How much does it cost to remove a mole? Here is the average cost of hiring an exterminator.

When faced with a mole problem, the most reliable way to fix this problem isn’t by doing it yourself. Rather, it’s best to call reliable pest control services.

Now, the cost of extermination is one important detail you’ll need to find out.

This is our focus as we discuss how much it will cost you to have moles exterminated.

Seeing mounds appear in your lawn and garden areas can be quite disheartening as these alter or damage the beauty of your surroundings. Taking charge of the situation will cost you.

So, how much will be charged by a pest control company to have these moles flushed out and exterminated?

Average Mole Extermination Cost

The average price range charged by pest control services for mole extermination is around $170 to $350. If you’re wondering whether this price applies to your location, you have the national average of $260 to work with.

At the minimum, professional mole extermination will cost around $50.

Prices can climb significantly to around $550. It all depends on several factors such as the severity of infestation among other things. We’ll be discussing more on this shortly.

There’s more to mole extermination cost than the prices listed above.

Why is there a substantial variation in exterminator costs? Such differences depend on the extent of extermination and the area covered.

Significant infestation rates will require more work and take more time. Pest technicians will need to follow a detailed process to flush and exterminate these pests using efficient treatment methods.

Although there is also an option for live removal which is much easier and costs less, we’re more interested in mole extermination.

Factors Influencing Mole Control Costs

When you suspect a mole presence and call a pest control company, an inspection of the suspected area and other surroundings is carried out. If a mole presence is confirmed, the best extermination strategy is adopted.

Now, such a strategy may vary from one situation to the next.

A lot of companies provide free inspection services. However, the price quote for extermination services will depend on multiple factors. These range from the size of your property, the number of gophers found as well as the difficulty of the terrain.

  • Size of Property

The presence of moles within your property will require urgent action. Larger properties with moles spread across most parts of the yard and garden will cost more to exterminate than a smaller property.

This is simply due to the wider area to be covered.

  • The Number of Moles Found

Most times, the number of moles found cannot be determined by inspection. It will require taking extermination measures to find out how many there are. Some pest control companies will charge you a $50 trip fee including $20 for each mole removed or exterminated.

These numbers vary from company to company. To get the best rates, it will be necessary to conduct your survey of pest control services nearest to you and find out how much they charge for their extermination services.

Mole services price quotes may be given in addition to inspections.

  • Difficulty of Terrain

Access to the mole-infested area will likely influence extermination costs.

Certain terrains can be treacherous, making them difficult to access. These are factored into the overall costs during inspection and treatment.

As such, even when there’s a local extermination rate for moles, these conditions will likely alter such rates. In other words, the situation on the ground determines the fee you’ll eventually pay.

Professional Mole Extermination Methods

When professionals are called upon to carry out mole extermination, it takes about 3 to 5 days of visits to eventually flush these pests out.

A variety of methods are used such as mole traps and fumigation. Some traps can be quite big.

These are set along suspected burrows to shoot down spikes when triggered. This will be quite dangerous if there are pets or kids around. The other method is by introducing poisoned baits.

Possible tunnels are found and baits introduced. These are in the form of grubs that are loved by moles. This kills them when ingested. However, care should be taken when removing dead moles.

Cats or other pets shouldn’t be allowed to feed on them as they might be poisoned too.

Mole burrows can be fumigated too. This is also effective in getting rid of the problem. The extermination cost covers any of the methods to be used.

All possible scenarios are taken into consideration when calculating the service cost.

Cost Of Different Mole Extermination Methods

The treatment procedures followed as well as methods etc play a part in determining how much you end up paying.

Speaking about extermination methods used, there are several.

A professional will use several processes for killing moles including the use of traps, fumigation, and baiting.

  • Cost of Mole Traps

Deployment of mole traps is among methods likely to be used by an exterminator. Now, traps vary in design as well as cost.

Depending on the devices used, the average cost range for mole extermination using traps is between $50 and $150. This cost applies to the setup fee. Prices could climb depending on the number of traps being used.

The fewer the traps are, the lesser the cost of extermination. The reverse is also true with more traps being positioned. Per mole, a fee is likely to be charged. This fee ranges from $20 to $80.

On average, you’re likely to pay about $50 per mole

Traps are of varying kinds. If you want a non-lethal approach to mole treatment, humane traps will be used for purposes of catching moles unhurt and relocating them from your yard.

