Can antifreeze or coke kill rats? Are these good control products for this rodent species? Find out.

A lot of unconventional methods have been applied for the treatment of a wide range of pest issues.

While some of these methods have been successful, others haven’t. We’re calling these methods unconventional because they aren’t the usual treatments adopted for rodent extermination.

One of those unconventional methods we’ll be focusing on here is the use of coke and antifreeze. Who would have thought that good ole coke can be used as a rat killer?

Will Antifreeze Or Coke Kill Rats?

Does it really work? Does antifreeze also kill rodents?

We’ll be discussing these two to find out what effect they have on rats.

The Increasing Immunity of Rats to Poison

Rat poisons have been used for ages to contain their activity.

Baits are laced with such poisons for rats to eat and die. While there has been a significant amount of success, these rodents have evolved over the years to increasingly develop immunity to poisons.

Rat poison is basically anything that will kill them upon ingestion.

While a lot of people have lost faith in the efficacy of poisons for rat control, there have been remarkable results from unexpected substances.

An example is a baking soda among several other natural remedies for rodent control.

Finding Answers

Does coke kill rats?

This assumption mostly arises from the fact that these rodents are attracted to sweetened foods. Also to be answered is the effect of antifreeze on rats.

Will antifreeze kill rats? Each of these will be discussed separately starting with Coke.

i. Does Coke Kill Rats?

Unless you live in North Korea, the brand Coca-Cola is among the most recognized in the world. Their most popular soda product Coke is what’s being focused on as a possible rat killer.

There have been lots of claims about the efficacy of this soda on rodents.

The thinking here is that as rats sip or drink Coke, the characteristic burps in humans that follow every time this fizzy drink is taken won’t apply to these rodents.

Such burps are simply ways the body releases the carbon dioxide gas contained in this drink. Rats are unable to release it.

As such, the popular belief is that when these gases accumulate in rats, there’s a buildup of pressure that eventually leads to their death. Is this theory really true?

Not exactly! Actually, that is a popular myth.

  • Just a Myth

While it’s true that rats can’t burp, the carbonation contained or generated from the amount of Coke soda consumed by a rat simply isn’t enough.

Based on their stomach size, rats can only consume a small amount of this soda.

You may actually end up experiencing the opposite.

In other words, instead of killing rats, using Coke for rat control may end up attracting more of them into your home. This ends up worsening your rodent condition.

With Coke soda use out of the equation as a rat control alternative, you’ll have to find an alternative that works.

Just like we did for Coke soda, let’s find out whether antifreeze has any exterminating effect on rats.

ii. Does Antifreeze Kill Rats?

As the name implies, antifreeze is basically a product used for lowering the freezing point of liquids such as water. It’s used in motor radiators to combat freezing caused by extremely cold temperatures.

Now, a lot of people have championed the use of antifreeze for rat extermination.

Is this true, and if so, how is it used? The main active ingredient in antifreeze is ethylene glycol. This gives antifreeze its sweetened taste which attracts rats.

This product when ingested as is or mixed with other foods will kill rats.

  • Killing Rats With Antifreeze

When ingested by rats, a homemade rat poison antifreeze becomes toxic to the rodent, thus plugging up its kidneys. After application, it may seem like there’s no result. However, the truth is, rats won’t get killed immediately.

Antifreeze is slow acting and will eventually take its toll after a few days.

Basically speaking, rats get killed after a few days. Due to its slow-acting nature, you’ll need to be a bit patient to allow this poison to take its toll.

However, you must ensure your antifreeze bait is actually ingested by the rat.

  • There are Risks to its Use

Although antifreeze will kill rats when ingested, it’s not recommended for rodent control. This is because your pets are exposed to the same toxic effect the product has on rodents.

This should only be considered when you do not keep or have pets around.

DIY Rat Control Measures aren’t so effective

Irrespective of the exterminating effect obtained from home remedies like antifreeze or any other, you’re unlikely to get comprehensive results.

In other words, rodents are difficult pests to deal with, therefore, there’s only so much you can do with these strategies.

Even with DIY treatment options like antifreeze, how you apply such treatment could be ineffective. Rats are clever and can easily make out when bait or poison is set for them.

Due to such situations, you may end up finding your poison being ignored.

These Products aren’t Originally Meant for Pest Control

You must understand that both Coke soda and antifreeze aren’t originally designed for pest control. Having such knowledge allows you to give them some leeway and not the definiteness that comes with rat poisons.

You can always seek alternative rodent control strategies as there are several of them.

Professional Pest Control will Best Serve your Needs

Due to the unreliable nature of DIY rodent treatments, it’s necessary to find something that works. Speaking of a treatment that works, consider paying for professional rat control.

These companies offer all sorts of pest solutions using different treatment techniques.

Your home will have to be inspected by a technician or group of technicians from the company to ascertain the level of rat activity.

Possible nesting areas or hideouts are also identified and the most appropriate treatment method deployed.

Killing rats with DIY techniques such as the use of Coke soda or antifreeze will achieve little results.

While Coke has been excluded as a potential treatment, antifreeze has been confirmed to be effective for rat extermination.

However, the only condition for its efficacy is when it’s properly applied

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