How to Get Rid of Fleas on Humans – the Easy and Affordable Way

What is the best way to get rid of human fleas fast? Are there safe home remedies to get rid of fleas on humans skin and hair? Read on.

Fleas are pests commonly associated with pets. However, humans are not spared by these pests. This is an embarrassing situation that will require urgent action.

Knowing how to get rid of fleas on humans is our focus. We will be providing you with several effective measures

which when used will give you total relief.

Causes of Flea Infestation

Fleas are common to animals, especially pets.

Due to the proximity people have with their pets, it becomes super easy for these pests to latch onto human hosts. These are blood sucking insects that can create a lot of discomfort. It is equally embarrassing to be faced by this problem.

To get rid of this problem, you need to focus or target the source as well as your surroundings.

Identifying Flea Bite Symptoms

Flea infestation is easy to detect. It all starts from having itchy skin. This itchy feeling springs from the feeding activities of fleas. You are likely to easily notice one around areas of your body with scanty hair.

Fleas are mostly found in areas of the body with hair. This gives them a covering and makes it a bit more difficult to spot them.

The following are some symptoms to look out for;

  • Excessive Scratching, Biting and Licking by Pets

This is one of the primary signs that you have a flea situation. Flea bites create a lot of discomfort for pets. This leads to excessive biting, scratching and licking. Once this is noticed, immediate action should be taken to limit further expansion.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by placing all pets under quarantine for proper treatment.

  • Having Itchy Legs and Feet

Legs and feet provide a perfect landing ground for hopping fleas. Fleas move by hopping and will likely transfer by jumping onto your feet. These pests waste no time in feeding.

While feeding on your blood, it generates an itchy sensation on your feet and legs.

  • Swelling

The areas bitten by fleas turns into swollen red spots. This is easy to identify. It even gets worse when scratched.

Scratching these swollen spots results in wounds which when exposed can lead to infections. Aloe Vera gel is a great remedy for these itchy feelings.

Diseases Transmitted by Fleas

Fleas do not only cause discomfort through their bites. They also transmit diseases. Some of these diseases include flea tapeworm, plague (also known as Yersinia pestis), typhus, bartonellosis, and tungiasis.

What You Should Know about Human Fleas

Is there anything as human fleas? Yes there is. This is a specie of fleas that feed on human hosts. Hairy areas of the human body provide the perfect feeding spots for fleas. People who do not take regular baths are most affected.

However, this is not only caused by irregular hygiene. Fleas can easily spread from pets to humans (at least temporarily).

Persons with lots of hair are likely to harbor more fleas than those with little or none. No matter your situation, we will reveal steps you need to take to rid yourself of these fleas.

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Humans Fast

There are several flea treatments you can use. These treatment options enable you to choose what works best for you.

Under this section of the article, we will discuss the different flea treatment options you can use in ridding yourself of all flea bites.

  • Washing Your Clothes

Apart from living on their hosts, human fleas will also cling onto your clothes. No matter how well you scrub yourself in the shower, putting on untreated clothing will render your efforts void. You need to first take care of all your clothing.

To have flea free clothes, you need to wash them thoroughly.

  • Hair Treatment for Fleas

We mentioned earlier that these provide the perfect hiding spots for fleas. You need to take a hot shower as well as properly soaping your hair to ensure they are killed. If you keep a lot of hair, you may need to do a bit more to rid them off your body.

To kill of lice in the hair, you could do any of the following;

  • Apply a Mixture of Salt and Baking Powder

A paste of salt and baking powder mixed in water is applied to the hair. This is left for 10 to 15 minutes before it is washed off.

After rinsing off the mixture, you should comb your hair to remove dead fleas.

  • Flea Shampoo

These are mostly common for dogs. However, it is safe to use this a few times. It does no damage to your scalp and will kill off fleas in your hair.

In the absence of a flea shampoo, you can use homemade shampoo by adding a few drops of tea tree oil to it. Its anti-parasitic properties will kill off every flea on your hair.

  • Dawn Dish Soap

This is also a great way of getting rid of flea from your hair. You should make a lather on hair, leaving it for 10 to 15 minutes. For both the flea shampoo and dawn dish soap treatments, a lice comb should be used to comb the lathered hair from the root outward to the tip. This is an efficient way of getting the dead fleas out.

After this is done sufficiently, the lather is rinsed.

How to Keep Staying Flea-Free

It is not enough to take a good bath and wear clothes free of flea. Without some form of prevention/treatment, staying free of fleas will only be temporary.

To get rid of these, consider spraying flea repellents on your clothing and body.

Some Natural flea repellents will be discussed shortly. This measure ensures that your body is unfavorable to fleas.

  • Focus on the Source

While you may successfully get rid of fleas from your body, this will only be a temporary measure as long as the source is ignored. The main source of these fleas is likely to be your pet(s). Therefore you need to apply the necessary treatment.

Such include using flea shampoos designed for pet use. The same approach used in ridding your hair of fleas is also applied to pets. A lice comb is used in combing the hair from the root out to the tips.

The lather on the pets are rinsed after this process. There are several ways to get rid of mice from pets as well.

Consider seeking the help of a veterinarian for proper treatment of flea infestation on pets.

  • Your Surroundings

Getting rid of fleas involves taking care of your entire surroundings. Fleas are likely to lurk everywhere from your bed, pillow, walls, carpets, curtains and cushions. All of these need to be taken care of in the following ways.

Your pillow cases, bed sheets, and curtains should be washed with warm thoroughly. Fleas will die off in the lather.

Your carpets and cushions should be well vacuumed to ensure these are clean of every hidden flea. Also your beds can be sprayed with homemade or natural flea repellents.

The use of boric acid is also an effective way of getting rid of fleas. These can be sprayed onto upholstery and carpets after a thorough vacuuming session.

It should be left for 10 to 12 hours to ensure that hidden fleas are killed.

Using Natural Flea Repellents

Natural repellents are effective ways of ridding your body and surroundings of fleas. Natural flea repellents are usually environmentally safe.

These include the following;

  • Lemon Spray Repellent

Lemon spray repellent is made by cutting fresh lemon into four pieces. This is put into a container and hot water poured on it. This should be left until the next day. The water is poured into a spray bottle and sprayed on your pet.

While using this strategy, you should avoid spraying it into the eyes of your pet, every other part of the pets body should be sprayed including its tail.

  • Essential Oils

These are great natural remedies that have proven to be effective in repelling fleas. These include mint oil, citronella, lavender and more. While repelling fleas, essential oils have a medicinal effect on the skin.

Eucalyptus leaves are also effective in treating flea infestation.

  • Cedar Wood

Cedar wood gets rid of fleas in no time. These are broken into chips and placed at strategic locations of your home. These are also placed under the bedding of pets as well as close to entrances.

This natural repellent drives away fleas from your home.

Call a Flea Control Service

If taking care of your flea problems feels overwhelming, you can call the experts. Pest control services provide comprehensive flea extermination treatments. These cover a variety of pests including fleas.

Experienced technicians with years of experience are dispatched to your home to conduct a thorough assessment of the situation as well as applying appropriate treatment methods.

We have seen the different ways on how to get rid of fleas on humans. These are all effective strategies that will give you relief in no time.

After successfully treating yourself of fleas, your surroundings consisting of your bedding, your home, furniture and pets should also be treated. This is an all round method to get rid of fleas completely!

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