Here, we’re going to show you everything you need to know about how Ortho Home Defense works.

Ortho Home Defense is one of the foremost pest control treatments that’s loved by both homeowners and exterminators alike. Due to increasing popularity, questions have been raised about its basic functionality.

In other words, how does it work?

Information will include pests killed by this powerful formulation, the key active ingredient(s), as well as safety for kids and pets among other details.

What Does Ortho Home Defense Do?

Ortho Home Defense comes in a ready-to-use bottle or packaging that can easily be applied to a variety of pests.

Pest categories to be treated with this formulation include flies, ants, ticks, roaches, mosquitoes, and spiders.

Ortho Home Defense contains two key active ingredients in varying amounts or percentages. These include .05% Bifenthrin and .0125% Zeta-Cypermethrin. This chemical formulation offers up to 12 months of protection against all sorts of bugs especially when applied on non-porous surfaces.

For a complete list of pests killed by Ortho Home Defense, you’ll need to refer to the product label.

Unlike other chemical treatments for pests that involve bending and hand fatigue during the application, Ortho Home Defense has none of that.

Its one-touch continuous spray will ensure you don’t have to labor much to apply the pesticide over and around affected areas.

How Ortho Home Defense Works

How long does it take for Ortho Home Defense spray to work? Does Ortho Home Defense kill on contact?

Here are some questions about how this product work.

Ortho Home Defense won’t only kill pests on contact but also remains active long after application (for about 12 months). This powerful residual effect makes it one of the best products you’ll find in the market.

This means that a one-time application will last for significantly longer periods than most similar products.

Longer periods, in this case, refer to protective barriers. Asides from insects like flies, ants, ticks, roaches, mosquitoes, and spiders, Ortho Home Defense will readily kill over 130 other pest species.

With this pesticide formulation, no odor is left behind. Plus, it dries fast and doesn’t stain. Asides from its long-lasting pest barrier, it’s designed for an easy and stress-free application.

It can also be used in both indoor and outdoor surroundings.

  • Where To Apply

Ortho Home Defense comes with use guidelines that specify where exactly to apply.

This pesticide formulation can be applied to a wide range of areas. Such include patios and decks, windows and doors, basement and garages, as well as foundations and perimeters.

You can also apply Ortho Home Defense in pantries, storage areas, closets, bedrooms, and family rooms. This formulation can be applied to kitchens and bathrooms as well.

For example, applying this pesticide in patios and decks will require spraying a 12-inch barrier around the perimeters of decks and patios. This gives lasting protection for as long as 3 months.

When applying to windows and doors spray or make a 12-inch barrier.

Whichever area you spray, make a barrier by spraying around target areas. Pests have no chance at all against the powerful residual effects of Ortho Home Defense.

  • How To Use Ortho Home Defense

Indoor and outdoor uses of this pesticide product have slight variations in terms of application. For indoor use, you’ll need to first shake the container before setting the spray nozzle to the indoor setting.

The distance of the sprayer from target surfaces matters. Therefore, hold such sprayer at about 12 inches distance.

Areas having the most pest infestation should be sprayed, making a 4-inch band around fixtures such as baseboards, cabinets, and tubs among others. When spraying, the objective is to make the area slightly wet and not completely soaked.

Outdoor application of Ortho Home Defense should begin with shaking the solution and setting the spray nozzle to an outdoor setting. Every product comes with these settings (outdoor and indoor settings).

Like you did for indoor areas, hold the sprayer at about 12 inches from the targeted surface.

The major difference between indoor and outdoor applications is the band spacing to be covered with this chemical. Unlike an indoor application that required making a 4-inch band around target areas, an outdoor application will require wider coverage.

About 12-inch bands should be created along your home’s exterior perimeter. All such target surfaces should also be sprayed to be slightly wet.

Safety Issues

Ortho Home Defense isn’t ideal for use in certain conditions and areas. One of such is water supply and water bodies. This is because Ortho Home Defense is toxic to humans.

Is Ortho Home Defense safe to breathe? No.

Avoid spraying this pesticide in the air as well as on animals. It’s not designed for such and could cause problems when done and persisted in.

Also, avoid spraying on electrical installations.

When freshly applied, it’s important to ensure that kids and pets stay away until the sprayed area is dry. It’s only safe after the treated area gets dried.

Here is an article that discusses Ortho Home Defense safety guidelines.

What Pests Can I Kill Using Ortho Home Defense?

Lots of pest varieties can be exterminated using this pesticide.

Although we’ve listed a few of these, there are lots more. They include yellowjackets, spittlebugs, whiteflies, springtails, wasps, stink bugs, termites, stored product pests, and ticks.

Others include thrips, plant bugs, spiders, psyllids, sowbugs, sawflies, silverfish, scales, scorpions, and mole crickets. You can also use Ortho Home Defense to control pillbugs & rollie pollies, mosquitoes, phylloxera, moths, periodical cicada, lace bugs, mites, and millipedes.

What more?

Leaffooted bugs, midges, leafhoppers, mealybugs, leaf miners, leafrollers, fungus gnats, and grasshopper issues can be contained. Hornets, lace bugs, centipedes, flies, chinch bugs, fleas, roaches, borers, caterpillars, boxelder bugs, and bristletails aren’t left out.

The same applies to beetles, adelgids, bees, ants, aphids, and several other species of these pests.

With these, it’s clear to see that Ortho Home Defense is quite versatile when it comes to pest control. Its application takes care of a wide range of issues especially when multiple pests are involved.


Ortho Home Defense comes with a guarantee which gives added confidence about product reliability. Customers who are unsatisfied with treatment have the opportunity of mailing their proof of purchase to the manufacturer.

After due verification, a full refund in the value of the purchase price is made.

We’ve seen the many ways Ortho Home Defense works. In a bid to provide comprehensive answers, we’ve delved into related areas which are all aimed at helping you better understand that topic being discussed.

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