offer the best advice and the right dosage for dogs.

Preventive treatment is not only good for your dog but also for you. You are saved the stress of having to get rid of fleas by yourself.

  • Treat your Yard

Fleas on your dogs are likely to have been picked outside. This means these pests are likely to be around in your yard. A pellet or non-toxic spray is best used in such situations. This can be made from essential oils or any combination of natural treatments.

  • Call a Flea Extermination Services

Sometimes people can get overwhelmed with pest issues. If you fall under this category, there is still hope. You can simply call a reliable pest control service.

A simple online search will reveal a long list of pest extermination services. These handle the job professionally through their experienced technicians. They provide pest treatment for dogs as well as for your home.

The availability of this service makes it much easier to have everything back under control within a shortest time.

  • Involve a Veterinarian

The treatment process for getting rid of dog fleas is broad. Consider involving your veterinarian on this. This is because they are experts that are always up-to-date on a variety of treatment options. You are likely to get the best advice on the most effective strategies to adopt.

Treating Yourself of Flea Infestation

Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be. This is because fleas are likely to have hopped onto your body. Do you feel an itchy sensation on your body? A brief observation will confirm your suspicions.

Fortunately, getting rid of fleas on your body is much easier because you are less hairy than dogs.

Get a good bath and use flea shampoo on your hair. I can hear you say “but are these not meant for dogs?” Yes they are but it is perfectly safe to use this occasionally when you have a flea problem.

With a good bath and proper combing, you should be free of fleas. However, your clothes should be washed to eliminate any fleas that may hang around.

We have discussed a several strategies on how to get rid of fleas on dogs. These methods are proven and tested. We advise that you form the habit of checking for fleas on your dogs.

However, the best way to do this is by taking preventive treatment seriously. Having a discussion with your veterinarian will help you determine the best approach.

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