When lethal methods are used, trapping and fumigation might be combined.

  • Cost of Mole Fumigation

Another mole extermination method that’s likely to be applied in your situation is the fumigation method. As stated earlier, fumigation might be combined with trapping for best results.

This is mostly the case because mole fumigation alone isn’t enough to get the job done.

The cost of mole fumigation is around $260. The more challenging the infestation, the higher your cost will be.

You always have the opportunity of discussing with your service provider on cost-effective strategies applicable to your situation.

  • Cost of Poisonous Mole Bait

Some mole extermination procedures adopt the use of poisonous bait.

As expected, the goal is to have these burrowing mammals poisoned. However, moles will have to eat the bait for that to happen.

Around $40 to $75 is charged for poisonous bait application.

On average, you might incur an extermination fee of $50. In terms of how effective the treatment procedure is, poisonous mole bait tends to be less effective when compared to trapping.

Plus, this treatment option isn’t offered by all pest management services.

Will DIY Mole Extermination Reduce Cost?

It’s quite obvious that getting the job done yourself will be much cheaper than calling a pro. While this is true, it isn’t necessarily the best option available.

Nevertheless, it it’s a much cheaper option in the short term. Are you wondering why short-term? It’s short-term because the extermination job may not be properly done.

Because your understanding of mole behavior is limited, you may only succeed in catching a single mole while leaving behind some others.

This method prolongs mole infestation for longer than necessary. You might end up still paying for professional control which increases your total expenses on the same problem.

How Much Will It Cost to Exterminate Moles Yourself?

If you think professional pest control services are too expensive, you might want to carry out the extermination yourself. So, will this cost less? Let’s find out.

To exterminate moles, you’ll need to get the right tools or traps.

Also, identifying where these moles are hiding will be necessary.

A proper inspection will be among the difficult tasks to perform. You’ll need to know what to look out for. This process will be much easier if you have prior experience and know what to look out for.

Moles hardly leave their burrows open, therefore, you’ll need to figure out exactly where they are to kill them.

If you decide to use poison bait, it will cost around $5 to $60 or even more depending on type, brand and the number of baits needed.

If you wish to use mole traps, these will cost around $5 to $25 depending on type, material, and size.

Professional Mole Control to the Rescue

To have your mole problem comprehensively resolved, you’ll need to call in the pros. Pest management companies have all sorts of solutions to pest issues.

To benefit from such, pest control fees are incurred.

Before treatment begins, professional pest management services dispatch trained and experienced technicians to the infested area. Your yard or lawn is inspected and a treatment plan is agreed upon.

Some of the best service providers allow for your input by way of your most preferred treatment strategy.

Of course, this process is followed by an estimation of the job. In other words, a quote is issued at the end of the inspection

Which Option Costs More?

We’ve seen the two main options for mole extermination you can choose from.

These include calling for professional help as well as getting the job done yourself. It will cost more to call a professional. However, you’re likely to get better results.

Although performing the task yourself is possible, it will be more difficult if you have no real knowledge of mole extermination and the best ways to apply treatments.

At the end of the day, you might still be having an unsolved problem.

While seeking the best deal it is important to allow the professionals to get the job done. Doing it yourself won’t be as reliable as it might result in wasted effort.

The Cost of Fixing Mole Damage

After moles have been removed from your yard or lawn, what remains is to have the damage fixed. It isn’t the job of the pest technician to fix such damage.

A landscaper is skilled in such tasks. Fixing mole damage will require finding all holes and filling all of them in addition to replanting grass in damaged areas and aerating the lawn.

These and any other fixes are likely to incur a fee ranging from $15 to as much as $600. This cost will include an average hourly fee of $75.

Final Thoughts

There are two main cost-influencing factors when it comes to mole control. These include the number of trips required by an exterminator as well as the number of moles active within your yard.

This is why it’s common to find exterminators following a pricing structure that charges a per-mole fee as well as per trip.

For a lot of homeowners, this could be disturbing as it’s assumed that the number of mounds created by moles represents the number of moles present. In reality, only a few (between two to three) moles are present.

Here, your per-mole fee shouldn’t be very significant.

Dealing with the cost of extermination for moles is one of the first things a lot of people think about. This influences their decisions on the pest control service to use as well as finding ways to get the most value from such services.

It will be in your best interest to let your pest technician understand your needs while also following all the recommendations provided.

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