We’ve written on how to get rid of grass spiders through the adoption of a wide range of helpful preventive and extermination strategies. These are easy and applicable steps that anyone can adopt.

The solution is never far away. You only need to apply any or a combination of these.

Grass Spider Control Methods

By their nature, grass spiders love to hang around grassy surroundings, hence the name. While spotting a few of these will be normal, an unusual increase will point to an infestation that will need to be addressed fast! In any case, your level of tolerance will determine what actions will need to be taken.

If you’re interested in getting rid of spider problems, this article will show you effective ways to do so.

What Attracts Grass Spiders?

Encountering a grass spider infestation isn’t a pleasant experience. Anyone will want to take back full control of their surroundings. However, to do this, you’ll need to get to the root of the problem.

In this case, the cause. Identifying the cause is a much effective way to deal with the problem.

Then, there will be zero guesswork. You can spot the problem and address it. So, what causes grass spider infestation? As stated earlier, having a few of these pests around can be tolerable, but the same cannot be said about an infestation.

The presence of grass spiders may be due to an abundance of prey. Grass spiders feast on other insects. Therefore, an ample supply of food sources will surely attract them.

In such a situation, you’re faced with eliminating the food source or prey (the cause) as well as the predator (the effect).

Grass Spider Life Cycle

The life cycle of grass spiders lasts for about a year. For the males, they die after mating.

In the case of female grass spiders, late Summer or Fall is the ideal time they lay their egg sacs and also die. These eggs go through a series of developmental stages after hatching in spring. Late Summer is when they reach full maturity.

Identifying Grass Spider Infestation

How do you know if you’re faced with a grass spider problem? It’s easy! By identifying them.

This means there are physical characteristics that help distinguish them from other spider species. Female grass spiders are typically larger and measure an average of 10 to 20 mm while males range from 9 to 18 mm.

Grass spiders normally have a darker abdomen, with a hard upper shell having two stripes running longitudinally.

This hard upper shell is yellowish-brown in color. Like hobo spiders, grass spiders also spin funnel webs. These are used in trapping their prey. You’ll find these at hanging low, that is, close to the ground for easy access to prey.

Are Grass Spiders Aggressive And Dangerous?

A lot of people are afraid of spiders in general for the right reasons. This is because highly venomous and dangerous spiders exist. However, the same is not true for grass spiders. These are shy creatures that will find cover when you get too close.

Part of the strategy for hunting down prey involves injecting the trapped prey with their venom. Stinging and the poisoning of humans is very rare. This is due to the difficulty of their fangs to penetrated human skin.

Nevertheless, you still need to be careful around them.

Grass spiders may try their luck on kids and the elderly. So, getting rid of them completely will need to be considered. In answering the question of whether these pests are aggressive and dangerous, they aren’t.

Little danger, if any is posed to humans.

How to Get Rid Of Grass Spiders Completely

Now, this is the main focus of our discussion. You’ve noticed an existing grass spider infestation and will like to get rid of the problem but can seem to figure out how to proceed. It’s perfectly normal as a lot of people are faced with a similar dilemma.

Here, we’ve included a lot of strategies you can adopt to solve the problem. Each of these has been used with significant success in the past and continues to provide far-reaching results.

We are confident that these strategies will serve your needs. So, without delay, let’s begin by looking at each of these;

  • Call A Pest Control Service

This is about the easiest method of getting rid of grass spiders.

Pest control services offer several advantages over getting the job done yourself. We must state though that DIY techniques or strategies are also effective.

The difference lies in the fact that with DIY methods, you’re involved in the process 100% unlike calling a pest control who does the job for you.

A pest control company is skilled in the provision of a wide range of pest extermination and removal services. Letting them get rid of the problem leads to professional handling of the job. It starts with an inspection of the infested area by a technician.

This is followed by a decision on what treatment methods best fit the situation.

  • Clear Up Food And Beverage Remains And Leftovers

A lot of times, people unknowingly attract pests by simply not abiding by good hygiene.

Hygiene in this sense refers to cleaning up after eating, properly disposing of trash, and doing the dishes. Do grass spiders feed on food remains?

No, they don’t. However, ants and other tiny insects do.

So, what is the connection between these and grass spiders? A lot! Grass spiders prey on these insects. In other words, grass spiders are predators of tiny insects.

We must also be clear on the fact that grass spiders find their way into homes and find perfect nesting spots.

With lots of food particles and beverage spills containing sugar, ants are never far away. So also are grass spiders.

To prevent this from happening, you’ll need to eliminate the attraction (in this case, the food source). This simple cleaning activity disrupts the food chain, making your home unsuitable for grass spiders.

  • Maintaining A Well-Kept Yard

A yard or lawn which is not well kept is bound to serve as an attraction for grass spiders. Why? You may ask. The reasons are simple? Overgrown and uneven grass makes for better conditions for building spider webs. Webs need to be built to hunt for insects or prey.

Frequent mowing or maintenance of your yard helps disrupt grass spider activity. Lesser or frequently disrupted web building activity makes your surroundings unsuitable for grass spiders to hang around.

  • Trim Vegetation Close To Your Home

It is important to have well-trimmed vegetation especially when it’s close to your home. Not doing this will result in a lot of nests springing up along your walls and also handing from the vegetation. This worsens the problem as it serves as an invitation for further infestation.

  • Get Rid Of Debris

Grass spiders thrive in environments with a lot of debris. These create clutter, which in turn serves to help such pests build their nests effectively. Moreover, debris is bound to also attract insects. The greater the number of insects, the more ideal your environment is for grass spiders to thrive.

Therefore, get rid of debris (the cause) and by so doing succeed in getting rid of grass spiders (the effect).

  • Deal With Potential Prey Problems

Among the most important strategies for spider control is dealing with potential prey situations before it gets out of hand. Coupled with the lack of hygiene, especially as regards food particles having perfect nesting spots spread all over your house serves as an open invitation to pests of all kinds.

Nesting spots include holes and cracks along your walls. These will need to be sealed up as they attract all types of insect pests which are delicacies grass spiders can’t resist. Both the inside and outside walls of your home will need to be inspected and such cracks or holes filled or sealed up.

A caulking gun loaded with silicon will prove handy. Make sure to deny pests the pleasure of having a nesting area.

This impacts your overall fight against grass spiders as they won’t be lurking around in search of prey.

  • Kill Grass Spiders With Insecticides

How does the word “suitable” come into play when discussing spider insecticide sprays?

By this, we are simply referring to insecticides having any of these active ingredients; diazinon, resmethrin, allethrin or pyrethrin. These are known active ingredients that are effective against a wide specie of spiders.

While these are effective in getting the job done, they also present risks. When applied onto grass, pets and kids are likely to get affected.

Nevertheless, you can still proceed to apply such insecticides for a limited duration when you’re sure your kids and pets will be off the lawn area.

  • Frequently Remove Spider Webs From Grass

Spider webs built by grass spiders are most visible in the lawn area after a dew. These should be removed. Doing this frequently helps with distorting their feeding activity, thus making such surroundings unfavorable.

You can either use a broom, a leaf blower or a water sprinkler at high pressure to destroy or remove the webs.

These are helpful tips on how to kill off grass spiders. Being faced by this problem shouldn’t bother you any longer as you have ample options to choose from.

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