Mosquito fogging also known as bombing is one of the most effective ways to deal with the insect once and for all. It has to do with the use of foggers or bombs to eliminate mosquitoes from the house.

Mosquito fogging may sound new to some persons. But if you are familiar with roach bombing or bed bug fogging, then mosquito fogging wouldn’t be all that difficult for you to grab.


Mosquito foggers contain insecticides that once activated create a kind of mist. This mist is usually suspended in the air for some minutes before finally settling on the floor and other surfaces in the room.

Within the period that it is in the air, the fog created by activating the mosquito foggers kills any mosquito that flies around the room. As long as it comes in contact with it, the mosquito will be eliminated.

Even after it has settled on the floor, the chemicals will continue to kill any mosquito or other smaller insects that come in contact with it.

If mosquitoes are a major challenge in the area where you live, you might have to consider adopting this method to eradicate them from your house. The good thing is, it doesn’t even take much to do.

You can get it done as soon as possible.

Do Mosquito Foggers Work?

Mosquito is a major cause of death all over the world, so it is not a surprise people want to know if fogging will truly work against them.

While some people will immediately answer “yes” to this question, you must know that fogging has its limitations, like several pest control methods out there. These considerations will help you decide if you would adopt the method or not.

Foggers, as I have mentioned before, contain chemicals that are known to kill mosquitoes. Once activated, they create a kind of fog in the room. The fog contains the insecticide which automatically kills any mosquito that comes in contact with it.

There are two main types of these devices, thermal foggers, and cold ULV foggers. We will talk more about each of them as we go on.

Depending on the type of mosquito fogger used, how and where it is applied, their impacts can vary greatly around the house. However, on a general basis, mosquito foggers work.

Whether you are dealing with a large or small population of mosquitoes at home, you can use mosquito foggers to eradicate them in a very short time as this device works both for indoor and outdoor treatments.

Below are the major types of mosquito foggers you need to know


There are two main types of mosquito foggers you will often come across. Below is a complete explanation of how both of them work.

  1. Thermal Mosquito Foggers

The thermal mosquito foggers turn a liquid insecticide into fog, mist, or smoke using a heating coil. They mostly use paraffin oil, diesel, or any other carbon carrier solution to achieve this.

Since thermal foggers operate at high temperatures which normally involve an open flame, they are not recommended for indoor use. They are best used outdoors to kill mosquitoes hiding anywhere outside the house.

Using them outdoors also helps prevent the danger that may result from their usage. E.g. Asphyxiation.

  1. Ultra-Low Volume Foggers (Cold Foggers)

These types of mosquito foggers are the most commonly used around the world.

They work with electricity instead of heat. You can use them to eliminate mosquitoes both indoors and outdoors without having to worry about asphyxiation.

Cold foggers are more effective when compared with thermal foggers. The reasons are:

  1. During the conversion process, some volume of the liquid insecticide is lost to burning in the use of thermal foggers. In cold foggers, you do not lose any of the liquid.
  2. Cold foggers can be used to eliminate mosquitoes both indoors and outdoors. They disperse the fog, mist, or smoke produced from the liquid chemical at a higher velocity for more effective results.

So if you are faced with the option of choosing between the two types of devices, the best thing to do is to choose the cold foggers for eliminating mosquitoes.

It is not as if the thermal types don’t work, it is just that the ultra-low volume types are a better option. They take away the need of having to use different foggers to treat the inside and outside of your home.

Examples of mosquito fogging machines available on the market:

  • Golden Eagle
  • VectorFog H100SF Thermal Fog Machine
  • LongleyLongray TS36S
  • VectorFog H500SF Truck Mounted Thermal Fogger
  • Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger (our top pick)
  • Fogmaster Jr. Handheld Fogger
  • Tri Jet ULV Non-Thermal Fogger
  • Black Flag 90107 Electric Insect Fogger
  • Cutter Backyard Bug Control

How Long Does It Take To Start Seeing The Results

The amount of time it takes to start noticing the effects of mosquito fogging at home depends on several factors.

