The average cost of gopher extermination will vary depending on the conditions of infestation; these will be discussed shortly.

Gophers, like moles, cause damage to yards and gardens through their burrowing activity. This can make your surroundings look pretty messed up! To address this problem, you’ll need to call for an extermination service.

These are professional services that get the job done however difficult the problem is.

Average Gopher Removal Cost

Now, this article is more concerned about the cost angle of things. This is where we’ll be focusing on our attention. As you read on, you’ll find out how much it will cost you to have gophers exterminated.

Also, not all situations are alike.

Average Exterminator Cost For Gopher Removal

The national average for gopher extermination is $600. However, prices will vary based on the situation at hand.

Based on this, you could pay as little as $250 or as much as $1,000 or higher. More on factors affecting extermination costs will be discussed shortly.

So, what visible signs should you be looking at to determine whether to call a pest control service or not? The easiest and most common signs of gopher presence are mounds appearing at different points within your yard or lawn.

These are a result of burrowing activity carried out by gophers.

Sometimes though, there may be confusion about whether these are signs of gopher presence or moles. The easiest way to distinguish between these pests two is the fan-shaped mounds with a small plug of loose soil. These signs show evidence of gopher presence.

Ultimately, a pest control technician will investigate and get rid of the problem.

Factors Influencing Gopher Control Cost

Gopher’s extermination depends on your unique situation.

When an exterminator comes around, they study or inspect the problem to determine its severity or otherwise before proceeding with treatment.

Now, the more severe the infestation is, the more likely you’ll be paying higher for extermination services.

  • Terrain

The terrain of your leading to your property as well as the condition of your home surroundings can impact the cost.

All of these are factored in by a pest service in designing the best treatment and approach towards solving your gopher problems.

  • Frequency of Treatment

How often a pest control service comes around to get rid of or treat gopher problems depends on how effective it was last done. It also depends on preventive measures put in place to avoid a repeat infestation.

Now, if you live in an area that is notorious for gopher activity, you might want to call for a contract.

You can either call pest control for one-time visits to help get rid of the problem or you can call for periodic visits. It all depends on the likelihood of a repeat infestation as well as the recommendations given by your pest technician.

Experience has shown that repeat or periodic visits are much cheaper and much more reliable than on-time visits.

This helps check the return of gophers and ensures they are kept at bay. Such periodic visits may be scheduled at monthly or quarterly intervals depending on the likelihood of re-infestation.

  • Size of Property

The size of your property will determine the effort as well as the number or volume of chemicals or equipment to be deployed. Smaller properties will attract lower extermination costs. The opposite applies to larger properties.

  • The Pest Control Service you Hire

The pest control service you hire will also influence the cost of gopher extermination. There is no fixed rate for extermination services across the board for all companies.

As a result, the cost you pay for extermination will depend on your preferences.

One of the ways to ensure you’re given the best rates possible is by weighing or comparing the different rates charged by different pest control services. This may require calling or taking advantage of the free inspections offered.

In trying to get the best possible bargain, avoid patronizing unlicensed and unprofessional services. These will always be cheaper as they present you with unbelievably cheap rates.

The problem here is, they aren’t professionals and won’t be able to provide reliable gopher extermination services.

  • DIY Gopher Extermination

Will the adoption of DIY strategies help you save costs?

It may be possible but only to a certain extent. When faced with a difficult gopher infestation problem, your DIY strategies may not prove as effective. Plus, there’s no certainty that you can get rid of the problem as reliably as a professional service would.

So, imagine purchasing traps and pesticides for treatment only to have all your efforts amounting to nothing and still reverting to calling for professional pest control services.

You’ll end up still paying these pest control services which further increases your total costs.

Cost of Repair

When gophers create tunnels through their burrowing activity, they leave considerable damage in their wake.

Damages could result in irrigation facility lines among others. Without fixing and closing up these tunnels, newcomers may likely take up residence which continues the problem.

A pest control or landscaping company can fill in the tunnels which may cost anywhere from $100 to $500. This is apart from the cost of extermination.

Taking Preventive Actions

One of the best ways to save costs for gopher control is by adopting preventive measures. This anticipates the problem and implements strategies that help check the incursion of gophers into your territory.

You won’t be incurring gopher extermination costs if you can prevent them from coming in the first place. Effective strategies include keeping the ground or topsoil clear of vegetative cover as these are easy targets for gophers.

Plants such as Rosemary, Marigolds, Salvia, and Lavender should be planted along the borders of your property. These help deter gopher encroachment.

To prevent gophers from burrowing tunnels around your property, the introduction of sandy soil will likely deter them. The reasons are simple. Sandy soils are loose and won’t hold above their tunnels.

This will cave in (a situation which gophers dislike).

This article has covered the cost of gopher extermination as well as shown the different factors affecting cost. The best approach though is ensuring your environment is unsuitable and unwelcoming to gophers.

Preventive measures have been included.

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