Interested in how to get rid of crows permanently? Here is the commonly used deterrent.

For anyone facing crow problems, similar pest bird problems have been tackled with great success in the past and yours won’t be any different.

Join us as we discuss the most effective ways to get rid of crows. We have provided several of these to enable you to choose what works best for you.

You also have the freedom to experiment by combining 2 or more of these crow control methods.

Crow Feeding and Roosting Habits

Feeding and roosting habits of crows are necessary if you are to have any success with them.

In other words, there are certain ideal conditions you should know about. Regarding their feeding habits, crows are known to feed on almost anything.

As a result, you’d find crows in large numbers around major food sources such as refuse dumps as well as shopping locations.

During the non-breeding seasons, crows move about in large numbers. A typical crow flock will start from a few hundred to thousands.

Apart from the health risks posed by their presence, you also have the damages to contend with.

How to Get Rid of Crows in Your Yard

It’s important to get to the specifics of tackling your crow problem. However, there are several ways to do so. This section will discuss these and more. Our bias is towards the use of humane strategies to handle Crow infestation problems.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the basics.

  • Use of Crow Repellents

A lot of products have been developed to handle crow problems. Most of these have proven to be quite effective. But such repellents have their specific directions for use. We will not delve into this aspect as each product carries its use instructions.

Some of the most popular products include TAPE-25 Irri-Tape Repellent Ribbon by Bird-X.

Others are CROW be GONE, Bird Stop, 4The Birds, Shock Track, and Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler. More crow deterrents include Repeller 360°, Ultrason X, Balcony Guard, Stay-Away Mini Scarecrow, and many more.

These are mostly humane repellents you can use to take back control of your property.

  • Use of Steel and Plastic Spikes

One of the many menaces of crows you have to deal with is their constant presence.

As a result, you’d have to deal with their droppings. Such droppings will certainly attract vermin raising the risk of diseases.

This is what makes the use of steel and plastic pipes very useful. These are menacing to crows. The pointed tips of these spikes will prevent crows from sticking around.

These are available in the market and will stop crows from landing on surfaces. The sizes vary too.

However, you can have them made in custom sizes to fit your home. That is if the ones available aren’t up to the ones you need.

  • Bird Netting (Heavy Duty)

The use of heavy-duty bird netting is another way crows can be gotten rid of.

Crows are notorious for causing damage to food crops especially those grown in gardens. This is where heavy-duty nets come in handy.

So far, consumer reviews about this product have been impressive. This gives an added level of confidence.

Heavy-duty bird netting comes in a wide range of sizes. This will cover most garden sizes. It also helps preserve your crops while keeping crows at bay.

  • Trim Surrounding Trees

Homes having trees around will usually attract Crows.

Trees with low hanging branches are ideal. Hence to solve this problem, such branches will need to be trimmed. These include dead branches as well. This preventive measure has proven to be quite effective over time.

The same action should be applied to all trees within your surroundings to forestall their activities.

  • Consider Using Animal Scarecrows

Crows are known to be quite intelligent.

However, the use of certain scarecrows such as crow fakes will help you achieve the desired results. These are usually made to look dead and can be found in Halloween stores among other places.

These crow fakes are attached to surrounding trees and other areas of your home. Before long, you’d have succeeded in getting rid of crows from around your property.

  • Hang Reflective Objects Around Your Home

Crows are known to be frightened by reflective objects. Therefore, if you live in a crow infested neighborhood, this might just do the trick. These can be hanged onto poles.

But since the goal is to be reflective enough, these objects need to be exposed to sunlight. Once installed, there’s no need for maintenance. These can also be kept for as long as you think necessary.

If you are clueless about where to get these from, you don’t need to. There are lots of things you can use to give you some good reflection.

These include compact discs (CDs), foil paper (the sounds these make also enhances its effect), as well as reflective tapes among others.

  • Using Loud Noise to Keep Crows Away

This may not be ideal for a lot of people but it has the effect of making your home surroundings unfavorable.

Using this strategy in urban centers may get you in trouble with the law. But this is a great way to keep crows at bay in towns and rural areas.

To produce such sounds, you need a speaker. Of course, this will be connected to an audio or radio device.

Using crow predators, firecrackers among other sounds will scare them away. These crow deterrent sounds can be downloaded online in addition to other sources. You may not need to keep this constantly on throughout the day but are best used during peak periods.

Peak periods, as used here refers to times crows are likely to be in their nests resting.

  • Coating Tree Branches with Bird Gel

Bird gel isn’t only used on trees, but also on all surfaces crows are likely to rest on. You won’t have to spoil the look of trees or other surfaces as this substance is transparent, yet sticky.

This causes significant discomfort to crows whenever they step on such surfaces. But before applying onto surfaces, it will be necessary to read through instructions. This is to help avoid causing damage to certain surfaces.

Although bird gel has been used successfully on a wide range of surfaces.

  • Covering Likely Food Sources

We’ve mentioned earlier that crows feed on almost any food source.

Therefore, it will do well to clean up your surroundings. This is in addition to covering your trash cans. Eliminating all sources of food will make your environment less favorable.

As a result, crows will find someplace else with better conditions.

  • Fend Crows Off Early Enough

Crows are migratory birds. This means they always select ideal roosting locations in early winter. Armed with this knowledge, you can prevent them by making your environments less attractive. A good thing with this is that you can use any or a combination of any of the strategies above. Such effective methods will make your surroundings a no-go area for crows.

  • Calling in the Professional Services for Crow Control

You never have to deal with any of the rigorous process outlined above. The easiest way out is by calling in the pest control services. There are so many to choose from.

However, the major ones will offer you better incentives and coverage in addition to guarantees.

Terminix and Orkin are some of the biggest names in pest control. Nevertheless, there are several other reputable pest management companies as well.

After contacting them with your crow problem, a date is set for inspection. This is meant to assess the severity and nature of your problem. After inspection (which is free in most cases), pest technicians will choose the best approach to adopt. This comes with the cost you will incur as well as a service guarantee.

Giving the nod rests solely with you. This results in a comprehensive crow removal service.

  • Use Crow Excluding Feeders

This is for those who keep other types of birds. It is assumed that these birds aren’t as large as crows are.

Crows will certainly attempt to feed too. However, this won’t be possible if such feeders are designed to exclude them. They should be made in such a way that they can’t gain access to food or grains.

But as birds feed, the ground below is bound to be littered. Hence the need for frequent cleanup. Not doing this will result in a buildup of waste which creates the perfect conditions for crows to hang around.

This is one easy method if you are looking for how to keep crows away from bird feeders.

  • Use Laser Lights

Laser lights like reflective objects have the same effect on crows.

Crows are usually disturbed when these interrupt their ideal conditions. But having to manually shine laser lights around their nesting areas can be exhausting. As such, you’d need to come up with a way to project such lights without having to do so yourself.

A good way to begin is to ask around in stores if there are provisions for that. Laser motion sensors will be a great starting point.

We’ve seen that getting rid of crows isn’t rocket science. Although it requires having the right knowledge.

We have provided several of these to help you take back control of your home and property. You also have the option of combining a number of these control methods for getting rid of crows.

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