Are you faced with problems on how to get rid of scorpions within your surroundings? This can be a scary experience especially when you have little or no knowledge of how scorpion infestation issues can be resolved.

Well, that’s why we’ve written this. We have provided several strategies on how to get rid of scorpions. You get to choose what works best for you.

Also, a number of these methods can be combined for effective results in eradicating insect pests.

Types of Scorpions

There are several species of scorpions. Although our talking point is about ridding them altogether, it will be helpful to know some of these.

Types of scorpions include emperor, albino, black, and deathstalker scorpions. Others include pseudo, red claw, tailless whip, whip, red, and blue scorpions among others.

Here are some common scorpion species in the USA.

I found a scorpion in my house, are there more? Most likely.

If the home condition can attract one, others may not be far away.

All extermination methods mentioned here cover all types of scorpions.

Easiest Treatment: Scorpion Extermination Companies

A lot of people will rather opt for the easiest solution to their scorpion issues. However, treatment costs are more expensive than other methods.

So, what is the easiest option? It simply has to do with calling a pest management company. There are many of these. Though you need to choose reputable companies known for providing comprehensive scorpion extermination services.

The next step is contacting your preferred pest management service.

Here, you’d get a breakdown of scorpion control costs. But this will only follow a thorough inspection of your home and surroundings. This is done to assess the extent of the infestation. Treatment by a scorpion exterminator follows immediately thereafter.

The average scorpion extermination cost starts at $100 and increases according to the size of your property.

Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Scorpions

This is another widely used alternative. While this is an effective deterrent to getting rid of scorpions naturally, it is also cost-effective.

In other words, it will cost you little or nothing to keep scorpions at bay.

There are several such natural ways to repel or kill scorpions and this section will briefly discuss each of them.

  • Getting Rid of Other Insects

This is an essential step for ridding your home and surroundings of scorpions. But why so? Because scorpions feed on insects.

So, this is one thing you’d need to consider as it serves as a preventive measure.

  • Diatomaceous Earth DE

Diatomaceous earth works excellently on scorpions due to their exoskeletons. This method is also safe for use around your pets and kids.

For best results, you’d need to sprinkle this around dark corners as well as tight spaces. Scorpions are also known to hide under large stones or objects. By sprinkling this around and beneath such areas, it effectively contains their activities.

Diatomaceous earth works by degrading its exoskeletons. This leads to moisture loss with dehydration as a result.

Are you looking for what kills scorpions, DE is a good example.

  • Keeping Your Home and Surroundings Dry

It’s a well-known fact that scorpions love moist environments. Having such conditions will only make them thrive. Hence the need for immediate action. This can be tackled by disrupting such ideal conditions.

Wet or moist logs should be discarded. In addition to this, adequate drainage should be provided to allow for proper draining of stagnant water bodies.

Desiccants can also be introduced to remove moist conditions.

These are effective ways to keep scorpions out of your bed, making your home and surroundings unfavorable to scorpions.

  • Clear your Yard of Clutter

Debris and clutter are inviting to scorpions. Especially when moisture is also involved. Therefore, to avoid a scorpion-infested home and yard, you’d have to eliminate all forms of clutter.

By so doing, you’d have succeeded in clearing likely hiding spots. But your yard isn’t the only place you need to de-clutter. Regular cleaning and arranging untidy areas of your home will help.

  • Grow Lavender Plants

Does lavender keep scorpions away? Yes.

The Lavender plant falls within the category of scorpion repelling plants. You can take advantage of this by planting them around your home.

So, while providing you with a pleasant fragrance, it also serves to repel scorpions. This can not only be planted around your home but also within. Plus, it’s a non-toxic way to keep your home free of scorpions.

  • Burlap Sack

Burlap sacks are used as traps. However, you need to have an understanding of how it can be applied correctly. First, the number of sacks you’d use will depend on the level of a scorpion infestation. You may have to place this at different points within and outside your home.

