How To Get Rid Of Hobo Spiders

Here is how to get rid of hobo spiders, by evaluating the infestation and applying feasible extermination methods.

Hobo spiders are ranked among the many pests people will rather do without. Although these species of spiders aren’t aggressive, they won’t hesitate to bite or sting when their space is breached or violated. This is quite funny and ironic because they are entering into your personal space.

Your best shot at getting rid of them is by applying the most effective and proven strategies that exterminate and keeps them out completely. That will be the focus of our discussion. You’re likely reading this because you want practical solutions to spider issues.

Read on as we provide you with some of the best methods to apply.

Does Hobo Spider Presence Pose A Serious Threat?

By their nature, hobo spiders aren’t aggressive. In other words, they are quite docile and won’t attack you, but there’s a catch! Never get too close for comfort.

In other words, when you encroach into hobo spider territory, you’re likely to get yourself bitten/stung.

So, how exactly is a hobo spider nesting area like? Your basement and garage areas provide perfect nesting spots.

This specie of spiders usually prefer damp and dark spots. As such, they are likely to make their nest in-between furniture, brick crevices, as well as under radiators.

The easiest way to find them is through their funnel-shaped webs and setting eyes on them.

However, the latter can be quite confusing as these spider specie can be confused with others. This is how to distinguish between hobo spiders and others;

Hobo Spider Appearance

The best way to get rid of a hobo spider problem is by identifying and applying the proper extermination measures.

There are finer details that distinguish hobo spiders from others. However, such isn’t visible to the naked eye. All hope is not lost though as you can make do with the color and differences between males and females.

  • Basic Characteristics

Hobo spiders have eight eyes all clustered together. Female hobo spiders measure about 11 to 14 mm in body length.

Also, females possess larger abdomens with brown legs bearing no markings at all. For male hobo spiders, these have menacing appendages that are swollen.

As per the color of hobo spiders, they come in various hues of brown. This isn’t a very reliable characteristic to use in differentiating them from other spider species.

Hobo Spider Extermination Methods

As stated earlier, there are many ways to find solutions to hobo spider problems.

This section will be discussing many of them. These range from DIY strategies to calling for professional help if you can’t stand the stress of getting the job done yourself.

  • Calling The Experts

One of the easiest ways of finding a lasting solution to your hobo spider problem is by calling the experts to get the job done. This alternative saves you the stress of having to identify the problem you’re faced with. Pest technicians provide this service for you.

In many cases, inspections come free!

However, you’ll need to check with your service provider to determine whether it’s free or not. We recommend using the services of experienced technicians. These are found in reputable pest control companies. A little search on online directories will bring up tons of results for reliable pest control services.

To get rid of hobo spiders, a technician will design a unique program for your home base on its design and size. This helps ensure that the problem is adequately tackled and keeping your surroundings free of such problems for a long time.

  • Seal Up Hiding Spots

To get rid of hobo spiders fast, you’ll need to find and seal up their nests. These are usually found in tight crevices. An easy way to identify them is through the presence of funnel-like webs that are built into the crack or crevice.

Find these, and exterminate the spider(s) using a broom, stick or spray. Next, seal up the cracks to ensure another spider doesn’t take up the empty spot. There are lots of ways to seal up such cracks. Some silicone caulk will do.

Repeat the same process by finding other similar nests around your home.

  • Get Rid Of Clutter

Clutter is not only an invitation to hobo spiders but also for other pests too. An untidy environment will only serve to exacerbate the problem. Do you have boxes, newspapers and clothes strewn around the room and outside? Get these tidied up.

More importantly, avoid stacking these against the wall as hobo spiders like such spots. So, while solving or getting rid of a hobo spider problem, you’re also making your surroundings unsuitable for other pests to hang around.

  • A Good Sanitation Will Do

One of the reasons why people have pest problems is because they hardly clean up immediately after a meal, in addition to keeping a dirty environment. Such a condition is ideal and inviting to a whole range of pests. As pests come to feed on food crumbs and leftovers, predators are also attracted.

Hobo spiders feed on smaller insects and will never be far away when your environment offers an incentive to stay.

You can make it uninviting by doing the dishes, cleaning, and mopping floors and dining areas among others.

  • Reduction In Moisture And Humidity

Remember we mentioned earlier the fact that hobo spiders are attracted to moisture and humidity right? One way to get rid of them is through an intervention. This intervention has to do with a reduction in moisture and humidity.

Humidifiers are excellent for getting the moisture levels down.

Another option is by putting on fans in rooms with limited airflow and leaving the doors and windows open. Taking these actions will significantly impact existing conditions making them less ideal, thus driving hobo spiders away.

  • Take A Look At Your Outdoor Surroundings And Remove Whatever Attracts Hobo Spiders

Whenever you see hobo spiders within your home, one thing is certain; they came from without.

A home having untidy surroundings usually invites all sorts of pests including hobo spiders. Not only do untidy surroundings encourage spiders from encroaching, having vegetation or anything stacked close to your walls is likely to attract them.

This is why you need to inspect your surroundings. Cut back vegetation (including lawn, shrubs or low hanging branches as far back as possible. This clearance makes it less suitable for hobo spiders and other pests to move in.

  • Seal Up All Holes And Cracks

Apart from sealing up all cracks and crevices currently occupied by these pests, a concerted effort should be made to find potential nesting areas too. You’ll want to load a caulking gun with silicon and take a walk around your walls.

Careful inspection will reveal tiny cracks and holes that are likely to harbor these spiders in the future.

Sealing them up makes your home less inviting to hobo spiders. Not only should you consider your outer walls, but also repeat the same from within. By sealing these up, you will be discouraging a whole range of pest problems from unfolding.

  • Diatomaceous Earth

One of the safest and natural ways to treat a hobo spider problem is by using food grade diatomaceous earth.

Although this is safe around kids and pets, it shouldn’t be ingested. Keep this as far away as possible from kids as possible.

When hobo spiders walk through this powder of fossilized aquatic diatoms, its find, yet sharp particles cut through the soft body tissues of the spiders. This results in the loss of body moisture which ultimately leads to their death.

You’ll need to be creative in applying diatomaceous earth along with affected areas. Apply along paths these pests are likely to follow. One of the great things with diatomaceous earth is that it also kills a wide variety of insect pests too.

Therefore, you’ll be solving a wide range of problems by using this natural remedy.

  • Sticky Traps

If you’ve never tried this before, maybe it’s time you tried it out. Sticky traps or glue boards come with an extremely sticky substance that traps any pest that steps on them. This means you’ll need to place such boards or traps along paths you suspect hobo spiders will follow.

An easy way is by targeting walls and also behind furniture. These are likely areas hobo spiders are likely to follow.

You only need to set and check once in a while to see if there has been any catch. If your sticky traps have caught nothing, you might want to change the location.

It must be said, however, that you’ll need to be patient with sticky traps.

Give at least a few days before changing its position. Get more than one of these traps if you’re faced with a difficult situation. Also, sticky traps can be used in addition to any of the other strategies. Combining these gives you an even better result.

  • Residual Perimeter Treatments

Residual perimeter treatments remain effective for extended periods after application.

There are lots of such products on the market. A few of the most popular ones include Demon WP, Demand CS, and Cyper WP among others. Each of these products comes with specific use instructions. Use as instructed for the best results.

Final Thoughts

Getting rid of a hobo spider problem isn’t so difficult if you only know what to do. We have provided you with several options. Each of these has been used with great results. You also have the option of combining any of these for better results.

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