Will permethrin repel or kill ticks? Find out.

Ticks are among the most common pest issues especially in homes where pets are kept. These parasites feed on blood and in the process spread a wide range of diseases.

Permethrin Spray For Ticks

The pathogens spread by these pests result in many diseases such as the bourbon virus, anaplasmosis babesiosis, and Lyme diseases.

Other diseases include Rocky Mountain spotted Fever (RMSF), and STARI (Southern tick-associated rash illness). There are several other diseases we won’t be mentioning here.

Whatever they are, it’s clear that the ticks help with their spread. The goal here is to have these pests exterminated.

Speaking of tick extermination, you’ll need to find what works.

As indicated by the topic, our goal is to find out if permethrin does kill ticks.

About Permethrin

This is a synthetic insecticide that’s designed for use on a variety of pest issues.

Simply put, permethrin is a pyrethroid insecticide that kills different types of pests including roaches, mosquitoes, and fleas just to name a few.

This product has a significantly long residual effect on pests and areas or surfaces applied on which is a good thing. However, safety concerns are mostly commonplace, especially with first-time users.

The good thing with permethrin is that it has to be used as instructed to enhance its safety.

Does it Kill Ticks?

Permethrin does kill ticks.

However, this pest killer will have to be used as specified to have any real impact on these arachnids. For best results, permethrin needs to come in contact with ticks to have any real exterminating effects on them.

Now, ticks are mostly found on pets, and to apply permethrin treatments, the infested area needs to be targeted.

Permethrin is fast-acting and will kill ticks within a short time of its application. Ticks are likely to get killed within 5 minutes from the time it’s applied. With that said, is permethrin safe for use on pets?

Can a dog or cat be sprayed with permethrin without adverse side effects? This will take us to our next point.

Is Permethrin Safe on Pets?

Safety concerns are paramount when it comes to the use of any pesticide. While killing ticks with this insecticide (permethrin), you don’t want to end up putting your pets in harm’s way.

In other words, the safety of your pets should be a priority when treating ticks.

Luckily, permethrin isn’t very toxic to mammals. Notice the word “very”. This means there’s some level of toxicity with permethrin usage as a tick killer.

However, such toxicity is tolerable and can be used without posing any serious harm to your pets.

How Permethrin Kills Ticks

Whenever you spray permethrin on ticks, what happens is a situation where their (ticks) nervous systems are being targeted. In other words, permethrin targets the nervous system of these pests.

What results is a situation where they’re paralyzed which results in their death.

Another way of explaining what goes on is that the nervous systems of ticks are excited. Such excitement set’s off a chain reaction that interrupts normal bodily processes which eventually results in the death of ticks.

All of this happens within a short time, thus providing quick relief.

  • Why Permethrin is Effective as a Tick Killer

Apart from its properties, insecticide products containing permethrin also tend to contain piperonyl butoxide (PBO). This property is what sets off the excitement in the nervous system of ticks.

Safe Use of Permethrin

Insecticide products containing permethrin come with specific use directions. Your success at killing these parasitic arachnids lies in knowing how to use or apply the product.

The usual advice will be to carefully read or follow the product’s safety instructions written on the label.

Some precautionary measures to adopt include keeping the spray away from the genital areas of pets and more importantly knowing what pets to use this product on. Permethrin cannot be used on cats.

As a matter of fact, it may not be safe to use on dogs when there’s a cat pet around.

While it’s safe for use on dogs, such a dog may be pregnant which raises the likelihood of complications. You’ll need to consult with a vet before application.

All of that is geared towards the safe use of permethrin with zero side effects.

Starting from the tail area, spray towards the head. However, it’s important to avoid spraying your dog’s face or eyes with this permethrin insecticide.

Also, avoid over-wetting the dog with the spray. It should be just enough to reach the skin and nothing more.

As you spray, you might also want to fluff your dog’s hair to ensure the spray gets to the skin. Simply spraying without fluffing may not be enough to get desired results.

  • Does Exposure to Permethrin Harm Humans

It’s normal for anyone to worry about the safety of their kids as well as themselves when using a pesticide.

In the case of permethrin, the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) confirms the safety of permethrin used. According to it, the volume used is much less than what can harm humans.

This is why it’s important to be careful about how you go about applying this product. By sticking to basic use instructions, you should have no safety fears whatsoever.

How effective is Permethrin for Tick Control?

For the most part, permethrin tends to be very effective in killing ticks.

While this is true, you must apply it correctly. Correct application (according to instructions on the product label) does a lot to give you the desired effect you seek.

Always Seek the Advice of a Vet before Using any Medications

Permethrin usage may seem harmless for many.

While there’s some level of truth to this, you’ll need to be extra cautious in how you go about using it. There’s a strong chance it will resolve your pet’s tick issues, but you have to be sure it doesn’t cause any form of discomfort to your pets.

There’s no harm in seeking advice before using the product as you may only be given a few guidelines before use or be told outright to avoid its usage when there are conditions that could complicate its use.

Permethrin insecticide will kill ticks when used correctly. We’ve seen how it does that and also basic safety precautions to take.

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