In this chigger extermination article, I’ll be giving you tips on how to get rid of red bugs in your home.

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If you have tall, bushy grasses in your yard, or have a significant amount of dampness in your garden, then that hard, irritating bite on your arm was probably delivered by a red bug.

A red bug infestation will make it almost impossible to spend some quality time in your garden. How can you, when these little biters won’t let you be?

About Red Bugs (Chiggers)

Red bugs are almost microscopic mites, also called “chiggers”. They are fond of unkempt, bushy areas and will spend a lot of time there. They are also fond of well-shaded environments.

They can be patient, as they will hang around bushes to climb and attach themselves to unsuspecting passers-by. Via this means, they can make their way into your home, car, or any other place you visit.

These bugs are so small, they measure only a millimeter in length.

These 6 legged creatures love to feed on the flesh of almost any living thing, these include humans and pets.

These bugs are not known for transmitting any diseases, but their bites can leave a reddish mark on the human skin. It can also cause itching and other forms of skin allergies.

Red bugs can be eradicated, but they need to be identified first.

Here is the average lifespan of a chigger.

How To Identify Red Bugs

If you suspect you have a mite infestation, you need to begin making plans to eradicate them. The first step to doing this is proper identification. When properly identified, you will know the right treatment to use to get rid of them.

Red bugs are the larvae of the harvest mite. The harvest mites pose no real threat to humans and pets, but the larvae are known for delivering very hard bites.

As I mentioned before, red bugs are almost microscopic, making it very difficult for the naked eye to see. You have to take a close look to spot them, you can also use an HD phone to take pictures using the zoom function.

Red bugs can be easily identified by the following –

  • They are about a millimeter long
  • They are usually colored red but can have a mix of orange and yellow
  • The adults have 8 legs and the nymphs are 6 legged

Many small insects bite, so it would be hard to know for sure if you were bitten by a red bug or some other insect. However, red bugs bites usually leave a large, red welt on the area that was bitten. The bites are very itchy and can leave you scratching for hours.

If you experience such a bite, then it’s most likely red bugs at work. They are most active in the summer and fall seasons.

If these bites are not treated, then the large red welt can turn into Dermatitis or hives.

How To Get Rid Of Chiggers (Red Bugs) In Your House

As problematic as these tiny creatures are, they can be spotted and gotten rid of.

Follow these simple tips to get rid of red bugs –

Keep Your Garden Neat And Trimmed

This should be a no-brainer, as I have already mentioned that red bugs love to hang around tall, bushy grass. If you want to remove the red bug population from your yard, then proper lawn and garden maintenance is the very first course of action to take.

Grab your lawnmower and go over all the areas of your lawn with overgrown grass. Make sure the grass is kept trimmed to only a few inches high. By doing this, the red bugs will lose their shade and their hangout spot and will leave.

If you have heaps of flowers or old tree stumps, make sure you clear them to reduce the red bug population. Keeping your garden clear of plant debris and unnecessary shades will make the environment unconducive to red bugs. It will also make it difficult for them to latch on to a person’s clothes and crawl onto the skin.

Before you head to the lawn to clear the bushes, make sure you are wearing some protective clothing to keep the bugs away from your skin.

You can wear a tight-fitting long sleeve top and a pair of gloves to protect your hands and arms. You should also wear trousers instead of shorts, as the latter leaves your thigh areas exposed.

Some work boots will also be in order, as opposed to slippers, which will leave some parts of your feet exposed.

After you are done trimming, it will be a good idea to take a thorough shower immediately. Do not sit on any chair or lay on the bed first, as there may be red bugs clinging onto your clothes. They can spread to your couch or mattress if you do.

You need to throw your clothes in the washing machine as soon as you get back inside. Do this before you take a shower.

Burn The Cut-Away Grass And Bushes

After you have trimmed your grass and cleared out the bushes, the next step would be to gather them into a heap and burn it. Remember, cutting overgrown grass doesn’t mean the red bugs are dead, it just means you have destroyed their hang-out spots.

The bugs will still be lodged inside the heaps of grass and bush. Burning the heaps will ensure the bugs will be dead in an instant and won’t return.

Before you burn the heaps of grass, ensure you are well updated with laws regarding setting fires in your state. You should also adhere to all safety measures before burning.

Your neighbors also have to be informed before you burn, is that the smoke from the fire can spread into their yard.

Use Organic Pesticides

After the bushes have been removed and burned, you can take an extra step in spraying an organically made pesticide all over your garden. The reason I would recommend an organic pesticide is that it won’t harm your garden plants or the soil. It will only kill the pests or chase them away.

You can buy a neem oil-based pesticide from a store near you and spray it directly on the leaves and stems of your garden plants. Remember, these bugs are very tiny so they are easy to miss, this is why the spraying has to be very thorough.

When you are done with the garden trees, spray across the grass thoroughly. Doing this will ensure the red bugs that escaped the grass-trimming and burning will be killed.

How To Get Rid Of Red Bugs In Bed

If by accident the red bugs make their way into your bed, then you can forget about having a good night’s sleep.

If you notice a bite mark in the morning, then you need to take action fast.

Here’s what you can do –

Remove The Sheets

Take off the sheets, blankets (or duvets) and give it a thorough outdoor soak and wash. This will not only to the red bugs from your sheets, but it will also drown them as well.

After washing, be sure to spread it out to dry. Exposure to the hot sun and outdoor Bree will remove what’s left of them on the sheets.

Use Sulfur Powder

Sulfur powder irritates and kills red bugs. You can go to a local store and buy a box of them. Take it to your bedroom and sprinkle it all over the bed.

You should also sprinkle it around the bed area (on the floor), as this will prevent the red bugs from escaping.

The sulfur powder will also prevent other red bugs from invading your mattress.

Use A Steam Cleaner

The hot, powerful blast from a steam cleaner will not only remove the red bugs but can also kill them as well. Since they are very tiny, they will not be able to endure the heat from the steam.

They also would not be able to hide in tight corners, as both the heat and the steam can penetrate deeply.

Get Rid Of Red bugs With Bleach

Add about a quarter cup of bleach to some water and stir. You visit infested areas and sprinkle the solution across the surfaces or corners where the red bugs are hiding and they will be dead minutes after making contact.

How To Get Rid Of Red Bugs On Patio

Your patio is a spot where you would like to have a sit-out in the evenings or early in the morning. The activities of red bugs will make it almost impossible for you to do so.

You can sprinkle the sulfur powder all over your patio to kill them. You could equally use a neem oil pesticide and spread it across your patio to kill and repel the red bugs.

Call The Pros

If you’re dealing with too many red bugs to handle, then calling a professional pest control service remains an excellent option.


As tiny as red bugs are, they can cause a great deal of inconvenience. Follow these tips on how to get rid of red bugs if you’re faced with a chigger infestation.

Good luck.

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