Do you have an active geese infestation? Here is how to get rid of Canadian geese and keep them away permanently.

Though lovely, these birds can cause quite a mess. This situation is something most people will rather do without.

Finding solutions to your Canadian geese problem is one thing, knowing exactly what to do is another. As you read, you should find solutions to such pest bird problems.

We will be discussing some great repellent products you can use. Others will include preventive measures as well as calling for professional help.

All of the treatment methods above are necessary. They also enable you to keep goose-free surroundings.

What Do Canadian Geese Eat?

The diet of these birds makes them unwanted. In other words, their feeding activities causes much damage to vegetation. Such vegetation includes flower beds and food crops.

They spend most of their time in and around water bodies. Their flat bills are well adapted for yanking off vegetation.

However, these birds don’t feed on vegetation alone. They will eat whatever they find such as garbage, small fish as well as silt and algae (found at the bottom of the water).

During their season of migration, Canadian geese make brief stops at fields with crop plants. Stopping in such locations is meant to achieve two objectives; they get to refuel (feed on crop vegetation), as well as to rest.

You will be unlucky if your farm lies along their path.

Health Risks of Canadian Geese

The presence of Canadian geese has its attendant risks.

Goose droppings carry several diseases that can be transmitted to humans. You don’t need to come in direct contact with them to get infected. Indirect contact through water contamination can lead to severe health conditions.

Also, goose droppings in water bodies are likely to find their way into larger bodies of water. When swimming, you stand a risk of contracting whatever disease the droppings harbor.

E. Coli is a severe gastrointestinal disease you can get from either direct or indirect contact. So, the best solution is to exclude Canadian geese completely from your surroundings.

This can be achieved in a variety of ways as you’d soon find out.

Mess to Surroundings

Wherever these birds are found, they become a nuisance to such surroundings. Geese droppings deface public property and structures, as well as create a mess. Cleaning up such areas can be quite difficult.

When fed by humans, Canadian geese become used to human presence and will sometimes chase people, especially kids to pick up anything perceived to be food.

So, how do you keep geese away from your property? Let’s find out.

How to Get Rid of Canadian Geese: 5 Goose Control Methods

Getting rid of these birds can be done in a lot of ways.

We have included some of the most successful methods of Canadian geese control. These have been used with remarkable results.

Thus, we encourage you to make your choice of any method that best fits your needs. We are also confident that you’d get the results you seek.

  • Wildlife Control

Wildlife control offers one of the safest and best ways to deal with difficult Canadian geese infestations. These services adopt and deploy the best strategies to exclude or remove these birds from your surroundings.

A pest control service is another option to consider. Pest control services will assess the situation and advise accordingly.

Some pest control services also have wildlife control units. Therefore, you don’t need to worry because they’ve got you completely covered.

Every state has its regulations regarding Canadian geese control and pest control companies work within such frameworks to give you the best service.

This method is best for persons with limited or no experience in geese control. Pest and wildlife control services are always a call away to give you the very best. More so, all such services are backed by guarantees.

  • Habitat Modification

Habitat modification is one way to make your surroundings less inviting to Canadian geese.

These birds normally come around for two things; food and water. Based on their diets as mentioned earlier, you’d need to reduce food availability. This includes clearing out all forms of garbage, putting a stop to the practice of feeding them and reducing their access to vegetation.

This step alone won’t get rid of Canadian geese, neither will it keep them away from your lawn in the lake. This is because sizeable water bodies can’t be drained out. So, you may want to implement this control method in conjunction with others.

This way, you find a lasting and better solution to the problem.

  • Exclusion

Exclusion is one way these birds can be kept out of your environment. The problem here is that Canadian geese are known to fly. Hence, the likelihood of flying over your fence.

Nevertheless, exclusion methods using geese deterrent fences still help achieve desirable results. These birds won’t fly at every chance they get. When they get to a fenced area, they will likely turn in search of food elsewhere.

This is one good way to keep off Canadian geese without harming them.

