How much does Orkin cost? Is this company worth the amount they charge?

In this guide, we will look at the average Orkin pest control prices, including factors that influence what the company charges you for its service.

Renowned for providing comprehensive and satisfactory pest extermination services to households and corporate clients, Orkin has become a trusted name in the pest control industry with its exceptional services making it a major player in the industry.

How much does Orkin charge? Let’s find out.

Orkin Prices And Rates According To Pest Species

Orkin is a formidable company with an international presence. However, it’s about an important aspect of their operations that we seek to learn more; pricing and payment plans.

But why is this Important?

Because the average Orkin man prices play a huge role in the demand and supply of vermin removal services.

Hence for the reader who’s interested in knowing how much Orkin charges for comparison purposes, we are confident that you have come to the right place.

Join us as we go through the financial implications for hiring an Orkin man;

Basic Information About Orkin Company

Orkin is an industry leader when it comes to the provision of pest control services. This company has a presence in about 46 states within the U.S with over a century (about 119 years) since it was founded. This reflects a huge experience in the pest control services sector.

Are you wondering what states have no Orkin presence? Wonder no more. Orkin is absent in the states of Wyoming, Alaska, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Orkin is also an international pest control brand with a presence in about 83 countries and counting. It also has a presence in 5 out of the 7 continents of the world.

About Orkin Pest Control Service, Charges, And Deals

Most times, clients seek answers to questions such as “Should I go with Orkin?”

Well, the answer(s) to this question depends on several aspects of its services compared to others. As regards the pricing of its services, Orkin offers clients quite affordable and comprehensive plans.

These consist of a wide range of services having different pricing plans. In summary, the Orkin pricing structure falls within industry standards. Details of such services will become clearer as you read through.

An advantage of having an Orkin man re-visit your home or business is that you will be incurring a significantly lower rate compared to the first visit. When inspecting your home or business to check the level of infestation, you incur zero cost as the service is free.

Depending on the type of service required, Orkin has different plans which it charges its clients, as there is no fixed rate.

Some services come with higher charges due to the treatment required and based on how tough it is to eliminate a particular pest among several other factors. These are adequately captured in their pricing model.

For a new client, a first visit sprays the price ranges from $170 to $180. This treatment covers insects such as ticks, roaches, and ants among several others.

Orkin Reviews

There’s ample information regarding Orkin services online. These include detailed reviews from clients who have used their services. As a result, you’ll find more clients satisfied with their services than those who aren’t.

On the other hand, Orkin offers clients a guarantee. This means that in the event of a disappointment or a pest problem that persists, it will provide repeat treatment at no added charge.

Is Orkin Worth It – Weighing Your Options?

Is Orkin worth it? Here is what you need to know before hiring this pest control service.

Orkin is one of the biggest and most recognizable pest control brands in the world. Although this company has set a track record of excellence in the provision of pest control services, there are still doubts in some quarters about its ability to deliver.

Hence the question; is the Orkin man worth your time and money?

This is what we’ll be discussing as we seek to provide as much information as necessary to help you the reader determine the right answer.

We’ll be providing information on the list of services offered as well as touching on customer reviews.

Types Of Services Offered By Orkin

Orkin provides a vast array of pest control services. These are placed under two categories; pest services and home services. Under its pest services category, services offered include general pest control, termite control, bed bug treatment, carpenter ant treatment, and flea treatments.

Others are mosquito control, stinging pests treatment as well as tick treatment. Under the home services category, service offerings cover attic insulation, lawn treatments, and moisture control.

Let’s briefly discuss each of these for a better understanding of what such services entail.

1. Pest Services

This is the first category of Orkin’s service as mentioned earlier. This covers a variety of services that include the following;

  • General Pest Control

Orkin’s pest control services cover a variety of pests such as ants, roaches, centipedes, earwigs, millipedes, rodents, and silverfish just to name a few. This pest control company makes bold claims about its capacity to solve all your pest issues.

Its services have been tried by customers with many confirming the reliability of Orkin. Orkin strategically handles pest issues using its points of service approach. The points of service approach start with pest investigation or inspection, protection (which includes treatment of your structure’s perimeter), and fortification.

Additional points of service used by Orkin include keeping watch (through the installation of pest monitors in critical areas), provision of the detailed report as well as follow up visits. Orkin boasts about its millions of satisfied customers and promises to make your patronage worth the try.

  • Termite Control

Termite infestations are among the most difficult pest problems to deal with. For Orkin, this is one of its many areas of competence you can count on. It offers different types of plans including continuous treatment plans.

Depending on the severity of the termite infestation among other things, Orkin will choose from any of its multiple treatments such as Termidor Liquid Termite treatments, dry foam & Orkinfoam, and Sentricon bait and monitoring,

Its termite treatment services begin with an assessment, implementation of a suitable treatment plan as well as monitoring to ascertain how effective the treatment is. Orkin treats termite infestation as individual cases.

In other words, its services are provided in a customized manner.