Secondly, the sacks will need to be wet. Moist burlap sacks attract scorpions. After placing the sacks for a reasonable time, you’d have to carefully check if there are any catches.

  • Sticky Traps

Sticky traps have been used successfully on a variety of pests. These include rodents and insects. But there are other uses which include using them against scorpions. But these are only successful when placed at the right spots.

So, you have to choose the most infested locations. These would be places you’ve seen scorpions.

You should allow for sufficient time after the traps have been placed. When you return, chances are that you’d find trapped scorpions.

  • Introduce a Predator

Predators are great ways to get rid of scorpions within your space. While certain predators are best fitted for certain conditions, others aren’t.

Chickens are best used in yards to hunt down scorpions. It’s a cost-effective measure that will help you achieve your objective the easiest way possible.

  • Essential Oils for Scorpions

Essential oils are known to give off strong fragrances. Though such fragrances are mostly pleasing, they aren’t for scorpions. This method also works on other types of pests.

If you wonder what these are, essential oils for scorpions include lavender oil, peppermint, and cinnamon oils among so many others. These would have to be applied at strategic places daily for the best results.

Looking for how to keep scorpions out of the house? These products work.

  • Neem Oil

Neem oils are arthropod hormone disruptors. It ensures that scorpions are unable to reproduce. Neem oils also help in affecting their nutrition.

All you need to do is to effectively apply to affected areas.

This can be done using a spray bottle. Between 20 to 30 drops of neem oil are mixed with water in a spray bottle and applied to all infested areas.

This should be applied as frequently as possible. Frequent in this sense would mean applying every few (3 to 4) days. By so doing, you’re enhancing its potency.

Here are some other potent scorpion control sprays.

  • Sealing Off All Possible Entry Points

Scorpions will gain entry into your home easily through cracks and openings. Therefore, a full inspection is required.

All cracks, no matter how little will need to be sealed up. The same applies to spaces around doors and windows. This ensures that they do not return after treatment.

You should also consider using screens on your windows and other entrances. If you currently have one, then consider checking them for openings or holes. The purpose is to fix damaged screens. Chimneys and vents should also be fixed as well.

  • Using Yellow Lighting Outside

We recommend going for yellow lighting as opposed to white outside your home. The reason is simple: Scorpions are turned off by yellow lighting. And because these arthropods come in from outside, you can prevent them from doing so.

But if you prefer white lighting, such can be used inside.

  • Hunting them Down

This will be an exciting experience if you are the adventurous type. But doing so comes with its risks. As such, you’d need to be careful in observing safety measures.

Scorpions are nocturnal, hence nights are the best times to find them. If there are any suspicions, you only need to search out such areas around your home.

One important tool you need is a UV lamp as well as a tweezer. These will help with easy identification and removal (from cracks or crevices) respectively.

While you do so, ensure you don’t walk around barefoot. Your kids and pets should follow you around too. This precautionary measure helps avoid any accidents that may arise.

  • Getting Rid of Rock Piles

Rock piles found around moist areas are perfect conditions for scorpions to fester.

Hence to get rid of scorpions, such rock piles will need to be done away with. The same applies to logs kept in heaps. This will enable you to take control of your home and surroundings without spending a fortune.

What to Do When Stung by a Scorpion

It’s no news that most scorpion stings are poisonous. This means you’d have to seek urgent help whenever it happens. But before then, basic first aid needs to be administered.

So, whether it’s you or anyone else, the affected area needs to be washed. You should then apply a cold compress. Normally this should suffice but in certain situations, severe symptoms may arise especially among the aged and young.

If this is the case, competent medical attention should be sought. But this isn’t necessary if you are some skilled medical personnel because you have the training required.


These are some of the best ways to get rid of scorpion infestations.

We have provided a few of the most effective options for treatment. While each of the above-mentioned methods is reliable, they can also be combined for the best results. There’s no one way of finding a solution to the scorpion problem.

Nevertheless, we recommend seeking professional help if you are scared or are easily irritated by scorpions.

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