You can introduce an electric shock to make this method even more effective. However, such shocks shouldn’t be severe. It should be just enough to give them a jolt that makes them stay off.  Fences must be well constructed to withstand any pressure that may be applied.

Are you interested in how to keep Canadian geese out of your yard? You have your answer.

How to Scare Geese Away

  • Fright or Scare Devices

You may want to ask. ‘What can I use to scare geese away?’ Well, we have some very good examples below.

Certain devices have been designed to scare Canadian geese away. Some of the most common ones include swan decoys, scare tapes and balloons.

Moving scare devices are most effective because they create the illusion of predator presence. Such visual deterrents can either be locally constructed or bought from stores near you.

Some scare devices also emit noise. These recorded noises mimic the sounds of predators. Some of the well-known geese predators include the raven, foxes, raccoons, and bears. Electronic scare devices come prerecorded with the sounds of these predators. This helps to scare geese away.

You will need an adequate number of scare devices to cover your target surroundings. This is one of the best ways to get rid of Canadian geese.

  • Canadian Geese Repellents

One of the ways to expel Canadian geese is by the use of repellents. These ‘Geese away products’ come in different forms and varieties.

We are more concerned with non-toxic products due to environmental benefits. People and pets are unlikely to be hurt too.

Some of these deterrents for goose include;

i. Bird Stop Goose Repellent

While potent on geese, this product does not harm whatsoever. Bird Stop only affects their sensory nerves, causing geese to be unable to feed or cause damage within targeted areas. By causing irritations, geese have no option but to relocate.

Bird Stop can be used in ponds, lawns, and flower beds among others.

ii. Avian Control Goose Repellent

Do you want a non-toxic goose repellent for public spaces? If you do, this is your best bet.

Avian Control is best for commercial use as it can be applied over a wide area. Whether such places are airports, golf courses or the likes, it will help keep geese at bay. Avian Control works by causing mucous membrane irritations on geese. This continues for as long as they remain.

Canadian geese won’t be able to hang around due to its negative effects.

iii. Migrate Goose Repellent

It’s no secret that geese target grassy areas due to the ample vegetation.

However, these birds can be kept off by using Migrate goose repellent. This product has Methyl Anthranilate as its active ingredient. When applied onto surfaces you wish to protect, Canadian geese experience sensory nerve and mucous membrane irritations. As such, they won’t be hanging around much longer.

This product is non-toxic and does not harm humans and pets. Canadian geese aren’t harmed either, apart from the irritations they experience.

A gallon of this repellent will cover an area measuring 16,000 sq. ft.

Be on the lookout for sprays containing either Methyl anthranilate or Anthraquinone active ingredients. Any geese repellents having these ingredients will give you the desired results you seek.

What more? These sprays don’t leave dangerous residues behind. Not only that, such sprays won’t wash off when it rains. There are only a few spray repellents that measure up to those containing these active ingredients.

iv. Sonic Repellents

Sonic repellents are electronic. If you seek quick results, sonic repellents will give you just that.

These repellents emit high pitched sounds which cause a significant level of distress to Canadian geese. The sounds aren’t picked by human ears because they operate on different frequencies. So, while geese are bombarded by the high pitch and irritable sounds produced, you won’t even sense it.

Get these and install them in as many locations as necessary. Sonic repellents come with a coverage area that you can use to calculate how many are required. There are several types you can choose from.

One of such products is Goose Buster.

Goose Buster

This geese repellent can easily be programmed. Goose Buster is best used in large open spaces. Such may include parks or golf courses. This repellent makes these areas very irritable for geese.

As a result, they will have to find other locations, thereby saving you the stress of having to deal with a lot of mess.


We’ve seen the procedures involved in the Canadian geese control.

If you need to deter geese from your property, note that the tips above have been used with impressive results. However, you can greatly enhance the benefits derived, by combining a number of these removal strategies. If you do, Canadian geese will have a tough time hanging around your home or surroundings.

For persons who consider most of these procedures overwhelming, there are many professional pest control and wildlife removal services that are every ready to help out.

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