Keeping rabbits out of the garden has become a general concern as the highly prolific animals seek to satisfy their basic need. Though there are several ways to keep rabbits out of your garden, the best would be without a fence.

The advantages are numerous. But first, let me take you through two popular ways people have used over time and why it did yield expected results.

Rabbits are a lover of veggies, especially the tender ones. New seedlings and tender leaves are the best for rabbits. These are easy to chew, palatable, succulent, and also very good for their health.

Notably, the intruders feed under any circumstance. They have much faith in the ability of all their fore and hinge limbs to escape being caught. This is one good reason to prevent them from eating your plants.

Since they cannot plant, they invade any garden that is opportune to be filled with a suitable meal. If the garden is perceived as a good source of food; the rabbits find themselves a home around.

Rabbits can completely invade a garden within a short period. The capacity to breed many offspring within a short time makes them more unique in this aspect.

Many methods have been used to control rabbits but these common methods are of advantage but not the perfect answer.

The common protection against rabbits is fencing. This is done either by using a galvanized net or use of a wooden fence to create a barrier for the rabbits.

These two methods are important but can only result in a short-term effect.

Detering Rabbits From Garden Without Using Fence

For galvanized wire, rabbits can dig the ground. They can drill a sub-surface to create a passage straight into the garden.

This will provide them enough time to finish their meal operation.

This passage may not be suspected easily, making the garden more vulnerable to damage than expected.

For the wooden fence, the land will be vulnerable to termite invasion, making the plank a very sweet meal for another unexpected enemy. This will be making a two-time loss.
Some people think spending a long time in the garden during the day may reduce their invasion. They feel rabbits may still be in doubt of their presence when they decide to feed.

Most often, rabbits prefer to feed at night, and except you decide to keep night watch you might miss their arrival.

Then, the rabbits’ colony invades your garden at night till they are filled and satisfied.

How To Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden Without a Fence

Use of Metals to Create Sounds

Rabbits have special ears, equipping them with the ability to hear voices or sounds from afar. This makes them very alert just in case a predator is attempting to attack them.

This is one of the cheapest and effective methods. All you need are two irons or metal materials that can cling and create irregular sounds in the garden.

How can you achieve this?

Firstly, search for good sticks, dig the ground and insert the stick into the ground. Ensure that it is firmly in the soil beneath. Buy or look for two metals (tins are more preferable); tie these metals to the stick.

You can repeat these around different areas of the garden. All this method needs to function is a breeze. If the metals are light enough, they will be easily blown by the night breeze.

With several metals cringing at a time with the help of howling of the night wind, rabbits will not be comfortable around your garden.

Rabbits are known to be quiet animals that do away with noise. If this method is applied consecutively, Rabbits will be too scared to move near the garden. They will have no choice but to mark your garden as a threat and danger zone.

The Use of Disguise Human

This method is created with the use of sticks and a human-like figure or an old dress.
Just like the previous, you will have to insert sticks around the garden. However, this time you will need two sticks each for every angle. You will make a cross with the stick before inserting it deep into the ground.

Afterward, you will wear a stick and old cloth. A glowing dress will be appropriate. Apply as many as possible to fill your garden.

This method creates an impression in rabbits, by registering the presence of people staying in the garden; meanwhile, it’s a trick.

The Use of Dogs

Impressively, dogs are domestic animals to Man but wild to rabbits. Dogs are 80% carnivorous and do not feed on fresh leaves. Releasing dogs to the garden will help the garden in several ways.

Dogs are good with tracing scents or odors. Dogs will not only chase out rabbits from the garden.

Dogs can chase rabbits to their hole or hiding if possible the rabbits will be living in a close shelter.

They can also help destroy the holes and hideouts of rabbits. Dogs can also devour rabbits as a delicious meal.

The Use of Night Killer Birds (Owl)

Rabbits are animals vulnerable to fear. Making use of night hunters like an owl will send a message to any rabbit in the area. Owl can scare off and also give rabbits a good chase.

With its big eyes, the owl’s eyes can capture an entire garden. With its flying skills, monitoring the garden and observing strange movements around will not be too much of a job.

The owl is well known for night hunting while Rabbits are also known for night invasion. This scary method will discourage any once escaped rabbits from entering or moving near your garden for a free meal.

If you have doubts about the kind of animal or pet invading your garden, here are few tips to guide you.

Rabbits’ teeth are very sharp; this is evident in their style of feeding. A clear and sharp cut at the leaf edge without the leaf edge jagged is an exceptional attribute of a rabbit.

Rabbits’ long tooth favors the chewing of new seedlings or tender leaves.

Rabbits’ blackish-grey droppings are a shred of good evidence of rabbit invasion in your garden. The dropping is almost the size of a nut.

You should not allow such an ungrateful and unrepentant invader to finish up your daily labor over the night.

The four methods provided above will help you keep rabbits out of your garden without spending much on fencing.

If you are looking at using plants to resist them, here is a list of herbs that work

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