How do indoor plug-in mosquito repellents work? What are the types? Are they effective? How about safety especially during pregnancy?

All these are salient questions we’ll be answering below.

You only need to be patient enough to read through for more juicy details.

Best Indoor Plug-in Mosquito Repellents

There’s no denying the fact that mosquitoes are among the deadliest pest problems to have. Over the years, several innovative responses geared towards eliminating mosquitoes have emerged.

One of those includes indoor plug-in repellents. You might be thinking of buying one or have already bought it but seek to know all about it.

About Indoor Mosquito Repellent Plug-in Devices

The name tells a lot about what these electronic devices are built for. These repellents emit ultrasonic sound waves that disorient and irritate mosquitoes.

You only need to have these plugged into a power outlet to get the job done.

There are lots of different indoor plug-in mosquito repellent products in the market. These belong to different brands some of which are very popular.

Despite coming from different manufacturers or brands, ultrasonic repellents all work on the same principles.

Do They Kill Mosquitoes?

From the onset, we’ve been more concerned about repelling mosquitoes instead of killing them.

Because people have different tolerant levels, some homeowners would prefer repelling these deadly pests than having them killed. The opposite applies to some people too.

Basically, indoor plug-in mosquito repellents are designed for purposes of repelling and not killing mosquitoes. If you’re wondering how they function, you’ll find such details below.

The point is, indoor plug-in mosquito repellents won’t kill mosquitoes but keep them at bay.

How Indoor Plug-in Mosquito Repellents Work

The brief explanation of its working principle provided earlier isn’t enough to offer full understanding. Most indoor plug-in mosquito repellents being sold are designed to emit high-frequency ultrasonic sound waves.

So, isn’t this harmful to human ears and those of pets?

You’ll have to consider the fact that certain sound wavelengths cannot be picked by the human ear. So, while it seems totally silent to you, it causes a lot of discomfort for mosquitoes and other insect pests.

This leaves us with the question of pet safety. Won’t it affect pets?

It’s common knowledge that pets pick up certain sound waves that aren’t audible to humans. Thankfully, most great products come with varying settings that can be selected to make them pet-friendly.

If you don’t have pets, there’ll be no need for tuning such settings.

Whenever you plug your electronic mosquito repellent device and turn it on, what happens is a situation where these mosquitoes are both disoriented and irritated. Ordinarily, they should be able to tolerate such sounds.

However, when it continues, these pests will seek to escape.

  • Are these Repellents the Same with Traps?

Apart from indoor repellents emitting high-frequency ultrasonic sounds to drive out mosquitoes, others are built as traps. These won’t be considered as our focus is only on indoor plug-in repellents.

Such repellents seek to keep them out while traps lure them in for a kill.

Types of Indoor Plug-in Mosquito Repellents

When it comes to types, there are lots of different repellent products. Each has one feature or the other that seeks to give it an edge over similar competing products.

The good thing is that you get added convenience in terms of options while also ridding your home surroundings of mosquitoes.

Some of the top products include Link Innovation Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent, Aspectek 5-in-1 Home Sentinel, Elzu Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent, and Pest Soldier Pest Control Ultrasonic Home Mosquito Repellent.

You may also want to consider the Arudge Mosquito Repellent for Home, as well as WILDJUE Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent.

There are lots of others we won’t be included here for want of time.

  • Link Innovation Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent

This is one of the top indoor plug-in repellents to consider for your mosquito problem. Its energy consumption is about 5 watts and is built of plastic. This product weighs about 0.6 ounces.

Not only does it repel mosquitoes, but it also keeps out spiders, rats, mice, and roaches among others.

  • Aspectek 5-in-1 Home Sentinel

The Aspectek 5-in-1 mosquito repellent brand comes installed with an animal setting. Not only is it an animal-friendly product, but the sound emitted also isn’t picked by humans.

Other pests repelled by it include spiders, roaches, rodents, and more. It consumes about 8 watts of power.

  • Elzu Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent

This indoor plug-in mosquito repellent requires about 5 watts of power. It covers an area of about 350 square feet and repels mosquitoes as well as several other pests.

Among these are ants, moths, roaches, rats, spiders, silverfish, and several others.

Even when you hear nothing, it causes a lot of discomfort to these pests. In terms of weight, this product measures around 2.88 ounces.

  • Pest Soldier Pest Control Ultrasonic Home Mosquito Repellent

If you’re only interested in using cruelty-free repellents, the Pest Soldier Pest Control Repellent easily serves such needs. It makes no noises and covers an area of about 2,150 square feet.

Asides from mosquitoes, other pests affected include rodents, ants, roaches, flies, and spiders among others.

  • Arudge Mosquito Repellent for Home

Arudge is another trusted brand when it comes to indoor plug-in mosquito repellents.

Covering an area of 1,000 square feet, this repellent product makes no noise. Not only does it repel mosquitoes, but it also keeps flies and roaches at bay.

As expected, it’s powered by electricity.

  • WILDJUE Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent

With the WILDJUE brand of indoor plug-in mosquito repellents, you’re able to repel mosquitoes alongside other pests that include rodents, ants, spiders, bugs, and fleas just to mention a few.

It only requires about 5 watts of power to function and covers an area of about 1,250 square feet.

Are These Repellents Safe For Pregnant Moms?

Expectant mothers are easily vulnerable not only to medications but also to a wide range of pesticides. So, does this extend to indoor plug-in mosquito repellents?

Thankfully there are no side effects on pregnant moms as well as their babies. In a nutshell, these repellents can be used without fear.

Indoor plug-in mosquito repellents do a lot to drive and keep out mosquitoes.

We’ve seen the different ways such repellent action is achieved.

Plus, some of the best products such as those provided above allow for adjustments to safeguard pets.

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