First is the type of fogger used, when and where it was used. If done correctly, you should start noticing results within minutes.

Though it is not possible to completely get rid of all the mosquitoes at home in minutes, the use of foggers will greatly reduce their numbers.

Another major factor that affects the time it takes to get rid of the mosquitoes during fogging is the type of chemical used.

Some fogging chemicals are known to be more effective in enclosed areas while others may do well both indoors and outdoors.

Let’s learn more about them below.

Type of Chemicals in Mosquito Fogging

There are two main types of mosquito fogging chemicals that individuals and pest control companies use.

  • Residual Chemicals For Fogging  

These types of chemicals take a long time to fade away. During mosquito fogging, the residue settles on floors, windows, and other surfaces. This creates a kind of barrier that eliminates not just mosquitoes but every other insect that comes in contact with it.

The moment they touch the chemical, they die.

When used to fog the environment outside of the house, residual chemicals may end up killing other helpful insects in the yard, especially those found in gardens. That is the major reason residual types are recommended for use mainly in home interiors, where it may be necessary to eliminate every insect present.

  • Non-Residual Chemicals For Mosquito Fogging

The non-residual chemicals work almost in a similar way as the residual types. The only difference is that it takes lesser time for whatever remains of them to fade away.

The non-residual types are mainly for use outdoors. They can wipe away mosquito populations from the environment they are applied to without causing major harm to other insects in the same area. This is because it doesn’t take much time for their effects to fade off.

Also, you can apply this type of chemicals in places where mosquitoes breed and feed outdoors and not worry about the post-application effects.

Below are some commercial brands of mosquito fogging chemicals you will see in the market today.

  • ULD HydroPy-300
  • Mosquito Mist Ultra
  • Fog RX Propane Insect Fogger
  • CSI 4-4 Mosquito, Fly & Gnat Control
  • 30-30 Mosquito Fly & Gnat Control
  • Cirrus Fogging Concentrate
  • Shockwave Fogging Concentrate
  • ULD BP-100 Fogging Concentrate
  • Pyrocide 300 (3% Pyrethrum Fogging Concentrate)

Where And How To Carry Out Mosquito Fogging

Mosquitoes are known to transmit different kinds of diseases. Malaria and filariasis being among them.

Without knowing how and where to use foggers to kill them, you may be shocked to discover a lot of them still living within your home, causing problems here and there.

To eliminate the mosquitoes by fogging, you need to pay attention to where they breed. These include areas where there are grasses, firewood, standing water, swimming pools, the garden, and so on.

Mosquitoes are known to be more active during the night and very early in the morning. These are the two times they come out of their hiding places to feed.

If you are going to get rid of them by fogging, you  need to target these two periods,

Before fogging a room, ensure that edible items like fruits and foodstuffs are completely removed. If you have pets or kids in the house, take them somewhere else.

Whatever surface you would not want the fog to settle on must be securely covered before the fogging takes place.

Once you have removed the items, close every entrance or exit in the room so that no mosquito will escape.

Then, go ahead and activate the mosquito fogger.

After that, allow for some minutes or hours to pass before re-entering the room. This will help limit your exposure to the chemicals.

After the time has elapsed, allow some fresh air into the room to make it safe for people to enter.

Best Mosquito Foggers To Buy (Buyers Guide)

There are several mosquito fogging machines that you can buy and use in eliminating the insects from your house.

To choose the best from the several options you will find out there, you will have to consider the fogging machine price, manufacturer, and user reviews.

Do not just buy one because the description on the fogging device says “very effective against mosquitoes”. Ensure you read up one or two comments from people that have used the device.

A good place to do that online is on Amazon, Walmart, and several other online shopping malls. You can also check their social media pages and read what customers who have used the products say about them.

That way you will be saving yourself from wasting money on mosquito foggers that do not work.

In Summary

Fogging pest control is one of the best ways to eradicate insects.

Another method that is known to work on different species of mosquitoes that have currently been identified all over the world is the use of an automatic mist sprayer.

Is mosquito everywhere in your house? Fogging is a proven method to kill them.

I hope you find this information useful.

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