This guide provides methods on how to get rid of turkey vultures for good.

Are buzzards taking over your property and surroundings? Do you feel helpless and will want a fast solution?

We’re glad to tell you that there’s a solution. We’ve included as many as we can within this article. Also included are easy-to-implement vulture extermination strategies which will help get the job done efficiently.

By following through with any of these bird control methods, your vulture problem should be gone within a short time.

Vulture Control: Identification

It’s unlikely that anyone will find it hard to identify a vulture. However, for those who cannot, these birds are usually large, bald-headed, and broad-winged.

Vultures normally roost in flocks and will mostly loiter around farms, suburbs, roadside towers as well as anywhere there’s food.

This brings us to an important factor for their presence; food.

Food Sources

Turkey Buzzards will feed on just about anything they can find. These range from insects, decomposing animal carcasses, and carrion.

Others include preying on smaller animals, bird eggs, snails, and garbage among so many more. Finding or spotting these birds around shows that your environment food sources they can feed on.

Why Getting Rid of Vultures is Necessary

It’s unlikely that you haven’t seen a reason why you must rid your surroundings of vultures. This is because these birds pose a wide range of challenges.

The most common include damage to property, health risks, injury to livestock as well as being a risk to air travel.

  • Damage to Property

Vultures are bound to cause property damage wherever they are. The nature of such damage will range from their droppings which damage communication towers and deface public monuments.

For utility companies, this can result in a huge maintenance bill when clearing this mess.

  • Health Risks

The presence of vultures means you’d have to contend with the attendant health challenges.

This results majorly from their droppings. When such droppings find their way into sources of drinking water and pools, the risk of contracting a disease becomes higher.

Air pollution is also caused by dried droppings. This can lead to the transmission of airborne bacteria which are likely to cause respiratory diseases.

  • Injury to Livestock

We earlier mentioned that vultures will target smaller livestock. So, you should be worried if you keep them, especially smaller livestock. Vultures will peck on the soft tissues of these animals until they die a painful death.

Nevertheless, this can be prevented if urgent steps are taken to keep vultures away.

  • The risk to Air Travel

The aviation industry is faced with the challenge of bird strikes. Vultures are among the birds which are likely to be sucked into aircraft engines. This is even more likely to occur when they are found around airports.

How To Get Rid of Vultures In Your Yard

We’ve mentioned some of the reasons why vulture presence should be discouraged. However, there’s no mention of how this can be achieved.

This section will provide ample information on what needs to be done. We are confident you’d find just the right solution to your vulture problem.

  • Calling a Wildlife Pro

Wildlife control professionals are ever ready to handle all sorts of bird problems. This includes vulture presence. What more? With a wildlife professional, you are in safe hands.

In other words, these professionals have years of on-the-job experience and expertise which can be leveraged upon.

Your location doesn’t affect your chances of getting a thorough job done. This is because there are so many to choose from. These companies are spread across all states, cities, and towns.

Therefore, finding a solution to your vulture problem will just be a call away.

One of the reasons why you need a wildlife professional is because vultures can be difficult to control. For many, this can be exhausting and overwhelming, yet the job isn’t done efficiently.

Wildlife control pros understand vulture behavior and know just what needs to be done to discourage vulture presence.

Who to Hire

It isn’t enough to call in a wildlife control professional.

In other words, there are certain vital points to look out for. These include companies that work all through the week, having a license, insurance, offer repair services, and offer guarantees.

Other things to look out for include owner-operated companies, favorable pricing, and acceptable response time. Let’s discuss each of these.

i. Wildlife Removal Companies that Work All Week

It’s no secret that vultures (as with any other pest) don’t take breaks. This calls for constant surveillance and treatment whenever the problem is spotted or identified.

A company that provides round-the-clock services all week should be considered first.

ii. Have a License

When hiring a wildlife removal pro, you need to know if such a person is licensed. Why? Because it speaks volumes about the competence of such an individual.

This measure is reassuring and helps avoid or get rid of a vulture problem efficiently.

iii. Offer Repair Services

Recall we earlier said vultures cause property damage. A good wildlife removal company or professional should know this and offer repair services.

This saves you the stress of having to look for a repair company which may also cost more.

iv. Guarantee-backed Services

Every customer wants some level of reassurance for products and services being offered to them. The same applies to wildlife removal services.

You should be on the lookout for those companies whose services are backed by a guarantee.

v. Owner-Operated Companies

Getting rid of vultures is best handled by owner-operated wildlife removal services. This is because such services are more efficient due to the high level of motivation involved.

The same cannot be said for larger companies as their workforce is likely to be less motivated than the owner of the business.

vi. Favorable Pricing

It is quite challenging to get rid of vultures. This will likely reflect in the cost of such services.

However, you are likely to seek out the best deal available. There should be a balance between cost and quality of service. This combination helps you get the results you seek.

vii. Acceptable Response Time

The response time of pest removal services is central to how efficient they are. You will have to find out how long it takes until professionals arrive.

All the above are vital to ridding your surroundings and properties of vultures.

The purpose of doing this is to find the best deal possible. The more competent a wildlife removal service is, the less likely it is that your vulture problems will persist.

  • Remove Food Sources

The removal of food sources is central to getting rid of vulture problems. First, you need to look at what constitutes food sources. Remember we mentioned some of these above.

So, you only need to get rid of the garbage or dispose of it properly. One of the ways to do this is to securely close all trash cans.

You also need to dispose of carrion and other forms of food scraps properly.

Your livestock should be protected too. Although this small livestock is likely to run for cover when vultures are close, the sick ones wouldn’t.

Try keeping an eye open on sick livestock. You can separate and treat them (sick livestock) too.

  • Use Polyethylene Nets

Polyethylene nets are durable and are used against a wide range of birds, vultures included.

These are used as an exclusion measure to keep vultures out of an area. You can find these in stores near you. It doesn’t matter the size of vultures.

Polyethylene nets are heavy-duty nets that keep out vultures however large they are. You only need to install it as instructed.

  • Consider Using Spikes

Spikes have been used with much success.

As such, you can consider purchasing and installing these along surfaces most frequented by vultures. Such areas include trees, railings, rooflines, and just about anywhere these birds hand around.

Once installed, spikes create a hostile surface for birds to land on. This preventive measure has been used with great success. You too can benefit from it, keeping American black vultures off your roof.

  • Predator Eye Balloon

These balloons are designed with the sole purpose to scare birds away. Its holographic eyes do the magic as vultures are tricked into believing that a predator is near.

Movements made when blown by wind also make predator eye balloons a great tool for keeping your home free from vultures.

  • Motion Activated Sprinklers

Motion-activated sprinklers are used to solve multiple pest issues. Vulture presence is one of such. These sprinklers will shoot a jet of water whenever their sensors are activated by birds.

This is an efficient vulture scare tactic that is easy to use, yet gets the job done.

  • Cleanup All Vulture Droppings

Vulture droppings not only pose health risks and property damage but also attracts more vultures. This is why you need to clean up your surroundings whenever you find these droppings.

By keeping such surroundings clean, you can handle an existing infestation without having to deal with newcomer vultures.

Getting rid of turkey vultures has several advantages. We have mentioned some of the above. You also have the freedom to choose what works for your situation.

The easiest of these is to call a wildlife control professional. You won’t have to lift a finger to fight an infestation, as all the work is being handled by a pro.

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