If you are looking at how to get rid of seagulls, the most practical control methods have been outlined in the guide.

Seagulls are birds which are most common in coastal areas. The fewer they are, the fewer problems they present.

However, flocks of seagulls can quickly change your perception. This is because these birds create a lot of noise. Not only that, but seagull droppings can also become a safety hazard.

To tackle the problem, seagulls will need to be gotten rid of.

All the helpful tips you need regarding this have been included here. Find and apply what control method fits your needs best.

Why Seagulls Stick Around

Human activity has been a great motivating factor for seagull presence in coastal areas. Such activities include the dumping or littering shorelines with garbage as well as feeding them.

Most beaches and boardwalks carry a clear sign to not feed seagulls. Seagulls will always stick around whenever there’s an incentive to stay.

Seagulls don’t restrict themselves to beaches only. They can also be found around parking lots, and water bodies.

Wherever seagulls are, they make so much noise as well as create a mess of such environments. Since food is a major attractant to seagulls, you may as well stop or cut its supply to them.

Seagull Diet

Seagulls depend on a wide range of food sources. These could range from rodents, garbage, other birds, earthworms, and even plants among others.

Seagulls will also feed on just about anything humans throw at them. Their appetite and wide food choices make it even more challenging to control them.

However, this challenge isn’t insurmountable as you’ll find shortly.


Seagulls have their breeding seasons. This normally lasts between 3 to 5 months. Their breeding season comes once a year.

Seagulls will stick with one partner for the rest of their lives as well. These birds share responsibilities when it comes to the incubation of eggs.

In other words, seagulls take turns to lay on eggs until its time to hatch.

How to Get Rid of Seagulls on Roof, and in Gardens

Finding effective solutions to your seagull problems is what we are after. We believe you didn’t just stumble on this article, but deliberately seek to find the best control methods.

Luckily, you’re in the right place. We have included multiple strategies on seagull control you can use. More so, these seagull extermination methods have been used consistently with great results. Your situation won’t be any different.

  • Never Feed Seagulls

Seagulls will never shy away from free food. They invite other members of their colonies when there’s one. This is why a lot of beach signs instruct beachgoers never to feed birds. Going ahead to feed seagulls makes them stick to such locations because they consider them favorable.

On the other hand, when seagulls are not fed, there’s little incentive to stick around. But you may still find them around if there are other food sources as listed above. Nevertheless, when people avoid feeding them, seagulls are left with one food source less.

This may seem little but helps a lot in curtailing their activities as well as reducing the seagull population.

  • Call for Help

Getting rid of seagulls isn’t for the faint of heart. It involves a lot of work and determination. But you can choose to skip all of that hard work by calling for professional help.

Pest control and wildlife removal services will give you all the assistance you need. Experience and skill count a lot in seagull control, and that’s what they represent. You only need to find such a service nearest to you.

You can begin by asking friends and relatives for suggestions. Online research is yet another way to find a reputable pest control or wildlife removal service.

While doing so, you should pay close attention to customer reviews. This speaks a lot about customer confidence. The higher the positive reviews a pest service gathers, the more reliable it should be.

  • Spikes

Spikes have been used for seagull control with great success. These are irritants that are menacing. These birds can be injured when they rest on them. However, none of them will do so. You only need to buy and install these on rooftops as well as any other surface you want to keep seagulls from.

Using spikes as a seagull control measure can be quite expensive. Despite the cost, these will compensate by serving you for a long time.

  • Electric Zappers

Electric zappers are installed on target surfaces. When seagulls try to land on targeted areas, they get a mild zap.

Getting a zap is a feeling seagulls will rather do without. Electric zappers come in flat strips that can be easily fixed or installed. Find out where these birds congregate the most and have it installed there.

Are you afraid you might get hurt? You don’t need to. This scare device or irritant only gives a mild zap. Electric zappers also come with safety instructions on how best to use them.

  • Terror Eyes as Seagull Scarer

Terror’s eyes work on one of the senses- sight. As its name suggests, this product gives an illusion of the presence of danger. Seagulls are preyed upon by other predators.

Terror’s eyes mimic these predators. Another reason why this product is effective is its movement caused by the wind.

Its holographic eyes, coupled with movements made when blown by the wind will scare seagulls no matter how stubborn they may seem. This is often recommended as the best seagull scarer.

  • Water Blaster

Water blaster, when installed around your surroundings, works efficiently to drive away seagulls. It comes attached to a motion sensor that gets triggered when these birds come too close.

What’s good with it is that it covers a considerable area (as much as 30 feet radius). It only needs to be connected to a steady water source to function.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a cost-effective way to rid your home of seagulls. However, it gets the job done efficiently. On whether it’s within your reach (affordable) or not, you decide. Affordability can be relative by the way.

  • Optical Gel

The optical gel is a seagull deterrent that creates the illusion of a flame. This isn’t visible to the human eye but is a reality for seagulls.

Get this product in local stores and apply it to surfaces. Areas, where seagulls congregate the most, should be most targeted. Apply onto such surfaces and let it do the work.

When using this product, its use instruction or directions for use should be fully adhered to. This gives you better results. The flame illusion created by the optical gel is considered harmful to seagulls.

Before long, these birds find alternative nesting and feeding sites to avoid such areas.

  • Ultrasonic Devices

Ultrasonic devices work on the principle of differential sound frequencies. Sounds emitted can’t be picked up by the human ear.

On the other hand, seagulls are distressed due to the high pitched sounds being produced. It is made to achieve the purpose of causing distress and irritation to the birds. This makes your surroundings hostile to them.

Seagulls will have to find alternative locations to nest.

  • Reflective Tapes

Reflective tapes, when blown by the wind creates some noise while also reflecting light from the sun. The combination of light and sound combines to confuse seagulls.

These are easily installed on surfaces around the home. You only need to fix and forget. Soon, you’d find that seagulls maintain a healthy distance from your home.

  • Unleash the Dogs

The dogs you keep as pets can prove to help get rid of seagulls.

You can either take it for a walk around the most infested areas or release it from its leash. Dogs love the chase and will get to work the instant you let go of them.

Doing this frequently can give you the respite you seek.

  • Electronic Predator Sound Repellents

Seagulls can be tricked into vacating your vicinity by creating the illusion of a predator. This is what predator repellent devices do.

You only need to turn them on to play the prerecorded predator sounds. These are assumed to be the actual cry of predators. When this is heard, seagulls will want to keep a safe distance.

Get as many as required for your home or property.

  • Can Seagulls Be Shot At?

If you’re talking about using a firearm, then we’re sorry to disappoint. You can’t. Why is this so? Because these are migratory birds, and there’s a federal law in place that protects such birds.

Nevertheless, if you’re so keen on shooting, you may want to try a non-lethal and fun way to keep seagulls away. This involves the use of water guns. At the pull of the trigger, your water gun will shoot a strong burst of water to scare these birds.

This isn’t hard to find as you can find them in local hardware stores.

  • Spray Foul-Smelling Liquids

This wouldn’t be considered a great idea for most people. However if you find it fascinating, foul-smelling sprays affect the sensory systems of seagulls causing irritations.

Seagulls won’t be able to stick much longer around such areas. The problem is that the foul smell may be disturbing to humans too.

You can see that seagull control can be achieved using any of the above methods. These are quite easy to follow and won’t take up a significant portion of your time. If you think it will, you only need to call for assistance.

Pest and wildlife control services are ever ready to provide you with the assistance you need to get rid of seagulls completely.

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