Lice house cleaning is not as complicated as it may sound to you. Interestingly, simple home remedies can help you feel clean and lice-free.

When head lice turn your black, brown, or blond hair into their residence, you need to take actions that evict them permanently, so you can feel clean and also feel like your head belongs to you.

Lice House Cleaning Process

Here are some house cleaning tips after lice treatment.

  1. Combing

You sometimes need simple combing to clean up the lice; you need to add some water.

According to medical reports, wet-combing makes lice more visible, so you can tell the difference from dandruff.

Combing the hair is not just about wet combing. You also need to spray some hair conditioner on your hair and a comb to comb out the lice.

This lice removal method is effective, but you will need a lot of patience to remove the lice in their hundreds at a time. More so, this is an old and traditional means of doing the lice house cleaning.

  1. Suffocate Lice

You can also suffocate lice by adding olive or almond oil to your hair (some may prefer Vaseline or mayonnaise).

After this, you should divide your hair into sections as you use the oil to work on them. Work the oil into each area properly for the best result.

And then, you can rinse out your hair and then comb it with regular shampoo and with warm water.

Ensure that you wash all towels and combs used to get rid of lice. Soak the comb in a bleach or Lysol solution, then rinse it properly.

Another way to sterilize the comb is to soak it in vinegar for at least 30 minutes or put it in boiling water for at least 10 minutes.

For the best result, you can repeat this, follow the procedure every day for a week and check it by regularly combing until you are satisfied that your hair is cleansed and free of lice.

  1. Apply Homemade Essential Oils

Treating lice with essential oils has proven to be very effective over time, although research has not been able to prove its safety of use for children.

However, you must ensure that your kids don’t swallow the oil because some essential oils are toxic.

Apart from this, some people are allergic to some of the oils, so before using it, put a drop of the mixed oils on the back of your palm or your kid’s to check for a reaction.

In the absence of none, you are good to go.

There are several essential oils that you can try for your lice house cleaning. If your kid reacts to one or a combination, you can move on to the next oil.

  1. Clean the house

Once there is a lice infestation on your child, there is a tendency you go on a cleaning spree in and out of your house. The truth is, there is no need for that rigorous house cleaning or fumigation.

Lice cannot survive outside the host so they won’t be far from the scalp; the nits can’t hatch at room temperature.

However, you should ensure that anything that has been used while in close contact with a lice host should be thoroughly washed—things like clothes, pillowcases, combs, brushes, headgears, caps, or hats.

You should wash these items in hot water and then put them in a hot dryer for up to 15 minutes. Otherwise, you can put those items in an airtight plastic bag.

Ensure it is airtight and leave it there for at least two weeks. Those lice will die since they cannot survive outside their host.

Another place to clean will be your floor and furniture because lice may have fallen off while combing your hair.

The best form of lice house cleaning is maintaining clean hair. Plus, it would be best if you avoided using both a shampoo and conditioner product before applying the lice treatment.

Whenever you are faced with a mild case of lice infestation, you should try out one of the home remedies.

The essential oils are very effective in combating lice infestation; even garlic has proven adequate. However, Anise and coconut oils have been proven to be the most effective in head lice extermination.

If you develop a rash or experience the infestation again after using any of the essential oils, you should try the over-the-counter shampoo.

And if this also proves ineffective, you can request a prescription from your doctor.

House Cleaning Tips For Lice: Dos and Don’ts

  • You don’t have to disinfect the entire house for lice infestation. All you need is a clean environment and, more importantly, clean hair so it won’t be able to house any louse.
  • Don’t use an overdose of the lice medication to make the infestation go away faster. Overdoses are harmful to your health and wellbeing. The ideal approach is to try the home remedy when it fails to work; you can then reach out.
  • Don’t repeat the lice treatment over and over again. It is better to apply for the medicine only once or at most three times. If the medication is repeated, the organism may resist the drug.
  • Please don’t use more than one medication at a time; it will not help eliminate the lice. Instead, it may cause more harm than good. Try natural remedies before buying over-the-counter medicines.
  • Don’t share your hair care items with others, and don’t use another person’s hair care items.
  • Don’t use fumigant spray on your hair.
  • Make sure you vacuum the floor, furniture, and other surfaces, especially in the areas where you might comb out your hair.
  • Don’t encourage your kids to share pillowcases, headgears, caps, etc., with other children.
  • Avoid using a hair conditioner while on medication to get rid of the lice.

The bottom line is; that a louse is a blood-sucking pest that makes the hair it’s habitat, living, breathing, and multiplying there.

Lice infestation happens real fast, and anyone can become infected; it has nothing to do with such a person’s healthy habits or lifestyle.

Even though lice infestation is not life-threatening or dangerous, it can be very uncomfortable because it leaves you feeling dirty, especially if you have to scratch your hair hard. This is why early treatment is essential.

Most importantly, try out the homemade remedies before getting a prescription for an over-the-counter medication. You can also search online for lice treatment centers near you.

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