We’ve discussed many ways and strategies for combating gnat infestations. So, if you have a gnat problem, you only need to read through it to find ready solutions.

How to Get Rid of Gnats Inside and Outside

For the most part, gnats are considered a menace due to the activities of biting gnats like black flies, sand flies, no-see-ums, punkies, and biting midges.

These have specialized mouthparts that allow them to bite and penetrate the skin.

When these pests bite, such bites can cause severe irritation and hypersensitivity. Gnats are critical vectors of diseases like equine viral arteritis and African horse sickness.

To avoid such conditions, it’s necessary to activate far-reaching measures to eliminate midges.

This article shows you how to do that.

  • Hire a Pro

When it comes to pest control of any kind, professional pest control services tend to offer more comprehensive services.

These pros customize their treatment plans to cater to unique customer needs. The reasons are obvious; pest problems are hardly similar.

So, an assessment of your gnat problem is needed to offer more effective treatments.

How to Deal With Gnats

If you’re reading this, there’s a higher chance you want to handle your gnat problem via DIY measures. Luckily, there are lots of practical ways to do that.

Also, gnat issues aren’t as severe as pest infestations like bed bugs, mosquitoes, or termites.

To deal with the problem, you’ll need to adopt the following measures: using a bug zapper and fly paper.

More ways to eliminate gnat infestations include bleaching them out, making a trap, pouring boiling water down your drain, and using a chemical spray.

Gnats can also be gotten rid of by luring them with rotten fruit. Any of these strategies, when effectively implemented, can eliminate gnats.

Let’s have a further look at each of these treatment approaches.

i. Using a Bug Zapper

Bug zappers are practical tools designed to contain many bug issues.

Although this is used on mosquitoes, a bug zapper can be crucial to your fight against gnats. You only need to get one and ensure it’s in good working condition.

A bug zapper emits a UV light that attracts gnats and other bugs to the center of the device and is electrocuted. All you have to do is put it on and place it where these gnats are most active.

ii. Making Use of a Fly Paper

Also known as flycatcher, fly ribbon, or fly strip, the flypaper serves the purpose of killing flies attracted to the sweet fragrance of a sticky substance that can sometimes be poisonous.

Luckily, gnats are also drawn to fly papers, hence their elimination. With this method, you get a double fly and gnat control function.

iii. Bleaching them Out

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Gnats can be found in your home’s different moisture-prone sections, including bathrooms, kitchen sinks, and drains. Bleach can prove helpful in gnat control.

Here, all that’s needed is to first identify or confirm gnat presence in sinks and drains.

Now, dilute a gallon of water with half a cup of bleach. Have the solution slowly poured down your drain. This should help eliminate all gnats in treated areas.

You may have to repeat it if it doesn’t give the needed result.

iv. Making a Trap

When it comes to making gnat traps, several options are available.

These include candle traps, wine traps, and apple cider vinegar traps. Each of these trapping strategies serves to eliminate gnats from your home. Let’s find out how.

v. Candle Traps

Though simple, this method has proven effective in dealing with gnat problems in homes.

You’ll need a candle (preferably tall) mounted in a candlestick. Now place this in a small pan filled with water. It’s best to turn off the lights when it’s dark.

These pests either fly into the open flame and get roasted or fall into the pan of water, resulting in drowning. Caution is necessary as you’ll need to put an eye out on the candle to avoid accidents.

vi. Wine Trap

A wine trap can serve the purpose of getting rid of gnats. Here, expired wine is preferable to avoid wastage. Such wine would have almost turned stale.

Pour some of this into a container or vessel and add dish soap. When gnats make contact with the wine, they get drowned and suffocate.

vii. Apple Cider Vinegar Trap

Apple cider vinegar is another trusted product you can use to rid your home of gnats.

Mix about a half cup of warm water with liquid dish soap. This procedure is much similar to the wine trap. About six drops of liquid soap are needed to prepare your apple cider vinegar.

When placed in areas with the most gnat presence, these pests find it irresistible and proceed to help themselves. The good thing is they won’t be returning.

viii. Dump Boiling Water Down your Drain

Another way to eliminate gnat issues is by pouring hot water down your drain.

Of course, you should have noticed gnat activity around the area. With this problem identified, turn on your hot water tap or have some water boiled and poured down the trap.

Apart from killing these pests, boiling water destroys their eggs and larvae, thus eliminating the problem. You might have to do this periodically to prevent gnats from returning.

ix. Use Chemical Spray

There are assorted chemical spray products to try out for this problem. You only need to walk into your nearest hardware store to get your preferred chemical spray.

Apply as instructed, and you should resolve your gnat problem. While this strategy is effective, there’s a growing preference for natural treatments.

x. Lure them with Rotten Fruit

You can use the attraction of gnats to rotten fruits against them.

With a few slices of your available rotten fruit, add to a bowl and have it covered with plastic wrap before securing it with a rubber band.

Get a toothpick and poke some holes in the top. As gnats and other tiny insects get through the openings, they cannot find their way out.

These strategies for getting rid of gnats have been used with excellent results. You only need to apply your preferred option to eliminate these pests from your home.

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