What scent will keeps mice away? How do you stop these pests from entering your home? Find out more.

Mice invasion can be a difficult situation to deal with. This is more so when effective control strategies are not deployed.

How to Keep Mice Away from Your Bed and Apartment

If you have a mice situation in your home, business or both, you will find this article very useful. We will provide effective ways on how to keep mice away.

We understand that people will have a preference for certain mice control methods over others. It is our belief that you will find the most suitable methods among the listed methods to keep mice at bay.

1. Use of Mouse Traps

This method of mice control has been in use for a very long time. Over the years, innovative ways of trapping mice have been developed. This has led to the introduction of different types of traps. Such include;

  • Snap Traps

This trap, like all the others uses a bait to lure the mice. The mouse trap bait is placed on a plate on the trap. Once it is stepped on, it gets triggered and snaps. This crushes the mice in the process. For some people, this method is considered too harsh or cruel to rodents. They prefer more humane traps. This takes us to our next point;

  • Electronic Mouse Traps

Electronic mouse traps are considered more humane than snap traps. These run on batteries and deliver a quick shock to mice killing it fast. When using the electronic mice traps, you need to check frequently to dispose dead mice before they start smelling from decomposition.

  • Catch and Release Traps

These are the most humane types of traps. It helps you keep mice away by trapping them without causing them harm. You will need to take the trap out to release them. To make this control strategy effective, you need to close/block all points of entry used by mice.

2. Calling a Mice Exterminator

People with difficult mice infestation problems prefer this method. Sometimes, mice can become evasive and prove impossible to contain ourselves. No matter how complicated the situation is, it is no match for the professionals. Why so?

A. Experience and Training

While you are not trained on pest management, the same cannot be said for exterminators. These professionals have been well trained as well as experienced in the art of mice elimination.

B. An Investigation of the Property

When these experts are called in, they listen to understand your concern before investigating it. They are knowledgeable on the mice behavior and breeding patterns. This helps them identify the nesting grounds as well as the entry and exit points.

C. Treatment

Treatment depends on the findings and recommendations provided. The advantage here is that mice are completely exterminated and your property reinforced to keep them away. In the event that you notice a mice incident within a stipulated time frame after treatment, treatment is repeated.

3. Use of Home Remedies

These are common yet highly effective methods of keeping mice away. They include different techniques which are popular among users due to its non-toxic nature. These include some of the most effective natural ways to keep mice away;

So what keeps mice away naturally?

  • Natural Predators

Some natural predators serve as pets and as well as prey on mice. Although this strategy has been used for ages, it’s still as effective as ever. Cats are excellent mice predators. While this is true, there are responsibilities attached to the care of cats. Many pet lovers will not mind the roles they have to play and will gladly do so.

On the other hand, there are those who will prefer using other predators. Barn owls prey on mice and can either be used together with cats or alone depending on your needs. If you have trees around your home, you can hang nests on these trees. Before long, the presence of these predators will keep mice at bay.

  • Using Onions

This is yet another natural method of keeping mice off your property. All you need do is slice these onion and keep out of the reach of pets. This is because some pets may find it toxic. Mice hate the pungent smell given off by onions and will stay away.

However you need to ensure that you replace these onions to avoid decay. The resulting smell can create a lot of discomfort.

  • Apply Essential Oils

Essential oils play an important role in keeping pests at bay. One of such oils is peppermint oil. This is a highly efficient irritant to mice. Although it may have a pleasant smell to you, the same cannot be said for mice. Apart from peppermint oil, the peppermint plant achieves the same result.

You can plant these round your home. To ensure mice never come close. When applying this oil, all you need is a cotton wool or cotton buds. These are dipped into the oil and placed at different entry points to your home. The smell drives mice away in no time. This is one of the most widely used essential oils to keep mice away.

  • Sealing up Holes

One of the easiest ways mice enters into properties is through available entry points. These can be holes or spaces around doors and windows etc. To keep mice away, you need to seal these openings or holes. This can be done with steel wool. This material is used because they cannot burrow their way in again.

Another method is by using cement to cover these holes. Sometimes finding such holes can be difficult. However you will know where they are when you observe the movement of these mice.

  • Cloves

Cloves, like peppermint has a similar effect on mice. Its pungent smell is released even more when crushed. You also have the alternative of using clove oil. For best results, apply to areas most used by mice. The smell drives and keeps them out of your home.

  • Good Old Instant Potatoes

This is one of the cheapest ways to keep mice away. You will need to keep it out of reach to pets if you have any. Once ingested, instant potatoes will expand in the gut and dehydrates it. The expansion kills the mouse.

  • Ammonia

Ammonia is also a good home remedy for keeping mice at bay. The pungent smell it gives off irritates mice. The downside to the use of this method is that it can also be toxic to humans. Its pungent smell is awful. It is best to only use it in areas where you will not visit constantly. These may include basements or the attic etc.

  • Baking Soda

If there is a remedy for mice infestation that is safe for pets, it is baking soda. All you need to do is to mix equal parts of flour, baking soda and sugar. The combination of sugar and flour is loved by mice. Without adding any water, you only need to keep this in areas most infested with mice.

Upon feeding on the mixture, baking soda poisons mice by distorting the acid balance in the gut.

  • Electronic Ultrasound Waves

Electronic gadgets that release ultrasound waves are available for sale in stores. These come in different variants and emit ultrasound waves that cause severe discomfort to mice. These require batteries or just need to be plugged into a socket or power source.

If your property is large, you may need to purchase multiple units of this gadget. These will enhance the spread of ultrasound waves.

  • Bay Leaves

These leaves are toxic to mice. For best results, simply pluck these leaves and crush them. This makes it even more effective. The crushed leaves should be spread along the routes most followed by mice. This can be repeated in regular intervals (3 days).

  • Mothballs

The use of mothballs in keeping mice away is well known. It gives off Naphthalene which is toxic to mice. It is also toxic to humans and pets therefore extreme caution should be applied. The best way to keep mice away using this technique is by blocking all mice entry points with it.

  • Starvation

This strategy of mice control is highly effective! All you need to do is to simply remove all traces of food leftovers. You can do this by properly disposing unwanted food, and proper storage of all types of foodstuff. Water leakages should also be fixed.

Doing this eliminates all sources of feeding making your home uninhabitable. Another way is to properly dispose waste. Your trashcan should have a lid. This should be sealed at all times.

  • Make a Hot Pepper Spray

This natural remedy involves making your own hot pepper mixture with hot pepper and habanero pepper as the primary ingredients. This mixture is boiled and cooled down. It is filtered and then poured into a spray bottle.

When applying this, care should be taken so it doesn’t get into your eyes. Gloves are also recommended. Mice are unable to survive in an area where this is sprayed.

We have seen the several ways you can keep mice away. These options enables you choose the most preferred home mice control methods that fits your needs. It is important to note that you can use a combination of these methods as well as choosing a specific strategy. Whichever you choose is absolutely up to you.