We will be discussing Moxie’s pest control cost.

Moxie pest control is a pest service that commenced operation in 2001.

Moxie Pest Control Prices

Over the years, it has grown into one of the most formidable pest service providers spread across various cities. One of the areas most clients are most concerned about is the pricing structure.

Due to rising interests shown in this area, we’ve decided to discuss all of Moxie’s pest control prices.

If you’ve wanted to know just how much it will cost to have Moxie’s technicians come over for pest treatment, this is where you’ll get all the juicy information.

Coverage Area

Before we delve into the cost details, it’s important to first make mention of Moxie’s coverage areas.

Moxie pest control has operations spread across various cities and states. Some of these coverage areas include Atlanta, Austin, Chantilly, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Denver.

Other areas include Kansas City, Las Vegas, Maryland, Minneapolis, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Orange County, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Raleigh. You’ll also find Moxie’s Services in Riverside, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, St. George, St. Louis, Stafford, Tucson, and Tulsa.

If you live within these coverage areas, then the information provided within this article should be relevant. We know you can’t wait to learn about Moxie’s Pest Control prices.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the details.

Prices Vary by Pest Problem

Pest control prices are quite vague. Detailed discussions about this subject matter will be necessary. Now, homeowners deal with a wide variety of pest issues.

These range from mice, ants, bed bugs, termites, roaches, and fly problems. Others include rats, mosquitoes, fleas, wasps, mosquitoes, spiders, etc.

Treatment costs incurred for each of these pest problems vary. This is due to the level of difficulty involved. Certain pest problems such as bed bugs and termite infestations are considered among the most difficult to deal with.

As such, the level of difficulty in getting the job done is factored into treatment costs. Moxie Pest Control has a pricing structure it uses to set treatment costs.

Now, their many factors determining pest control cost. These and more will be treated shortly.

How Much Does Moxie Pest Control Cost?

As stated earlier, the type of pest problem being treated determines the cost.

Moxie charges varying rates with wasp nest removal going for $390. Its bat removal services cost an average of $500, the mouse exterminator goes for $525 while the ant exterminator attracts a fee of $250.

Other fees include bed bug exterminator at $900, bee nest removal for $550, termite treatment going for $520, and fleas exterminator at $270. Its roach treatment goes for around $300 while raccoon removal is around $450.

These prices aren’t standard but follow a pricing model that takes into account the size of your home.

Also, pest control prices may be determined by whether a property is remotely located or whether such property has a unique pest problem.

Moxie Treatment Costs Per Categories

Moxie Pest Control categorizes its pest treatment services into small, medium, large, extra-large, and double XL. Each of these categories attracts a certain fee based on the size of the treated area.

Let’s take a look at each category as follows;

  • Small

Under Moxie’s small pricing category, the treatment area is limited to about 2,000 sq. ft.

This attracts a treatment fee starting from $69 per treatment. However, other factors may also come into play to impact treatment costs. In other words, you may end up paying more than the $69 per treatment.

  • Medium

Moxie’s medium pest treatment plan serves clients having medium-sized properties. Speaking of size, the coverage area measures about 2,000 to 4,000 sq. ft.

Here, treatment cost for properties within this size bracket starts at about $79 per treatment. As stated earlier, costs could go up based on several factors to be discussed shortly.

  • Large

If your property measures about 4,000 to 5,000 sq. ft. then you’re likely to attract a starting fee of $89 per treatment. The word “likely” is used because prices could go up depending on factors on the ground.

A Moxie technician will have to come around to perform an on-the-spot assessment of your property.

  • Extra Large

Properties within the “extra-large” bracket are those that measure about 5,001 to 6,000 sq. ft.

This will require or consume more treatment chemicals among other supplies. Moxie charges a starting fee of around $99 per treatment.

To know the exact costs for a property within this size bracket, you’ll need to have a Moxie technician visit you. Here, an onsite assessment is performed.

  • Double XL

Properties considered to be within the double XL range are those measuring over 6,000 sq. ft.

For these, a starting fee of $99 also applies. How much you pay is determined by an actual visit by a technician from Moxie.

Other Pest Issues Treated by Moxie

We earlier mentioned some pest issues covered by Moxie.

Others include earwigs, gophers, pillbugs, centipedes, voles, beetles, box elder boxes, and silverfish. Whatever your pest issues are, you only need to contact Moxie.

Factors Affecting Moxie Pest Control Prices

We’ve made several mentions of existing factors that influence Moxie’s pest control price.

Here, we’ve gone further to identify these as building characteristics, property size, the severity of pest problem, and type of treatment.

The number of treatments to be made is another.

  • Building Characteristics

What type of building needs to be treated? Treating commercial buildings tend to cost more than residential ones. Also, an older property attracts treatment costs.

  • Property Size

It’s clear from our discussion so far that property size factors into pest control price. We’ve made several comparisons based on size too.

  • The severity of the Pest Problem

The severity of the pest problem is a major cost determinant as well.

Certain pest issues tend to be more challenging to deal with. For such, extra effort is made to surmount existing infestations. Of course, this reflects in treatment costs.

  • Treatment Type

Treatment types mostly include natural and chemical treatments. Of these two, natural pest treatments tend to cost more.

  • Pest Type

Certain pest issues can be easily managed without much damage to your structure. However, there are those (such as termites) that cause significant structural damage.

These are key pricing details for Moxie Pest Control. Here, crucial areas have been focused on and discussed.

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