  • Bed Bug Treatment

Orkin provides bed bug control and removal services in addition to inspections and treatment for active infestations.

There are also ongoing bed bug detection services. All of these begin with an assessment of the infestation level, implementation of appropriate treatment plans, and monitoring.

  • Carpenter Ant Treatment

Orkin’s Carpenter ant treatment like the rest of its services is backed by a guarantee of providing complete satisfaction. If you aren’t satisfied despite its assurances, it promises a money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

There’s no better assurance of a company’s reliability than this.

  • Flea Treatment

After providing a free flea inspection, a confirmation of fleas is followed by the administration of the proper treatment.

Also, a year-round treatment plan is entered into to help keep fleas at bay. This is designed to combat difficult infestation problems and takes into consideration the difficulty of getting rid of fleas in a single visit.

  • Mosquito Control

Orkin will implement its mosquito service plan which provides a combination of treatments aimed at breaking down the mosquito’s life cycle. This plan consists of both monthly or one-time mosquito treatments.

What more? You get added protection from common diseases caused by mosquitoes such as the West Nile virus, and the Zika virus among others.

  • Stinging Pest Treatments

If you’re threatened by the presence of stinging pests in or around your property, Orkin is always a call away as it handles all sorts of stinging insect problems. These may range from hornets, wasps, bees, yellow jackets, etc.

Orkin guarantees satisfaction for all its pest services.

  • Tick Control

Orkin is always on hand to provide relief and solutions to your tick problems. The process begins with a free tick inspection to determine the level of infestation.

This is followed by an appropriate and safe tick treatment in addition to recommending year-round monitoring of the problems.

2. Home Services

This is the second category of Orkin’s wide range of services. They include attic insulation, lawn treatments, and moisture control.

Let’s discuss each of these briefly.

  • Attic Insulation

Improper insulation of homes will lead to cooling and hearing loss.

With Orkin, this problem is adequately tackled with far-reaching solutions provided. A free insulation inspection of your property is carried out and followed by the necessary installation job.

There are two main types of insulation services; the OrkinTherm and Orkin ComfortZone.

  • Lawn Care

Orkin also offers quality lawn care for both residential and commercial clients. Such services are backed with a guarantee of satisfaction.

  • Moisture Control

Moisture control services are also offered by Orkin technicians through its customized Orkin Dryzone program. Before treatment commences, a free moisture assessment is carried out.

What Are the Reviews Saying?

Orkin has catered to millions of clients since it commenced operations. Lots of these clients have dropped reviews about what they think. Generally, there are many more positive reviews about their services than negative ones.

As earlier mentioned, you’re to make the decision on whether Orkin is worth it or not. We’ve provided ample information to help you reach a decision.

How Much Does Orkin Cost?

Is Orkin expensive? This is yet another common question asked by potential clients.

However, there isn’t a single answer to it. This is because Orkin offers solutions for a variety of pests. These all fall under various plans.

Although this is the case, Orkin prices for all types of pest services will range from $70 to $1,500 or more depending on the severity, size, and type of pest involved.

So how much is Orkin pest control?

Orkin Exterminator Prices

Orkin rates will differ depending on the type of pest problem you have at hand. Therefore, it isn’t fixed for all services but fixed for particular pest issues.

However, for the latter, the size will come into play as the cost is determined per square foot. Hence the bigger the size or area infested, the more square foot covered, which translates to a higher rate. In addition to that, the severity of infestation can impact on cost.

In other words, the less severe the problem, the lesser the charges and vice versa. Therefore Orkin estimates for service will depend on the above factors.

Average Orkin Prices According To Pest Species

This section will discuss some of the most common services provided by Orkin as it relates to prices. This makes it much clearer as we zoom our lenses on specific services as seen below;

  • Orkin Termite Treatment Cost

Out of most pest categories, termites are among the most dreaded and destructive. These are even more dangerous because their activities are hard to detect.

As such, severe havoc is caused by the time the problem is spotted. They pose danger to structures especially wooden as well as any source of cellulose. Orkin is equal to the task as it provides a comprehensive termite control countermeasure.

This could be anything from $800 to $3,000 especially when subterranean termites are involved.

  • Orkin Bed Bug Treatment Cost

A bed bug problem is unbearable and immediate treatment is necessary. Orkin will offer you treatment options to select from.

Hence the cost you incur will depend on factors such as the size of the infested area, whether it’s a commercial property (such as a hotel etc) or a private one. This still boils down to size as private properties are generally smaller.

Its bed bug control includes a guarantee and covers a period determined by the plan you choose.

As such, an Orkin bed bug service is within $1,000 to $3,200.

  • Orkin Flea Control Prices

Fleas like bed bug feed on blood and will make your life unbearable. If you need the services of Orkin to reclaim your home, it first does an on-the-spot assessment of the problem. This inspection is thorough and will lead to the application of the best extermination measure.

Orkin flea solutions are also determined by the plans available. Whichever option you prefer, the price range for a one-time spray will fluctuate within the $300 to $370 bracket.

