In this guide, I’ll be giving you tips on how to get rid of sewer roaches.

There are many species of roaches and all of them are equally annoying.

Do you know why there are cockroaches in your shower? Well, sewer roaches are attracted to moist areas, which is why you shouldn’t be surprised if you find them hanging around your bathroom areas or hiding under the kitchen sink.

They are far from hygienic creatures that must be eliminated from your home. This is why we’ll be discussing their extermination methods.

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Sewer Roach Extermination Tips

Understanding the habits of these bugs is the very first step to killing them and preventing a return to your home.

Can cockroaches come up through toilets? Yes.

As I have mentioned before, these bugs love being around areas with moisture, and what provides more moisture than a leaking pipe.

They are commonly found in the sewers (underground drainage), bathrooms, and kitchens that have a lot of dampness. Probably under the sink or behind the tank.

They can also be found around garbage bins that are filled with decomposing substances.

Sewer roaches can feed off crumbs of food and other smaller organisms which the moisture from the leaking pipes provides.

These creatures are in no way good for humans, as they can spread disease-carrying germs from one surface to the other.

Not to worry, there are several ways by which these pests can be taken care of.

How To Get Rid Of Sewer Roaches In Houses

Follow the tips below to control and kill sewer roaches.

  • Discover Where They Are Hiding

Before you begin your assault on the roaches, the first thing you should do is to identify all the spots where they could be hiding. If you notice just one sewer roach in your kitchen sink, then you can be sure there are others around your home.

Look around the cracks in the walls, especially if there is some dampness there. Also, check beneath your kitchen sink and bathroom to see if there are any leakages. If there are, then you will most likely find the sewer roaches there.

  • Make Your Home Unattractive To Them

After you’ve discovered all the spots where the sewer roaches have been hiding and living, the next step would be to send out a clear statement that they aren’t welcomed guests in your home.

You do this by making your place as uncomfortable as possible for them.

This would involve fixing all the leaking pipes in your plumbing system. It would also mean you should seal off the cracks where they are fond of hiding.

Lastly, make sure you always take out the trash when due. Do not let it overflow with organic junk, as that also attracts the sewer roaches.

These creatures are very active at night, so make sure you put your plate away after you have dinner. Be sure to empty all leftovers into the bin and do the dishes before you go to bed.

Your bin should also be airtight, so the roaches cannot have access to it.

An extra tip here is to allow good air circulation around your home. This will reduce the dampness and make living conditions unfavorable for the roaches.

If your home can no longer provide a food source or an ideal living environment for the roaches, then they will leave.

  • Use Organic Pesticides

After you have fixed all the leakage problems and sealed off all the cracks, I should expect the roaches to start leaving your home in search of other food sources and better living environments.

However, they won’t get the message in one day and may move out slower than you would like. If this is the case, then you can make their exit go faster by making your pesticide.

Organic pesticides are a good idea, especially if you have children and pets in your home. They are safe and environmental friendly, and they would harm only the pests.

To make garlic-based organic pesticides, you need to first have an idea of the number of roaches you are dealing with. This will allow you to determine how much garlic you will need for the job.

Take the adequate amount and throw them in a blender. Add some water and grind until the garlic and the water are well blended. It is recommended you use a quart of water, as you would want the effects of the garlic to be well pronounced.

Leave it to sit overnight and pour it into a spray bottle the following day. You can add some liquid soap to the mixture if you wish.

Take the spray bottle to as many areas around your home that have been infested and spray directly on as many roaches as you can find. The garlic irritates them and will kill them.

You can also spray the areas where they usually hang out to prevent them from returning there.

Another organic combination you can try is Cayenne pepper mixed with black pepper. Make a solution with this and pour it into a spray bottle. You can mix it with some garlic too if you wish.

Spray directly on the roaches or around areas where they are very active and it will also kill them.

  • Use Chemical-based Insecticides

The organic approach has many advantages, being that it is safe both for the user and the household. The downside is that it wouldn’t work as fast as you would like.

Remember, roaches are tough insects that don’t give up easily. So if you find that the garlic/cayenne pepper solution isn’t working fast enough, then you might want to bring out the big guns!

Chemical-based Insecticides are lethal when it comes to dealing with roaches and insects as a whole. Their effects are so harsh, that the sewer roaches will be dead in a matter of minutes.

There are many brands available for sale in the market, some more potent than others. You should go for the ones that don’t have a long-lasting effect, especially if you’ll be using them indoors.

Most of these Insecticides come in spray bottles, so all you have to do is spray around the infested rooms and leave the insecticide to work.

You don’t necessarily need to spray directly on the sewer roaches. If all the corners of the room are covered in insecticide, then the roaches will inhale or ingest it and will die shortly afterward.

You need to take maximum safety precautions before you use a commercial chemical-based insecticide. They are harmful to humans too if ingested.

Cover your nose and mouth with a facemask before you start spraying so you don’t inhale the insecticide. Put on some gloves too, so that your hands do not make direct contact with the fluid.

Before you begin spraying, make sure you close the doors and windows leading in and out of the room. You can place an old towel at the base of the door to keep the smell of the insecticide from going out and spreading to other rooms.

If the infestation has taken place in more than one room, then you need to spray the insecticide in as many rooms as required. This could mean you have to vacate your home for a few hours or a whole day, depending on how long the effects of the insecticide will last.

Using chemical-based commercial Insecticides has a few major advantages.

First, it works well against a large number of sewer roaches, since a spray in a room will kill all the roaches there, even if you don’t spray the insecticide directly on them. The second advantage is that it kills the roaches very fast.

About 5 times faster than most organic pesticides.

  • Use Glue Traps

If you’re not dealing with a large number of sewer roaches then you could catch them using a glue trap. All you will need is the trap and some bait.

Get some chunks of leftover food and place them on as many traps as you need. Place the traps in areas where the roaches are very active and wait for them to take the bait.

As they step on the glue surface, they will be stuck and unable to move.

You can check on your trap in the morning to see what you’ve captured. If the trap isn’t full, then you can leave it to capture some more before you dispose of them.

The glue trap will not kill the roaches. After they are caught, you can boil some water and pour it into a container. Add some liquid soap to it and shake until it foams.

You can pick out the roaches one by one and drown them in the container with hot water and soap.

  • Call The Professionals

If you simply cannot stand the sight of insects, then there’s nothing much you can do by yourself in the fight against sewer roaches. In this case, calling on the pros will be your only option in getting rid of the pests.

This will cost you some money so have a budget for it.


I hope this article on how to get rid of sewer roaches has been helpful.

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