Does orange oil kill termites? In this guide, we will separate facts from myth, look into the pros, cons, and cost of the product, as well as where to purchase this natural termite killer.

Termite problems are very serious and a major concern for many homeowners. It’s easy to see why this is dreaded by property owners. Every year, termites cause major damage to structures running into billions of dollars.

Anyone having termite issues will like to find a fast and reliable solution.

Orange oil has been touted by many as a reliable treatment for termite problems. So, is it really effective?

We’re interested in discussing this product and also finding out if measures up to conventional treatments like termite fumigation. Your time won’t be wasted by going through this article.

Orange Oil Termite Control

As the name implies, orange oil is derived from an orange.

It’s actually extracted from orange peel and understandably has a strong citrus smell, plus, it’s insoluble in water. Upon folding or pressing an orange peel, you’ll find oil coming out from it.

Orange oil has a wide range of uses including pest control.

  • How Orange Oil Works

To better appreciate this termite treatment, it’s important to know how it works.

As an orange rind extract, this oil contains an active ingredient known as D-limonene. D-limonene is known to exterminate termites on contact.

Their exoskeleton is what’s most affected as the active ingredient breaks down. Termite eggs aren’t spared as well. When they come in contact with orange oil, such eggs are destroyed.

If you wish to have a more convenient termite treatment that won’t require moving out, orange oil treatment will be among those considered.

Orange Oil Termite Treatment Options

Over the years, orange oil is an effective natural remedy against termite problems. As a matter of fact, it’s being used by pest control services as one of the natural methods of termite treatment.

  • Orange Oil Termite Treatment isn’t 100% Effective Though

This might sound a bit contradictory to readers because we just mentioned that this product is effective. Well, while orange oil is effective, it isn’t 100% effective.

How so? A study from the University of California revealed that under ideal conditions, orange oil was only about 77% effective. This level of efficacy might sound sufficient enough to the untrained person, but in reality, it has its downsides.

You’ll need to consider the fact that you’re dealing with a termite problem. Nothing is better than having termites completely exterminated.

You should know that even when most of the termite population is decimated, only two termites can restart a colony. So, while orange oil might get the job done to a certain degree, it isn’t 100% reliable.

Where To Apply Orange Oil Termite Treatment

One of the key things you need to know about orange oil treatments is that it’s more reliable for treating certain types of termite infestations. There are drywood termites as well as subterranean termites.

From the names given, it’s easy to understand the nature of these termites.

Drywood termites mostly infest drywood while their subterranean counterparts live in the soil. Now, orange oil is best used on drywood termites as they have their colony within the wood they infest.

As such, treatment can be focused on the wood for significant results.

If you have a subterranean termite problem, orange oil won’t be the right treatment to apply.

This is because these termites live in the soil and only come up to feed on damp wood.

Your orange treatment won’t do any good in exterminating such termites completely.

Pros and Cons of Using Orange Oil for Termite Treatment

When it comes to applying orange oil to your termite problems, a clear understanding of its advantages and disadvantages will be necessary.

With these, you’re able to know if such treatment is worth it or not.

  • Pros

There are multiple advantages when using orange oil for termite treatment.

First off, there’s the benefit of low toxicity. Every homeowner who cares for the environment will be wary of the effect of the termite treatment applied.

The low toxicity levels of orange oil compared to other termite control options means it’s environmentally friendly. What more? You get the added benefit of zero damage from treatment to roof tiles.

As mentioned earlier, orange oil is an effective treatment against drywood termites but that isn’t all. You also get to eliminate other wood-boring pests like beetles and carpenter ants.

With orange oil treatment, there’ll be no need to move out during treatment as it’s not toxic to humans.

Unlike what obtains during fumigation, there’s no need to cover food and medications before and during the treatment process. This still borders on the low toxicity of orange oil.

Your plants won’t be affected either. So, the need to have plants relocated is unnecessary.

  • Cons

While there are multiple benefits of orange oil treatment for termites, it’s important to also know about the disadvantages. First off, subterranean termites won’t be effectively exterminated using this treatment.

This is due to the nature of their habitat.

Orange oil termite treatment has zero residual effect. This means only visible termite infestations can be treated. After treatment, there’s no guaranteed protection against future infestations.

Even with its low toxicity, there are downsides to orange oil use for termite treatment. Prolonged exposure is likely to result in conditions like vomiting, eye irritation, nausea, as well as skin and lung irritation.

Other symptoms are also possible.

Are there termite companies that use orange oil?

Using orange oil for termite treatment won’t be a viable option when dealing with a major infestation. Traditional treatments such as fumigation tend to be less expensive than using orange oil for large-scale termite treatment.

Multiple treatments will need to be administered for the best results.

Does Orange Oil Work for Termites?

Applying orange oil once may not give significant results. Also, you’ll need to have holes drilled into termite-infested wood and walls to correctly apply orange oil treatment.

You should also be wary of the flammable nature of orange oil. When used for termite treatment, ensure it isn’t applied in a way that results in fire.

Orange oil termite treatment has been proven to give real results to most drywood termite infestations.

This is a treatment to consider for homeowners seeking environmentally friendly ways to get rid of termite problems. It’s important to use orange oil the right way.

Too much exposure to fumes may lead to irritations earlier mentioned.

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