Coverage area includes full interior, limited exterior as well as tips on preventing a re-infestation.

  • Orkin Ant Control Cost

How much does Orkin cost for ants?  Like most pests, multiple varieties of ants come with different quotes.

Orkin’s rates for ants also follows this pattern.

Therefore you should expect a fee with a low of $150 and a high of $1,400. Of course, this is also determined by the size of the Infested area, the ant specie, severity of infestation among other things.

  • Orkin Prices For Roaches

Roaches are also included in Orkin’s long list of pests. Hence no matter the extent of the problem, this pest management company is always ready to provide professional assistance.

How much does Orkin cost for roaches? A single roach job is between $100 to $400. Its inspection is mostly free.

However, a large or commercial property may attract an inspection fee from $40 to $75.

  • Orkin Rodent Control Cost

If you’re faced with a rodent problem, no matter how severe, Orkin is ever ready to put an end to it.

But this comes at a rate, though not beyond your reach.

How much does Orkin cost for mice, rats, and squirrel removal? Orkin typically charges clients fees ranging from $100 to $700. This isn’t so much because rodents are very difficult pests to deal with.

In most situations, people who decide to get the job done themselves later get overwhelmed. Despite such, the problem will likely persist.

For this fee, Orkin takes total control of the situation.

  • Orkin Termite Inspection Cost

While Orkin offers free pest inspection services for most pests, the same also applies to termites. This is especially true for subterranean termites because they are the most destructive yet difficult to detect until substantial havoc has been caused.

A thorough termite inspection is carried out by Orkin and involves a whole lot of procedures.

However, no inspection costs are required by it. This is a huge deal considering the destructive yet hidden nature of termite activity.

Orkin Pricing Plans

Does Orkin do payment plans? Yes.

This information can be used in choosing the ideal plan for your home or business. Orkin pricing as discussed above includes multiple plans. These are designed to make options available for everyone. Also, a particular pricing plan will determine to what extent its services are offered.

This also covers the duration of time.

Based on this information, we cannot adequately discuss its pricing plans without considering the following;

  • Orkin Pricing Model

Under Orkin’s pricing structure, financial implications are determined by the type of pest services needed. In other words, there’s no particular rate for all pest issues. Instead, the type of service provided will determine the cost.

In addition to this, size, distance, severity, and type of treatment determined its pricing.

Therefore to know how much Orkin will charge you for a pest removal service, you only need to reach out. After an on-site inspection, you are given a quote.

  • Orkin Payment Options

Whenever a payment is being discussed, the focus is usually set on convenience. Clients need to find out if they can conveniently pay for services. Thankfully, Orkin provides clients with an easy payment method. Its AutoPay plan saves time and allows you to pay for services using your bank check card or credit card.

All you need to do to start using this method is to simply sign up.

You can choose one of three easy ways to sign-up for Orkin’s AutoPay. The first is by calling its toll free line on 877-291-3707. Here, you are carefully guided through the signup process. The second method is by finding out your local Orkin branch.

An added option is by calling the local branch and providing your bank card information over the phone.

The third is by filling out its online form. This form has been provided for this specific purpose. After filling and submitting the form, An Orkin representative will contact you immediately for further assistance.

Orkin Pest Control Plans

  • Orkin Monthly Plan Cost

As stated earlier, Orkin provides multiple plans to clients whose pest needs may differ. Your pest issue, as well as the scope and severity, will determine the service cost. Your location will also influence the cost.

Hence, knowing the exact cost depends on an inspection of the pest problem.

  • Orkin Quarterly Plan Cost

Orkin’s quarterly plans are long term and provide comprehensive protection from major pest issues. It involves scheduled inspection and treatment as well as preventive maintenance.

Orkin’s quarterly plans range between $200 to $400.

  • Orkin Annual Plan Cost

Like its quarterly plans, Orkin’s annual plans cover inspection, preventive maintenance as well as treatment of any pest issues that may arise. The rate for this plan falls within the $400 to $600 range.

However, this is different when there’s a case of an infestation and will cost you between $500 to $2,000.

The Orkin Advantage

Being a formidable brand in the pest control industry, Orkin has built a reputation over the years by providing reliable services to clients covering a diverse pest population, as well as providing reasonable pricing for its services.

Through the development of its AIM system which stands for Assess, Implement and Monitor, cases of pest infestation are professionally handled through well-trained professionals who assess the level of damage as well as the causes, implement effective treatment/extermination strategies, as well as monitor to ensure pests are effectively exterminated and do not return.

For more information on its range of services, go to

As we’ve seen, Orkin rates are determined by a lot of factors. However, despite these, it is quite affordable and accommodates a wide range of client budgets. In addition to this, it also offers satisfaction guarantees for every one of its services.

This article was focused on Orkin pest control prices as a way of revealing its pricing for its wide range of services which are offered to both individual and corporate clients.

Do you need the average cost of Orkin for mice, roaches, bed bugs, fleas? We hope you have your answers now.